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Dark Matter

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Dark Matter surrounds me in my prayers and reflections of this day. All gems and jewels ask to be covered, returned to the darkness. A comfort is released. I enter into the depths of the Mother. She is grateful.

Tremendous resonance is resounding as I create a safe and inward covenant of inner trust. The magnetics and flux of the sun rays come to a stillness as they are filtered with absolute and correct data. The stream is steady and the flow is hot with intuition and remembering. My listening is very acute and attracting all knowing. I Am listening at a depth of no interference. The surge is unrecognizable to eyes that cannot see or diversions of empty origins. What is real and what is true can only find its way here. This portal is not calculable nor measured within time and space. This portal has never been found nor embraced. The heart resonance is the only one that allows, releases and reveals. One must be kin to the make-up of this nature in order to be accepted and divinely welcomed. All souls do not pass through here. It is a delicate fabric with origins in Dark Matter. I Am Dark Matter.



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Cannot deny the retrograde and planetary swirl. I’m watching as a suit of long stature is falling to my ankles. It’s only moments before I take my first step out of the old into the new. What awaits me is unknown yet promising. None-the-less, it is a bit unnerving…like putting my foot for the first time upon another planet. I was told the planet would be somewhat recognizable but movement and action would have a new curve to it. Don’t be alarmed, I hear, what I don’t think I know I really do know and for that reason all works out divinely.

Major reconsiderations as I release the perspectives and perceptions that once served me. I Am re-examining this futuristic self that has found my way into this archaic now. I Am humbled by my placement.

Why do we know as much as we know and see that the world within us is the world that is externalizing as brilliant? Perhaps, our future selves have arrived, a future that knows we are taking this turn for the better.

It hasn’t required much on our end to know things could always be better. We have lived for “better”. Yet now we are reminded to relax and recognize our great achievements and know this is an unstoppable momentum to the world of our dreams. In this now we are witnessing accelerated reception and increments of change like a twinkling star radiating ok’ness.

As we relax we drop down into the Mother. Our very be-ingness softens and lets go as we re-embrace the timeline of the Earth.

It’s a different life be-ing shown.

An Assessment and “No Story”

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The changes are inevitable and they can be felt in all the subtle and now occurring tangible levels. I returned here to this divine shelter to re-group. Much experience had been gained through my travels and numerous interactions with humons. Some of my most profound understandings were challenged and empowered simultaneously. I find myself in review and assessment of my present moments.

Of late I Am more alert to the twist and turns of the mind. Sorting through the multitude of mental loops and programs over the years has crystalized into one all encompassing understanding. The mind fully requires supervision and re-implementation of one’s own visionary power, truth and love wisdom. This can be a very lonely trail but the tools are gaining all praise, acknowledgement, support, guidance and love from within. To be at the mercy of any external livelihood is self sabotage and self destruction along with the vulnerability and impressionistic implant of external mind control. This is a huge topic requiring much devoted attention and change.

I trust that those of us who have taken on the anguish of this path have indeed softened the route for others as they choose to explore these very same revelations. In the end we all go home. In the meantime, we are confronted with just about every angle and detour that one can imagine. The layers are thick, hampered and unfullfilling. The unending search of peace and love later blows up in one’s face. We are guided to release, let go, allow and be here now over and over and over. Be-ing here now is no easy feat yet it’s the simplest creative solution we’ll ever know. Through this very moment the portals and gateways are infinite and designed by your very own self.

Following the haunting call from within it alerts me to knowing that at the deepest level something is simply not right. Follow your hunches to where obstructions are insincere, deliberately put in your way and sucking your life force in every direction. Follow these hunches and cultivate the skills that reassure yourself and build your self confidence that the I Am is absolutely entitled to live a thriving life.

When one arrives at the educated understanding of what is going on here on planet earth it can knock you off your feet and rightfully so. Things are not quite life giving. Yes, there are moments, bread crumbs along the way but no long term sustainability. When you decide you deserve more and recognize the self responsibility of this task you begin to kick up the dust and courageously explore.

