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Cannot deny the retrograde and planetary swirl. I’m watching as a suit of long stature is falling to my ankles. It’s only moments before I take my first step out of the old into the new. What awaits me is unknown yet promising. None-the-less, it is a bit unnerving…like putting my foot for the first time upon another planet. I was told the planet would be somewhat recognizable but movement and action would have a new curve to it. Don’t be alarmed, I hear, what I don’t think I know I really do know and for that reason all works out divinely.

Major reconsiderations as I release the perspectives and perceptions that once served me. I Am re-examining this futuristic self that has found my way into this archaic now. I Am humbled by my placement.

Why do we know as much as we know and see that the world within us is the world that is externalizing as brilliant? Perhaps, our future selves have arrived, a future that knows we are taking this turn for the better.

It hasn’t required much on our end to know things could always be better. We have lived for “better”. Yet now we are reminded to relax and recognize our great achievements and know this is an unstoppable momentum to the world of our dreams. In this now we are witnessing accelerated reception and increments of change like a twinkling star radiating ok’ness.

As we relax we drop down into the Mother. Our very be-ingness softens and lets go as we re-embrace the timeline of the Earth.

It’s a different life be-ing shown.


One thought on “Stirrings

    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    May 31, 2015 at 3:29 pm

    “Our very be-ingness softens and lets go as we re-embrace the timeline of the Earth.” Luv this!

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