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The changes are inevitable and they can be felt in all the subtle and now occurring tangible levels. I returned here to this divine shelter to re-group. Much experience had been gained through my travels and numerous interactions with humons. Some of my most profound understandings were challenged and empowered simultaneously. I find myself in review and assessment of my present moments.

Of late I Am more alert to the twist and turns of the mind. Sorting through the multitude of mental loops and programs over the years has crystalized into one all encompassing understanding. The mind fully requires supervision and re-implementation of one’s own visionary power, truth and love wisdom. This can be a very lonely trail but the tools are gaining all praise, acknowledgement, support, guidance and love from within. To be at the mercy of any external livelihood is self sabotage and self destruction along with the vulnerability and impressionistic implant of external mind control. This is a huge topic requiring much devoted attention and change.

I trust that those of us who have taken on the anguish of this path have indeed softened the route for others as they choose to explore these very same revelations. In the end we all go home. In the meantime, we are confronted with just about every angle and detour that one can imagine. The layers are thick, hampered and unfullfilling. The unending search of peace and love later blows up in one’s face. We are guided to release, let go, allow and be here now over and over and over. Be-ing here now is no easy feat yet it’s the simplest creative solution we’ll ever know. Through this very moment the portals and gateways are infinite and designed by your very own self.

Following the haunting call from within it alerts me to knowing that at the deepest level something is simply not right. Follow your hunches to where obstructions are insincere, deliberately put in your way and sucking your life force in every direction. Follow these hunches and cultivate the skills that reassure yourself and build your self confidence that the I Am is absolutely entitled to live a thriving life.

When one arrives at the educated understanding of what is going on here on planet earth it can knock you off your feet and rightfully so. Things are not quite life giving. Yes, there are moments, bread crumbs along the way but no long term sustainability. When you decide you deserve more and recognize the self responsibility of this task you begin to kick up the dust and courageously explore.

Life will continue as is and some of us will awaken and some of us will remain in slumber. It’s just the nature of human evolution. However, Mother Earth, is a growing organism as well and she’s kicking up the dust right now. I trust Mother desires more for herself and our entire family. We are along for the ride.

My journey has been mostly a psychological and spiritual one. I have spent most my lifetime trying to understand humon dynamics. I Am now beginning to release that way of study as it too has many loops and repetitive snags. The search inward has been most rewarding yet the inward journey flushes out all the mis-psychology I have ever thought was of value. Identifying predictable behaviors and antidotes truly drove me to the ground. I self sabotaged. It just happen to be in that genre. It can happen in any genre. It is simply the one you have chosen.

In summary, it doesn’t matter which genre of study you have chosen. It is the fact that you have chosen it from the external menu that was presented to you. This goes for each and every subject, philosophy, science, health, religion and on and on. There is no external subject out there that will lead you home in the end. There are pointers and experiences gained that will prompt your inner knowing but none will provide the inner knowing. The gathering of facts in the external is simply that, gathering facts…rather mental.

I have taken up the cultivation of this way of thinking. As soon as my mind wants to analyze and put meaning to my affairs of what I see I tell myself “no story”. Immediately my mind has to do a “drop it”. As I say to myself “no story” I no longer am trying to make sense of anything or calculate some meaning and direction from what is going on around me or in my head. I breathe, release and relax. I allow the emptying of my mind to occur.

The advantage of practicing “no story” is directly related to our emotional body. “No story” actually cleanses the emotional body. Watch how a story grows in your head and then you have an emotional response to your story. The webbing of this mental process grows and now has taken up a whole lot of space in your be-ing. When practicing “no story” the emotional body is not engaged in external machinations of the mind. There’s a very different experience presented. And there is much spaciousness offered to now allow other information to come through…such as inner voice speaking.