Life will continue as is and some of us will awaken and some of us will remain in slumber. It’s just the nature of human evolution. However, Mother Earth, is a growing organism as well and she’s kicking up the dust right now. I trust Mother desires more for herself and our entire family. We are along for the ride.

My journey has been mostly a psychological and spiritual one. I have spent most my lifetime trying to understand humon dynamics. I Am now beginning to release that way of study as it too has many loops and repetitive snags. The search inward has been most rewarding yet the inward journey flushes out all the mis-psychology I have ever thought was of value. Identifying predictable behaviors and antidotes truly drove me to the ground. I self sabotaged. It just happen to be in that genre. It can happen in any genre. It is simply the one you have chosen.

In summary, it doesn’t matter which genre of study you have chosen. It is the fact that you have chosen it from the external menu that was presented to you. This goes for each and every subject, philosophy, science, health, religion and on and on. There is no external subject out there that will lead you home in the end. There are pointers and experiences gained that will prompt your inner knowing but none will provide the inner knowing. The gathering of facts in the external is simply that, gathering facts…rather mental.

I have taken up the cultivation of this way of thinking. As soon as my mind wants to analyze and put meaning to my affairs of what I see I tell myself “no story”. Immediately my mind has to do a “drop it”. As I say to myself “no story” I no longer am trying to make sense of anything or calculate some meaning and direction from what is going on around me or in my head. I breathe, release and relax. I allow the emptying of my mind to occur.

The advantage of practicing “no story” is directly related to our emotional body. “No story” actually cleanses the emotional body. Watch how a story grows in your head and then you have an emotional response to your story. The webbing of this mental process grows and now has taken up a whole lot of space in your be-ing. When practicing “no story” the emotional body is not engaged in external machinations of the mind. There’s a very different experience presented. And there is much spaciousness offered to now allow other information to come through…such as inner voice speaking.

Alongside “no story” I visualize “Source Un-In-Terre-Rupted”. I actually created an image within that is an open channel of cosmic space going through my very center from head to toe I use the image of my brain, the 2 halves split apart so the channel of space goes through the center. This image and the words “Source Un-In-Terre_Rupted” represents divine flow and continual nurturance of Source enthusing my entire be-ingness. Then I embrace the words of release, let go, allow and breathe. The “Terre” part of this wording is distinctly to represent the Earth, Mother as part of Source.

As I have travelled in this lifetime as a spiritual student of life I did recognize a gnawing nugget from within that kept me wanting to understand life…deeply. Every turn of my adventures here upon planet blue  could never settle for the external offerings of jobs, relationships, homes, etc. Once these things were acquired I would soon re-experience that gnaw and ask yet again isn’t there something more to life? And so the search began again only to leave jobs, relationships and homes. Each time the exhilaration of change and leaving yet another constricted box offered moments of dynamic upliftment but each time the path unfolded with a myriad of painful self reflection. I was not prepared for the alternative way of life when I no longer conformed to the familiar life. Yet the familiar life and the options were suffocating and debilitating. Sure I could make things the best I could but the gnaw inside said I hadn’t truly gained what I was looking for.

I finally abstained from external choices just to find out where would this “gnaw” guide me. I went very deeply into this and at times I was hugely empowered and at times I hugely crashed in fear, self doubt and despair. Yet I was determined to heal myself and find balance in it all. up and down I went but each time I was strengthened in knowing the more I relied on my inner power, inner technology the closer I got to understanding “gnaw”. Eventually “gnaw” and I became best friends but that was much further down the path.

