Two Worlds Co-Existing – Which One Are You Choosing?

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Knowledge Empowers! Knowledge Empowers! Knowledge Empowers! You are free to choose! You are free to choose! You are free to choose!

BUT we are NOT FREE until we CHOOSE –it’s the plain and simple truth.

Go get yourself knowledgeable and learn how to be free, how to exit the matrix and claim your divine be-earth rite of sovereignty. And don’t let propaganda make you shy away from the word “sovereignty” – reclaim it, know what it really means and then make a well informed choice.

Do you really want to be free? Do you know what that really means? Do you believe you can make a difference? Then what is stopping you from learning how to do it? We are changing the world and the momentum is unstoppable but each individual is responsible for how the rest of their life unfolds from here.

A potential scenario is be-ing presented: those who effort towards their individual freedom will attain it but the difference in the movement this time is the individuals who don’t effort themselves toward freedom will remain in the matrix.

Yeaaah! Think about that. Two worlds are co-existing side by side right now – the old world of enslavement and the new world of sovereignty. In the past the masses would just go along with the latest government ruling. This time it isn’t that way.

When you don’t choose you continue to lose. As the forerunners make differences in their lives you will remain governed by who you are governed by now. So sitting back and waiting for the warriors to make your life better isn’t going to happen. This is a very personal action and choice. Because it is a whole new model. There is no longer anyone responsible or taking care of your affairs, no one, so the boat leaves whether you show up or not.

Wouldn’t you want to know where the harbor is, how to get your ticket and have time to gather up your loved ones? Wouldn’t you prefer to be informed and move at a pace that suits you while maintaining a balance in these transitional times? Or are you WAITING for something to happen outside of yourself that makes the choice for you? And what if you don’t agree with that choice? Like right now. Do you agree with the choices of our government the way it is? Or would you, can you envision a choice more suitable to your heart, soul and mind?

Read, watch, listen, educate yourself about ITNJ…we’re talking about a tribunal the likes of Nuremberg when those who had performed war crimes were held accountable. Our government is performing war crimes. Do you want to hold them accountable? Get my point?!

International Tribunal for Natural Justice VIDEO


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