I Am Soul Spirit by Law

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I Am Soul Spirit dancing through this life of molecular wonder. No one has gone astray here as each is their own magnetic-tician. We learn as we go. We weave the Oneness we know ourselves to be and we create light-filled nests and shelters to grow as our seeds unfold.

Mystery keeps my attention and dimensional planes present my options. I dabble and I apply serious mathematics, my own, to me, the only equation I Am examining. The numbers rearrange as I please and they disappear upon command. I envision maps of realmic beauty and I destroy those very same maps after growth diminishes that hypothesis.

Usefulness and uselessness are determined by my own nature. I call the creation in for closer view, give it a spin, try on the suit and then reflect on what I have created. Is there wonder in my world? Absolutely. Am I the creator of this wonder? Why would I think other than my “I” ?

Walking upon this planet I view the inculturated design that exists merely by the collective consciousness given. Each individual seems to question this fabric, perhaps cluelessly, but addressed none-the-less. This time around the purpose of his-story provides no truth. Upon this un-covering we are graciously led away from that viewing. Deepening of self continues but with a growing and subtle strength of what we refer to as evolutionary. But what is evolutionary about living in the Now? There are no linear landmarks nor should we seek any. Therefore, how and what are we assigning to the term “evolutionary”?

Soul Speak: I have viewed through this vessel eons of darkness before matter listened to a heart not grown. There appeared peaks of nature, subtle sounds yet the surrounding water muffled clear reception. These worlds exist and Soul-Spirits venture through, breaking down the elements so as to be introduced to design of self. It’s an initiation of sorts and not, as there is no designated design or form to unfold into.

In truth the confinement of any dimensional plane is as holographic as any other. Pure consciousness ultimately shatters the shell of the egg. Nothing can prevent this and nothing has or ever will. So in the revelation of this juncture what does one find of intrigue in each of these planes? Soul-Spirit follows and prompts intrigue as a navigational instrument. Data is rampant and concise within the infinite library of existence. Behold the wise ones when stepping back, not missing a breath and turning plasma into gold. Of course this exist when it is of the purpose of delight only. This is like having a bundle of treasures that are only for the experience of essence and beauty but turns to stone if and when external law is applied to it. That mathematical equation does not serve. It imprisons.

Examine the word “Law”. You are each your own Law. Everything remains just, balanced and with an absence of ignorance when observing within your own Law. Externalizing Law has created a chaos that has long attracted dimensional realities dimly lit. In the realm and understanding of mystery this has provided equal intrigue with its own set of consequences. Which paths do you choose? That determines your self creation.

Imagine the multitude of realities, dimensional planes, parallel existences, etc. Like a child your attention moves rapidly towards the glows, sparks and adventure of not knowing. A finger is singed in the exploration of fire and knowledge is gained that prompts a new choice next time around. The simplicity of action and creation is that simple. Then what complicates such matters? I suggest that living outside of Law, one’s own self be-ing that, is an experience of loss. Thus the exploration becomes that of not receiving. There is nothing to experience that filters through as growth.

Perhaps now we touch upon the experience of a “lost soul”. Soul-Spirit separated from Soul Suit is disastrous. In this separation the ability to receive from one’s own sense of Law is no longer accessible. The carriage of creation becomes dimly lit. The mystery enters a fog of sorts lacking clear channels and lacking essential life source. We are reaching for and retrieving this essential marriage of form and formlessness. Thus the quest has taken on a convoludedness that may or may not turn out as you intended. But imagine this. You imagine Self law, Self love and you become Ruler of Thy Divine Self. Imagine and it shall be. However, imaginations create consequences and remain consistent only if each step abides by your Own Law. The flaw can only occur when departure to outer Law becomes choice. Self Sustenance truly means Self Sustenance.


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