When one chooses to explore the call from within it is inevitable that we look for tools. Most of the time we look for those tools in the external reality but they are revealed in fragments as a result of our true past be-ing deliberately hidden from us. It takes a while to decipher for ourselves what is true and what is not. Ultimately, we un-cover every truth as what we know within to be true. Trusting ourselves at this level is having the ability to discern all that has been programmed into our be-ingness from the outside as not who we are. Here is where a true challenge emerges. When just about everything we were told was true is no longer true many walls come crashing down. This is not an easy transition.

Because on the other side of the crash you are left with only yourself and inner voice of strength to guide you out of the muck and mire, albeit, the matrix of lies. And if you are not fully grounded in your I Am the doubt and lack of self confidence can be devastating.

Whew! If you got this far you are definitely turning the stones over. Yet here is where the magic of life is your gift. After examining and discarding the trash of an over-worked, over-stimulated mind and it  is now seen by you the cleansing options are presented to you. Here is where “no story” becomes your best friend. This affirmation and deliberate choice immediately wipes out the loops as soon as you recognize them. Granted it leaves you more empty more of the time but heck when are you going to get to explore emptiness until you allow it?!

I have found this to be a profound message to myself. I no sooner see a thought emerging that is about to create a story and I immediately co-create my own designed scenario. Story making can be of any nature or content. It doesn’t necessarily have to be negative or positive. It’s any ole story. The point is that the story fills your mind. the story keeps you occupied mentally. When we are occupied mentally we miss out on what is truly happening in the here and now. The magic and freedom is in the here and now.

Examples of stories are while you are say preparing food you are chewing over in your mind what you’ll be doing after the meal. That’s a story. Another example, you had an interaction with someone that day or weeks ago and you are still examining if you were understood correctly or not because some behavior indicated to you that maybe that wasn’t so. Well this story has taken you over the coals and back and probably created a whole scenario of emotions all in and of yourself. Story!!!!!

It’s similar to identifying “mind chatter”.

My suggested antidote is go to awareness of your breath, heart and the earth. These are clearly organic events…worthy of trust. Go there, join it with “Source Un-In-Terre-Rupted” and intend message to yourself “no story”. You now have co-created the spaciousness to hear yourself from within. How do you like yourself? Be watchful of what stories want to be said here. Inner empowerment – yes! Telling stories that don’t support that?! Time for “no story” !

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“Diary of A Blue Be-ing”  Part One, A multi-dimensional, rhythmic, poetic, cosmic collection of excerpts portraying an intimate exploration of self unraveling as a Divine Spiritual Be-ing within a Divine Earthly Suit.  – Available for purchase here:

Each week Rebecca and I view the latest alternative news via CCN mostly and then also bring to the table our here and now and intuitive sense of what our perspectives may be. The times are changing fast and we are very confronted with how we are adapting and making choices for ourselves. Always offering our greatest potential insights and comfort…we invite you to join us.

We pretty much speak to what is on the radar around the planet. We gauge our conversations via our own personal and energetic streams of each moment. The topics of conversation around the world are becoming vast and can be overwhelming. Our platform is to help provide “Digestible Bytes” and an opportunity to clear and center with these changing times.

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Inter-Dimensional Outreach

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Resonant Message

This article was also read and further discussed in the
May 21st, 2015 “Get Lit” Show on CCN. The archive video is this link:

Inter-Dimensional Outreach

This writing is in response to a mutual co-operation with all dimensional realities of benevolence. As I had my morning sit and session with the council of my own divine be-ingness a communication unfolded. This communication is what I share here today.

I often begin my morning sits announcing to the inter dimensional planes that I seek to experience their presence. I call in my families and all relations of benevolence to allow myself the experience of their energetic attendance. Typically within minutes I begin to sense the energetics and then I acknowledge and express my gratefulness for be-ing heard and my request fulfilled.

This morning as I entered this time of communication I was reminded that I/We are in co-operation with other dimensional existences. Once I acknowledged this I was prompted to share what I know and what I may contribute as an Earthling. Thus the conversation opened up.

