Pacing With Source “Un-In-Terre-Rupted”

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I have come to a time in my life where my spiritual journey and discipline of self love feels well established. I have been prompted to embrace the greater humonity and its nourishment and cultivation of self love. As a result of this exploration I have come face to face with pacing and balance.

Each time I have re-entered what I refer to as the matrix I have experienced the bombardment of so many things “I Do Not Consent” to. In the past that was due cause to remove myself and hibernate and go deeper into my spiritual practice so that I may gain deeper understanding. As many of you have found in turning to this option it is easy to regain composure and peacefulness when alone. However, there is always that inner prompt that asks if we can sustain this calm composure when we re-enter the matrix. So I explored and practiced this over and over and over again with my own fair share of challenges.

Eventually we truly do begin to acquire a unique and personal love-wisdom that is revealed from this disciplined self reflection. Our perspectives and our behaviors change and morph as a result of new un-coverings of self. Yet the perpetual prompt to re-engage with the greater humonity is always there and rightfully so.

As we begin to venture out into the land of our families, tribes, friends and relationships we inevitably note that sustaining balance is quite a feat. There seems to be a rather noticeable distinction between the calm composure of practice and then the stirrings and multitude of energies we are now confronted with in the external world. At times it can even appear as if we are two different personalities and we wonder when will they meet and unify.

For a very, very long time I experienced feeling hypocritical of myself. Of course that demanded even closer attention to my practice of self love. I wanted to understand what was needed in order for me to sustain and bridge these two worlds.

The first thing I noted was I had to slow down my pace. It was like the practice of sit meditation evolving into walking meditation. What would happen to my composure as I departed from physical stillness and then started to walk? Could I continue that restful place within? This was challenging as I felt everything from my sit time became riled up and the mere movements became a distraction. I had to ask myself if this was even possible. As any who have practiced meditation we do confront many of these considerations, albeit, repeatedly.

Well I can elaborate on all the baby steps I went through to get where I Am now but I want to jump ahead.

I Am now very determined to understand where does the synthesis of individual and the world at large lie. If I Am be-ing prompted to engage on a global level how do I bring into the world the gifts and revelations I have gained from my inner knowings. I proceed down this trail.

The other day during our “Get Lit” Show we brought up this very topic of conversation. I couldn’t help but to note how these accelerated times are affecting our ability to compose and, perhaps, acquire a slower pace during our interface with the world at large. I started digging from within for answers.

I realized that in lieu of the fact that we are now un-covering disclosure and real truths about how our world has been intelligently manipulated to enslave the people I had to devote my attention to how this, in fact, is obstructing the very bridges I Am seeking. We have already established the programming of mainstream media in influencing our dumbed down intelligence along with contaminated food, imposed religious propaganda, etc. Thus, I had to address all the interference with the path I was wanting to extend into the greater world. That be-ing “Source Un-In-Terre-Rupted”.

This led me to explore the concept of “pace”. In my genuine reflections, slowing down seemed to be a necessary action in order to build and enthuse a bridge to a very accelerated world environment. No matter how many ways I viewed it our pace was a necessary consideration. On this note I went inward and started to observe the actual physical sensations of Source to External World. My rational mind could not make sense of what was be-ing revealed to me. The body never lies.

I take a jump here. This topic came up for me when I was assessing the talk shows and alternative media programs that are occurring via the internet these days. We had also discussed on the show how there are many groups and cliques that are apparent throughout society. Often as a result of these cliques certain perspectives and beliefs are shared and typically can be seen by their actions and choices not unlike how cultures form or can be identified. This inspired my thinking about using the understanding of culture to perhaps reveal the needed bridge I was searching for.

