Reaping My Own Harvest

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After reading the below article yet another portal of exploration invited me in. Now, in this moment, my attention is turned towards death. With this point of attention I examine the necessary tools and cultivation of consciousness to prepare me best for this portal, if and when it may occur?! Or perhaps I Am in the throes of death this very moment…yet to be revealed. The first hurdle was to immediately check myself to see if, in fact, I was non-attached to this idea of death. In realizing the release I had around this, perhaps a bullied concept, I was able to proceed with this writing.

There has been much stirred up lately about “harvesting” the exacting of our gifts, values and spiritual potency for the purpose and utilization of an enslavement existence. We feed the matrix we so desire not to participate in. This has shown a multitude of layers that continue to invoke a gasp from our very be-ingness.

It occurred to me that as we seek avenues of antidotes to this situation that “Reaping My Own Harvest” occurred to me. Why Not? We have heard the expression numerous times “don’t give your power away”. This is up for re-examination now on an astral realm as well as the emotional, physical and psychic realms it originally was pointed at.

The article speaks to the “loop cycle” of astral harvesting and specifically when we have the experience of death. The advice is shared on how to essentially bring our sovereign selves that say “I Do Not Consent” into this very transitional time. Lily Earthling speaks to this astral loop harvesting as well. At this point the suggestion has been to ground and stay centered with the earth. That she is our home and maybe our way through. Now I Am questioning that direction but with no clear conclusion at this time.

As I read the article and allowed the prompts to stir within me seeking inner truths about these possibilities I entertained the idea that perhaps a serious “pause” is be-ing asked for at the doors of death and potential re-entry. The question to be explored is what might re-entry be offering. Here is where I believe a good deep exploration is be-ing called upon.

What if the moment of re-entry choices were the moments we have all envisioned those special places of grandness but never could quite get there while here on earth in our present forms and conditions? What if that moment of no longer wearing the dense earth suit and maybe existing in pure consciousness or an ethereal lightweight embodiment was the moment of passageway and portal entry…of our choosing? If this is so then I imagine we would want to be very clear about our next incarnation and we’d want to be very empowered about who is navigating our individuated consciousness to its next world or non-worldly experience. Hopefully, that is the “I Am” of self. This kind of thinking brought me back to earth with a new sense of what I might be working on here in preparation for this opportunity.

I return to the idea of “Reaping My Own Harvest”. As I sat in meditation today and I observed the centering and calmness of my be-ing I was reminded to really embrace the beauty and bliss that was created by my own be-ingness, thus harvest it. I recognized that I now am the harvester of my own self. It seemed to make sense. I started to examine anything I may be participating in on this planet that may be giving this good juju away. lol!

I thought about the earth and recognized she is a dynamic player in vitalizing the spirit that resides in this suit and the value so desperately be-ing desired by outer sources. I also explored the possibility that our relationship to earth may not be a long term plan nor the most healthy desire. This perplexed me at first and left me dangling for a moment. Then I recognized that we may have very well come here for a numerous amount of reasons. And maybe just to experience the vitality of the earth was worth the risk of all that surrounded this event. However all that other “potential programming” of saving the earth and humanity was simply that, a program. It’s starting to appear that way.

But to take this a step further maybe we are taking this experience, especially what we do love here and re-imagining it upon transition. Could it be all our beautiful dreams of peace and beauty is to be intended and actualized during the portal exit? And if we do entertain ideas like this it would seem we would want to be very prepared and astute at how to make these healthy choices when the opportunity arises.

With this kind of thinking, exploring, it turns my direction to a more hopeful pathway. I can now look at my existence here as the playing ground, the preparation for the next phases of my ongoing existence. This may lead to more in depth study of what the implications are of “I Do Not Consent” on an individual and collective level…a new science all in and of itself.

In the meantime, as we harvest our own self created value we are getting stronger. The path of sovereignty and releasing the shackles of enslavement are all good protocol for increasing our stamina for these explorations. Simultaneously, we seem to be returning to the “origins of our divine selves” only beknownst to the individual. Yet this return is strengthening our understanding and empowerment of iTech (inner technology).  We seem to be getting very “Lit Up” when we, too, as the the powers that were, tap into the inner harvesting of ourself and the vitality that the earth enthuses us with. So in essence we become visitors here on earth, exploring like any other, reaping the benefits and empowering ourselves. This harvesting can be done in gratefulness or abuse. That’s our choice.

I know I have gone in a multitude of directions and I own my harvesting of artistic! My multi-dimensional self is simply on fire. But if you are feeling anything of the likes of me I trust you can resonate with what the F___ or where the F___ do we go from here. I Am ripping holes in the fabric of my environment, seeking and creating my own portals, self directing the harvesting of me, myself and I in self-co-creation and putting a call out to anyone who is thinking and exploring along these lines.

I often think of myself as a “system buster”. As a result I don’t have many around me because I Am on the move in every moment and I simply do not resonate with hanging out on plateaus or stops of complacency. There is no question in my be-ing that no matter what obstacles we are presented with there is a way through.

Enjoy the article and I hope I hear from those of you who can entertain an existence truly designed by yourself. I vote “yes” on deepening the exploration of “I Do Not Consent” to clear everything we prefer not in our lives, “Reaping My Own Harvest” as a sustaining and strengthening tool and going infinitely wild with my imagination and creation of an existence I want to experience. Collectively, we could arrive together. Maybe that’s what the Mayans did…if we can trust the truth of that information?! Or not. It makes no difference on the empowerment of our super humon selves, our origins re-visited and redesigned by no other than “you and me”.

How To Exit The Reincarnation System

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