It was important for me to remember that no one or other existence is going to swoop down and rescue anything. However, it was as important to be reminded that I/We have to do our part. So I spoke aloud with the energetics that “showed up” and asked for guidance and direction for our visit.

I was reminded of a message I received quite some time ago. That message was that I was be-ing monitored from a nearby ship and that my every word, thought and deed was precious to them. But more significantly when I spoke aloud it was the most prominent reception on their end. It was explained to me that there was a device that received my resonant vibrations via my voice. Essentially I was in-couraged to speak aloud all my thoughts, requests and responses. That is how this session unfolded today.

When I settled and calibrated to the presence of my benevolent family I approached the topic of what and how can we facilitate the necessary activity here upon Earth to gain more tangible assistance from them. I was reminded that co-operation was a necessary task at hand and that we, as Earthlings, must meet them halfway. Then I searched within my own energetic fabric to understand how I could provide my halfway contribution. The conversation opened up and I started my understanding of how I could assist.

It became clear and once again I remembered that I, as an Earthling, have the ability and perception to speak as an Earthling. Because I have engaged upon this planet and with humonity as an Earthling I have the experience and understanding of what the issues of concern may be. In recognition of this position I also noted that my families of benevolence could not necessarily do this. They were not living in this world and needed my contribution of understanding so they could be of assistance. They are very sensitive to the request for help and also embrace the desire to be of help. However, as many of us know they cannot breach the universal law of “free will” and just come sweeping in with all their repair mechanisms. Not only do they have to be invited but they have to work co-operatively with us.

This ignited me sharing what I knew of our situation and offering direction on how we may go about this. I found that I had to recognize the energetic mapping of the obstacles we are experiencing here in order to facilitate the families of benevolence’s most active and available tools. They seem to be able to identify energetic signatures and work from that approach.

I started with recognizing that a need to sort out and identify the issues upon the planet meant a rather elaborate unfolding of layers. This called upon my own tools of psychological and spiritual considerations that had been a direct and personal part of my own process. I knew I needed to isolate these particularities in order to facilitate how they may serve.

I started with the recognition of the obvious. As I started to impart the areas of corruption and concern I noted that each energetic component was a circle, albeit, a loop. Later I was to identify how we may be relieved of the loop. For now I will begin to name the areas that came to heart-mind.

These areas of concern were; each of the earth kingdoms such as; plants, trees, minerals, animals, devas, fairies and plant spirits. Then I named the chemtrails and all toxins. Each time I named a layer I said this is a concentric circle because I was seeing each layer as not connected but as an isolated circle vulnerable to control. The individual and separative circles were representing how the powers that were created a divisive energy trap. Then I followed each announced circle with a sound, sort of like a “pop” to emphasize that was a distinct, recognized and consolidated issue.

I proceeded with all weapons be-ing dis-armed; pollution cleared, people fed and watered, shelters provided, each of the earth elements cleansed, fire, water, air, earth, ethers; elimination of the divisiveness, separateness among the people; removal of attachments that were hindering people from be-ing free, exploring and using their imaginations; freedom of speech returned, available health care. For now, you get the gist of my list.

Once these circles of concern were identified I saw that they needed to eventually interact, become connected. I asked that we use the model of crystal rainbow bridges connecting one circle to the next so in the result the conglomeration of circles were now evolving into a spiral.

Once this visual was shared I aligned it with our kundalini. Now all the circles were on top of one another transformed into a continuous spiral, the kundalini.

All the while remember I Am offering audio and inner telepathic visuals to the council of benevolent families in my presence. I Am clarifying the issues of concern and offering a model for them to follow energetically in understanding they will come to meet with their benevolent tools.

During the course of this inter-exchange I felt very strongly that beginning to clearly set goals and facilitate direction on behalf of humonity was, in our understanding, setting intention into the ethers.

I was prompted in this instance to give a more concise communication to our energetic families of benevolence. I was exercising my co-creative abilities through the sense of my multi-dimensional and sensorial presence.