Because I was seeking a synthesis that I felt certain was related to pacing I used this idea. There are still indigenous people and cultures that are actually closer to the earth than most fast pace origins of society as was my experience in Morocco. I hold the understanding that staying close to the earth, our Mother, is a genuine and healing grounding for where I feel humonity wants to be. When I practice stillness and quietude I ask to be in resonance with the Mother. In this practice my pace gets very slow in order to experience the gifts from her and the love-wisdom she so kindly shares. With this understanding I thought about the experience of those cultures who live closely to the land. Usually there is an identifiable pace, albeit, slower and appears to be calmer.

After this understanding entered my awareness I imagined that world bridging is the model for Source to External World as a cultural perspective. I started to imagine…what if we were to invite a platform that was in this instance a radio show or alternative media presentation the likes of a western design and we had representatives from the accelerated world cultures and the earth rooted cultures. And I Am inferring that the earth centered cultures will represent Source and the accelerated cultures will represent External Reality, matrix. I imagined that the first notable happening would be the recognition of “pacing”. Just as a mere cultural aspect the pacing would be significantly different.

I saw that this inevitable pacing would create a bridge that would cultivate, if nothing else, the pacing needed for the presence of stillness, quietude and the external world. Perhaps with this platform set there would be more of a likelihood of bridging the gifts of meditation to an accelerated reality. I Am not saying that either end of this spectrum is more or less spiritual/self reflecting than the other but that the essential element of pacing could be conducive to bringing that element more to the fore front.

This was my long winded way of presenting a creative solution to how we bring the stillness and insight of our meditations out into the external and accelerated world. In summary, I recognize that the external pacing is not real conducive to the environment and quietude that allows the brilliance of source to be present. Often we experience outer world only to return home to our sanctuaries so we can decompress, ponder and integrate our experiences. I yearn for all of that to be so in either instance.

When I imagine our world of unity and I know we are seeking our re-connection with the Mother it only seems likely that we’ll need to slow down. I’m beginning to recognize the encouraged fast pace of our times has been intentionally set to keep us further and further from our inner, divine selves. It seems this pace is a distraction especially when our most blissful moments of peace arrive when we are experiencing the tranquility of earth.

When I envisioned this cross cultural platform I can see where each individual would be challenged to slow down, choose words more carefully and succinctly, perhaps be more patient and deepen listening, increase sensitivity to timing and maybe even moments of silence. The entire scenario of interacting would be dramatically changed. Yet, if we were to practice in this cross cultural way might we get closer to cross cultural and source bridging and understanding? Might we nurture the long, lost forgotten art of connection and actually create a bridge that unites both experiences of Source and External Reality? Might the adaptation or surrender to organic pace remind us of how we truly exist and may nurture source in all aspects of our life?

My quest is “Source Un-In-Terre_Rupted”. I Am seeking the bridges from our divine self to life as we know it, external world. Pacing and balance seem so necessary during these “Transitional Times”. The accelerated gusto permeating our western world is a bit out of balance. The “mental apparatus” is nearing combustion as I see it. Composure, stillness continues to provide nourishment to all souls and it is a gift we give to ourselves.

Thankyou for joining me on this writing journey. I hope that the intention is set through these resonant words for a creative solution to bridging “Source Un-In-Terre_Rupted”.


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One thought on “Pacing With Source “Un-In-Terre-Rupted”

    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    May 10, 2015 at 11:09 am

    This is a very fruitful exploration and yields much understanding for the situation ‘such as we’ are in when we intend to interact purposefully in the ‘world out there’. At the root of this contemplation may be the well-known statement “be in the world but not of it”. When we hear such phrases over and over they tend to lose real meaning and are no more than mere habitual word patterning. We can look at this phrase in a similar way as a likewise popular phrase “live and let live” – which we resonated with in a new way not too long ago (“live really and authentically” perhaps even in alignment with the 6 Heart Virtues, as an imperative that needs to be fulfilled BEFORE one can “let [the other] live”.)
    Here we are saying that we are asked to ‘not be of the world’. What does that mean? is that simply a thought? or an existential reality that we are viscerally aware of, that we have deeply REAL-ized? Here is where the pay-dirt is found IMHO. The journey continues! Happy to have you at my side!
    with love, t.


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