Dark Matter

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Dark Matter surrounds me in my prayers and reflections of this day. All gems and jewels ask to be covered, returned to the darkness. A comfort is released. I enter into the depths of the Mother. She is grateful.

Tremendous resonance is resounding as I create a safe and inward covenant of inner trust. The magnetics and flux of the sun rays come to a stillness as they are filtered with absolute and correct data. The stream is steady and the flow is hot with intuition and remembering. My listening is very acute and attracting all knowing. I Am listening at a depth of no interference. The surge is unrecognizable to eyes that cannot see or diversions of empty origins. What is real and what is true can only find its way here. This portal is not calculable nor measured within time and space. This portal has never been found nor embraced. The heart resonance is the only one that allows, releases and reveals. One must be kin to the make-up of this nature in order to be accepted and divinely welcomed. All souls do not pass through here. It is a delicate fabric with origins in Dark Matter. I Am Dark Matter.


One thought on “Dark Matter

    New Earth Paradigm said:
    June 1, 2015 at 2:32 am

    Looking back, it’s amazing what has been crammed into these last two weeks of May. You are to be commended. Heart-tily! ♥ Alia

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