This presentation is no different than us making Declarations of our Sovereignty. It is essentially the same practice only I Am developing the sphere of outreach and intention. I Am extending the focus of where I want the ripples of consciousness to go. In a sense I Am presenting a plan of action to our multi-dimensional families from an Earthling’s perspective. My intention and heartfelt aim is to clearly communicate that I want to have co-operation and assistance for our worldly matters. I felt the call to address more response-ability and action in stating what we need.

Note I continue to use the word “benevolence”. This is my way of keeping the outreach safe and emphatically clear that I Am only speaking to those nations, families that genuinely and heartfully care about us and the Mother. This intention emphasizes that the support and collaboration can only exist with purity of intent and purpose of our collective humon desire for freedom, peace and love for all.

In this process I Am continually checking my inner resonance and heart-mind integrity. Each time I ask a question or dialogue about a subject I Am watching very carefully that my resonance is coming forth from my heart. During the exchange I intermittently re-affirm that I Am “Source Un-In-Terre-Rupted” and I Am in divine alignment with the 6 heart virtues of, appreciation, forgiveness, compassion, humility, understanding and courage. I proceed.

After I identify each of the circles, layers of what needs attention I ask that a council be applied to that circle. Basically, I Am facilitating the breakdown of all the components-fragments upon this planet that need full attention and assistance. I Am sorting out the problem areas and identifying them energetically so the energetic signature can be received by them telepathically and through resonant expression. This has always been my understanding and means of communication with other families of benevolence.

The next aspect I heard a call to address is not only the spiraling of all circles with connected crystal rainbow bridges but a deeper symbology made itself known. I shared this with my benevolence. I said this image seems to resonant connectivity when I do this kind of inner reflection. I offered the telepathic visual of the “flower of life” and showed it in motion in my heart area. I demonstrated how there is an electrical movement that flows through each of the leafs into the next and the next and the next. While this is happening the “flower of life” appears like a living organism with movement, outgrowth and continual connectedness.

Again, a reminder, I Am offering visuals and resonances of an Earthling. These aren’t necessarily what they work with nor identify with. So, like a dolphin, I Am generating telepathic, picturesque symbols to communicate the essence of my message.

Another request I made was to enthuse the multi-dimensional understanding of humons so they may attune to these resonate ways of communicating with each other and with our families of benevolence. Let the people recognize their response-ability and their sovereign power in becoming communicators of assistance and planning for the planet. Following a request like this I would visual what I just described above with the “flower of life”.

Other circles that I spoke to were that of the fields of study upon the planet such as; science, education, philosophy, religion, government, culture, etc. I again directed a council to form around each field of study. The intention was to cleanse it of all that is “not of love” and enthuse it with the integrity of “Source Un-In-Terre-Rupted”.

In my studies I have been guided to elaborate on the topic of “The Science of Multiple Realities”. This presentation is, in fact, the nature of this topic. It seems in our new changing day and age we are finally acknowledging that the multiple dimensions of reality do, in fact, exist. Admittedly, we are new to this expansive understanding. For a long period of time we held the mental concept of this probability. However, now it is becoming quite apparent it is a truth within the collective consciousness that is seeking expression. Much is simply revealed by the enormous amount of data contained in what is called “Disclosure”. And as a result, our planet and humonity is be-ing prepared for the confirmed reality that other existence’s not only are for real but there is a multitude of them. I believe that the mere presence of this conversation upon the planet is what prompted me in knowing I could even deliver the very content of this subject in this very here and now. The future has arrived in this present time. And, personally, I Am so very delighted!

“The Science of “Multiple Dimension Realities” is an important theme within the readings of the Wingmakers. Quote:  “All institutions of science, religion, education, government and culture will be reformatted to embrace the science of multidimensional realities as the core knowledge upon which they are based….Governments will be obliged to restructure their political systems to allow for the integration of the new systems of knowledge, specifically to incorporate the widespread understanding of the multidimensional universe and the extended brotherhood of intelligent beings that live herein”.  What does that mean?