Alongside “no story” I visualize “Source Un-In-Terre-Rupted”. I actually created an image within that is an open channel of cosmic space going through my very center from head to toe I use the image of my brain, the 2 halves split apart so the channel of space goes through the center. This image and the words “Source Un-In-Terre_Rupted” represents divine flow and continual nurturance of Source enthusing my entire be-ingness. Then I embrace the words of release, let go, allow and breathe. The “Terre” part of this wording is distinctly to represent the Earth, Mother as part of Source.

As I have travelled in this lifetime as a spiritual student of life I did recognize a gnawing nugget from within that kept me wanting to understand life…deeply. Every turn of my adventures here upon planet blue  could never settle for the external offerings of jobs, relationships, homes, etc. Once these things were acquired I would soon re-experience that gnaw and ask yet again isn’t there something more to life? And so the search began again only to leave jobs, relationships and homes. Each time the exhilaration of change and leaving yet another constricted box offered moments of dynamic upliftment but each time the path unfolded with a myriad of painful self reflection. I was not prepared for the alternative way of life when I no longer conformed to the familiar life. Yet the familiar life and the options were suffocating and debilitating. Sure I could make things the best I could but the gnaw inside said I hadn’t truly gained what I was looking for.

I finally abstained from external choices just to find out where would this “gnaw” guide me. I went very deeply into this and at times I was hugely empowered and at times I hugely crashed in fear, self doubt and despair. Yet I was determined to heal myself and find balance in it all. up and down I went but each time I was strengthened in knowing the more I relied on my inner power, inner technology the closer I got to understanding “gnaw”. Eventually “gnaw” and I became best friends but that was much further down the path.

When one chooses to explore the call from within it is inevitable that we look for tools. Most of the time we look for those tools in the external reality but they are revealed in fragments as a result of our true past be-ing deliberately hidden from us. It takes a while to decipher for ourselves what is true and what is not. Ultimately, we un-cover every truth as what we know within to be true. Trusting ourselves at this level is having the ability to discern all that has been programmed into our be-ingness from the outside as not who we are. Here is where a true challenge emerges. When just about everything we were told was true is no longer true many walls come crashing down. This is not an easy transition.

Because on the other side of the crash you are left with only yourself and inner voice of strength to guide you out of the muck and mire, albeit, the matrix of lies. And if you are not fully grounded in your I Am the doubt and lack of self confidence can be devastating.

Whew! If you got this far you are definitely turning the stones over. Yet here is where the magic of life is your gift. After examining and discarding the trash of an over-worked, over-stimulated mind and it  is now seen by you the cleansing options are presented to you. Here is where “no story” becomes your best friend. This affirmation and deliberate choice immediately wipes out the loops as soon as you recognize them. Granted it leaves you more empty more of the time but heck when are you going to get to explore emptiness until you allow it?!

I have found this to be a profound message to myself. I no sooner see a thought emerging that is about to create a story and I immediately co-create my own designed scenario. Story making can be of any nature or content. It doesn’t necessarily have to be negative or positive. It’s any ole story. The point is that the story fills your mind. the story keeps you occupied mentally. When we are occupied mentally we miss out on what is truly happening in the here and now. The magic and freedom is in the here and now.

Examples of stories are while you are say preparing food you are chewing over in your mind what you’ll be doing after the meal. That’s a story. Another example, you had an interaction with someone that day or weeks ago and you are still examining if you were understood correctly or not because some behavior indicated to you that maybe that wasn’t so. Well this story has taken you over the coals and back and probably created a whole scenario of emotions all in and of yourself. Story!!!!!

It’s similar to identifying “mind chatter”.

My suggested antidote is go to awareness of your breath, heart and the earth. These are clearly organic events…worthy of trust. Go there, join it with “Source Un-In-Terre-Rupted” and intend message to yourself “no story”. You now have co-created the spaciousness to hear yourself from within. How do you like yourself? Be watchful of what stories want to be said here. Inner empowerment – yes! Telling stories that don’t support that?! Time for “no story” !

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