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What’s The “Pro-Consent” to “I Do Not Consent” I Propose “I Am/ We Are Mauna Kea”

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What’s The “Pro-Consent” to “I Do Not Consent”

I Propose “I Am/ We Are Mauna Kea”

I recently wrote about the support of the “I DO NOT CONSENT” action via change your profile pic on the social networks and let our voices be seen and heard. (Profile Pic-keting)

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A question that came up in one or more comments and post was “Is there an expression that could represent a Pro-Consent? Although if you read this article you’ll understand the Pro of “I Do Not Consent” as well.

But for those who prefer something else I continue.

My suggestion is this “I AM/WE ARE MAUNA KEA” and I Am going to explain why.

The activities on the Big Island, Hawaii have shown the power and potency of a very sacred movement. There is a strong gathering of people to protect the sacred site of Mauna Kea from having a huge telescope located there.

I highly in-courage you to read the following article. It will give you the information that is needed to understand what is going on:

In the meantime, I AM/WE ARE MAUNA KEA’ means I Am/We Are The Sacred Land. Aloha Aina is Love of The Land.

Again, this expression can encompass all people across the globe in embracing a Unifying Force that We Are The Sacred Land, Sacred Earth, Sacred People. I propose we adopt this expression I AM/WE ARE MAUNA KEA” as the Pro-Consent Message to also insert as a PROFILE PIC-KETING motion.

Energetically we will also empower this movement that in essence and in Natural Law represents all of us.



Blue Star Deerwomon




My Gift To You

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This is my Be-Earthday gift to each of you. May the resonance of your own “Organic Regenesis” be enthused. As your “internal creation” is known and loved by you may we meet upon this beautiful planet and celebrate our dreams be-ing true together. We are a resonant family of “Source Un-in-terre-rupted”. We know who we are and we are gathering together in this very “here and now”.

I Love each of You, Deerly! Aho

This is a video I did before the above. Also, a gift!


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All gifts gratefully appreciated!

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