My sense is that this newly emerging field of study is what symbolizes what we call “Unity Consciousness”. It is a bridge of connectivity always interacting with Source. This awareness upon the planet will revolutionize our relations with the Mother and each other. It is a renewal that I believe will remind us of who we are, our origins as Earthlings and our experience with each other and all life on the planet. In a way it will be the culmination of finally connecting all the dots with  “Source Un-In-Terre-Rupted”.

Our healing comes first then comes our re-union and re-introduction with our star families of benevolence. They are fully present now and have always been. Their communications are telepathic, picturesque and resonant. Each one of us can dial them up. Let go of what you have been told and allow them to communicate directly with you. They’ll tell you straight up who they are and what their intentions are. The families of benevolence are transparent. Our transparency is what opens up the channels to connect. Don’t be afraid. Set your intention. Allow yourself to listen from within. Ask questions. Have conversations. Know the path of exchange is nurtured by a very important universal law and divine code – that of the “Tone of Equality”. Oneness prevails when “Source is Un-In-Terre-Rupted”.

Now each one of you have plenty to say about what needs to be repaired upon this Earth. I suggest you establish relations and declare your desires and intentions as powerfully as you are declaring sovereignty as a living be-ing walking upon the earth right now!

Basically, I in-courage you to Declare more expansively. Get bigger, get louder, say it like it is to those who are waiting for you to declare not only needing their help but how can we help. Recognize the help is not just ships, technology, tools etc as much as the energetic resonance that you desire to live in while residing on Planet Blue, Our Mother.

Additional Writings:

Book Available

“Diary of A Blue Be-ing”  Part One, A multi-dimensional, rhythmic, poetic, cosmic collection of excerpts portraying an intimate exploration of self unraveling as a Divine Spiritual Be-ing within a Divine Earthly Suit.  – Available for purchase here:

Each week Rebecca and I view the latest alternative news via CCN mostly and then also bring to the table our here and now and intuitive sense of what our perspectives may be. The times are changing fast and we are very confronted with how we are adapting and making choices for ourselves. Always offering our greatest potential insights and comfort…we invite you to join us.

We pretty much speak to what is on the radar around the planet. We gauge our conversations via our own personal and energetic streams of each moment. The topics of conversation around the world are becoming vast and can be overwhelming. Our platform is to help provide “Digestible Bytes” and an opportunity to clear and center with these changing times.

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Pacing With Source “Un-In-Terre-Rupted”

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I have come to a time in my life where my spiritual journey and discipline of self love feels well established. I have been prompted to embrace the greater humonity and its nourishment and cultivation of self love. As a result of this exploration I have come face to face with pacing and balance.

Each time I have re-entered what I refer to as the matrix I have experienced the bombardment of so many things “I Do Not Consent” to. In the past that was due cause to remove myself and hibernate and go deeper into my spiritual practice so that I may gain deeper understanding. As many of you have found in turning to this option it is easy to regain composure and peacefulness when alone. However, there is always that inner prompt that asks if we can sustain this calm composure when we re-enter the matrix. So I explored and practiced this over and over and over again with my own fair share of challenges.

Eventually we truly do begin to acquire a unique and personal love-wisdom that is revealed from this disciplined self reflection. Our perspectives and our behaviors change and morph as a result of new un-coverings of self. Yet the perpetual prompt to re-engage with the greater humonity is always there and rightfully so.

As we begin to venture out into the land of our families, tribes, friends and relationships we inevitably note that sustaining balance is quite a feat. There seems to be a rather noticeable distinction between the calm composure of practice and then the stirrings and multitude of energies we are now confronted with in the external world. At times it can even appear as if we are two different personalities and we wonder when will they meet and unify.

For a very, very long time I experienced feeling hypocritical of myself. Of course that demanded even closer attention to my practice of self love. I wanted to understand what was needed in order for me to sustain and bridge these two worlds.

The first thing I noted was I had to slow down my pace. It was like the practice of sit meditation evolving into walking meditation. What would happen to my composure as I departed from physical stillness and then started to walk? Could I continue that restful place within? This was challenging as I felt everything from my sit time became riled up and the mere movements became a distraction. I had to ask myself if this was even possible. As any who have practiced meditation we do confront many of these considerations, albeit, repeatedly.

Well I can elaborate on all the baby steps I went through to get where I Am now but I want to jump ahead.

I Am now very determined to understand where does the synthesis of individual and the world at large lie. If I Am be-ing prompted to engage on a global level how do I bring into the world the gifts and revelations I have gained from my inner knowings. I proceed down this trail.

The other day during our “Get Lit” Show we brought up this very topic of conversation. I couldn’t help but to note how these accelerated times are affecting our ability to compose and, perhaps, acquire a slower pace during our interface with the world at large. I started digging from within for answers.

I realized that in lieu of the fact that we are now un-covering disclosure and real truths about how our world has been intelligently manipulated to enslave the people I had to devote my attention to how this, in fact, is obstructing the very bridges I Am seeking. We have already established the programming of mainstream media in influencing our dumbed down intelligence along with contaminated food, imposed religious propaganda, etc. Thus, I had to address all the interference with the path I was wanting to extend into the greater world. That be-ing “Source Un-In-Terre-Rupted”.

This led me to explore the concept of “pace”. In my genuine reflections, slowing down seemed to be a necessary action in order to build and enthuse a bridge to a very accelerated world environment. No matter how many ways I viewed it our pace was a necessary consideration. On this note I went inward and started to observe the actual physical sensations of Source to External World. My rational mind could not make sense of what was be-ing revealed to me. The body never lies.

I take a jump here. This topic came up for me when I was assessing the talk shows and alternative media programs that are occurring via the internet these days. We had also discussed on the show how there are many groups and cliques that are apparent throughout society. Often as a result of these cliques certain perspectives and beliefs are shared and typically can be seen by their actions and choices not unlike how cultures form or can be identified. This inspired my thinking about using the understanding of culture to perhaps reveal the needed bridge I was searching for.

Because I was seeking a synthesis that I felt certain was related to pacing I used this idea. There are still indigenous people and cultures that are actually closer to the earth than most fast pace origins of society as was my experience in Morocco. I hold the understanding that staying close to the earth, our Mother, is a genuine and healing grounding for where I feel humonity wants to be. When I practice stillness and quietude I ask to be in resonance with the Mother. In this practice my pace gets very slow in order to experience the gifts from her and the love-wisdom she so kindly shares. With this understanding I thought about the experience of those cultures who live closely to the land. Usually there is an identifiable pace, albeit, slower and appears to be calmer.

After this understanding entered my awareness I imagined that world bridging is the model for Source to External World as a cultural perspective. I started to imagine…what if we were to invite a platform that was in this instance a radio show or alternative media presentation the likes of a western design and we had representatives from the accelerated world cultures and the earth rooted cultures. And I Am inferring that the earth centered cultures will represent Source and the accelerated cultures will represent External Reality, matrix. I imagined that the first notable happening would be the recognition of “pacing”. Just as a mere cultural aspect the pacing would be significantly different.

I saw that this inevitable pacing would create a bridge that would cultivate, if nothing else, the pacing needed for the presence of stillness, quietude and the external world. Perhaps with this platform set there would be more of a likelihood of bridging the gifts of meditation to an accelerated reality. I Am not saying that either end of this spectrum is more or less spiritual/self reflecting than the other but that the essential element of pacing could be conducive to bringing that element more to the fore front.

This was my long winded way of presenting a creative solution to how we bring the stillness and insight of our meditations out into the external and accelerated world. In summary, I recognize that the external pacing is not real conducive to the environment and quietude that allows the brilliance of source to be present. Often we experience outer world only to return home to our sanctuaries so we can decompress, ponder and integrate our experiences. I yearn for all of that to be so in either instance.

When I imagine our world of unity and I know we are seeking our re-connection with the Mother it only seems likely that we’ll need to slow down. I’m beginning to recognize the encouraged fast pace of our times has been intentionally set to keep us further and further from our inner, divine selves. It seems this pace is a distraction especially when our most blissful moments of peace arrive when we are experiencing the tranquility of earth.

When I envisioned this cross cultural platform I can see where each individual would be challenged to slow down, choose words more carefully and succinctly, perhaps be more patient and deepen listening, increase sensitivity to timing and maybe even moments of silence. The entire scenario of interacting would be dramatically changed. Yet, if we were to practice in this cross cultural way might we get closer to cross cultural and source bridging and understanding? Might we nurture the long, lost forgotten art of connection and actually create a bridge that unites both experiences of Source and External Reality? Might the adaptation or surrender to organic pace remind us of how we truly exist and may nurture source in all aspects of our life?

My quest is “Source Un-In-Terre_Rupted”. I Am seeking the bridges from our divine self to life as we know it, external world. Pacing and balance seem so necessary during these “Transitional Times”. The accelerated gusto permeating our western world is a bit out of balance. The “mental apparatus” is nearing combustion as I see it. Composure, stillness continues to provide nourishment to all souls and it is a gift we give to ourselves.

Thankyou for joining me on this writing journey. I hope that the intention is set through these resonant words for a creative solution to bridging “Source Un-In-Terre_Rupted”.


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Two Worlds Co-Existing – Which One Are You Choosing?

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Knowledge Empowers! Knowledge Empowers! Knowledge Empowers! You are free to choose! You are free to choose! You are free to choose!

BUT we are NOT FREE until we CHOOSE –it’s the plain and simple truth.

Go get yourself knowledgeable and learn how to be free, how to exit the matrix and claim your divine be-earth rite of sovereignty. And don’t let propaganda make you shy away from the word “sovereignty” – reclaim it, know what it really means and then make a well informed choice.

Do you really want to be free? Do you know what that really means? Do you believe you can make a difference? Then what is stopping you from learning how to do it? We are changing the world and the momentum is unstoppable but each individual is responsible for how the rest of their life unfolds from here.

A potential scenario is be-ing presented: those who effort towards their individual freedom will attain it but the difference in the movement this time is the individuals who don’t effort themselves toward freedom will remain in the matrix.

Yeaaah! Think about that. Two worlds are co-existing side by side right now – the old world of enslavement and the new world of sovereignty. In the past the masses would just go along with the latest government ruling. This time it isn’t that way.

When you don’t choose you continue to lose. As the forerunners make differences in their lives you will remain governed by who you are governed by now. So sitting back and waiting for the warriors to make your life better isn’t going to happen. This is a very personal action and choice. Because it is a whole new model. There is no longer anyone responsible or taking care of your affairs, no one, so the boat leaves whether you show up or not.

Wouldn’t you want to know where the harbor is, how to get your ticket and have time to gather up your loved ones? Wouldn’t you prefer to be informed and move at a pace that suits you while maintaining a balance in these transitional times? Or are you WAITING for something to happen outside of yourself that makes the choice for you? And what if you don’t agree with that choice? Like right now. Do you agree with the choices of our government the way it is? Or would you, can you envision a choice more suitable to your heart, soul and mind?

Read, watch, listen, educate yourself about ITNJ…we’re talking about a tribunal the likes of Nuremberg when those who had performed war crimes were held accountable. Our government is performing war crimes. Do you want to hold them accountable? Get my point?!

International Tribunal for Natural Justice VIDEO


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A Dream Come True

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