What If A Conscious Collective Death Was Humonity’s Soul Purpose?!

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There is something that speaks to me so loudly here. Today’s message is not for the faint of heart but for those who recognize the heart and love as consciousness – Source, the way of life.

As many of my readers know I truly love to dig deep into the meaning of life, purpose and my “I Am”. I allow myself to view and experience the unknown even if it is scary. Sometimes scary is my cue to go towards it..and I do. But this latest viewing and knowing not only surprised me but relieved me as well. Not everyone will enjoy this “Digestible Byte” I Am offering but it is a truth from within myself that I share.

In my quest to find a crystal rainbow bridge between what I know to be my higher self truths and that of the matrix reality I met many obstacles. It seemed I was looking for the creative solutions that truly were my return to Source. I asked myself many times how can that state of quietude and be-ingness exist here in our fast paced world?

I eventually embraced my attention towards what is organic such as the earth, my body, plants, trees, animals and minerals, etc. I recognized that the vibratory nature of communing with what is organic had a pretty noticeably slowed down pace similar to walking meditation. This pace always nurtured the correct rhythm and movement for me to remain aware and conscious of my every moment.

When I would return my focus to the external reality, matrix and simply life in general I was consistently challenged to lower my frequency, adapt, so I could manage my way through. I took many years away from matrixing just so I could nourish this other delightful reality of me, soul spirit walking on the land. As a result I felt myself become more and more separated from the rest of the world, people, interests, society. Eventually, I found myself pretty isolated and had to ask how do I connect with people and society?

I had at last recognized that connecting with others was absolutely essential to expanding and sharing the love within. However, in reviewing my life up to this point I recognized that I no longer was accepting of the matrix in any shape or way. I had reflected upon my judgements early on and found resolve, compassion and love for what existed around me. I just didn’t want to engage with it any longer. Thus, I arrived at this isolated existence. Now what to do?

It was only recently that I realized my non-acceptance of the matrix was not allowing me to find a bridge in the physical sense of that experience. I knew the bridge in a spiritual way. But where do the two meet? Something still wasn’t making sense to me.

The other day this is what came to me. I remembered that I had a vision long time ago. It seemed to always resonate with a hopi prophecy. Over the years I revisited this vision and continued to gain different perspectives from it each time. As I adopted different beliefs throughout the years my interpretation of the vision would take on that flavor. But this time in this here and now I realized I hadn’t really come to grips with its meaning. I shall return to share this vision shortly.

Over the past several months I have witnessed many way showers, whistle blowers, etc. come to the same obstacles, frustrations and road blocks that anyone before us had experienced. The conclusions seem to have a consistent and predictable ring to them. Most importantly, where are the people? Why aren’t they standing up for justice and freedom? Wake up, wake-up, wake-up! Alongside this resonating awareness many promises, hopefulness and spiritual, new age upliftment has become null and void. Everything that kept us going is be-ing pulled out from underneath our feet. The times of disclosure, real truths and profound corruption has reached a new height and this time it isn’t going away. This time we are genuinely be-ing faced with a reality check.

I recognized the pattern and I, like many, have sat back to take a good, hard look at what is really going on?! Fortunately, at this time of my life I Am not easily discouraged nor do I turn to despair. No quite the contrary. I go deeply inside and ask the hard questions of how to exist amidst this muck and mire that is, yes, increasing. There lies the beginning of my kernel of truth that I Am unraveling to share.

I gave myself permission to embrace the idea that, indeed, we are going to destroy all humonity and this planet. Yes, take a moment to breathe. This is the part of the path that is not for the faint of heart but for those who know who they are deeply from within and already sincerely embrace their immortality. This is for those who do not fear that their long held beliefs of a grander life is going to occur…at least not upon this planet…and I will explain this as I go further.

I gave myself permission to see this ending of times while simultaneously reviewing ancient prophecies and simple gut knowings.

I have been exposed to the many growing outcries of having been tricked in a very serious way upon this earth. I Am now hearing more often than not that “no one is coming to rescue us”! No ET’s, Higher Angels, Ancestors – No One! Backlash of this – We’re the Ones! When I sat with this in a real knowing I was blown away by the reality I was offered. At the same time I was incredibly relieved and felt I had received a very significant nugget of truth. Many things started to make sense to me.

Back to my vision. I saw the planet ablaze like Dante’s Inferno. While viewing the Earth from above I could see the flames, purge beneath me while a large mass of be-ings in lightweight skins were rising up. They appeared to be heading for a black, ethereal mote that surrounded the outer sphere of the Earth. Then there were people walking from all the ends of the Earth appearing to gather in a dessert like environment. I heard the “People Are Red Now, We Are All One Color”. Then I heard look towards the sky and you’ll know when to gather. People of like consciousness will know who they are and you will come together.

The “Red” seemed to infer we were all radioactive. The ethereal mote indicated that the be-ings rising would go there something like a temporary holding space. After the Earth purged we would be returned. The sense of return now feels as if we died with a shared heartful connectedness to return to the Mother, Earth timeline at a later evolution.

Until recently I thought the be-ings rising were demonstrating that their humon form had transformed into another less dense entity. In light of what I just wrote I recognize that these be-ings had lost their humon suits as in death and I was observing soul-spirits rising.

In review of this vision I decided to put on a different hat to switch up my perspective on things. I decided to ask myself, What if our purpose was to come here and experience a collective death? What if we were to witness the purge, the corruption and maybe even Earth exploding to insure our finding each other for a conscious death? When I allowed myself to sit in the position of affirming that, indeed, we are here to witness and experience the end times I had a profound switch go off inside me.

Now in this time of my life this kind of thinking does not create despair or gloom. I simply venture towards these scenarios to flush myself out so-to-speak, to find out if I Am hiding something from myself. So I went down this rabbit hole to see what I may find.

These other things in life started to make more sense with this perspective. If we were to recognize that the world is going to die and us along with it wouldn’t you think we’d have a different approach to life? We would turn towards our loved ones, family and friends and absolutely make the best of the life we had remaining to share. We’d be prompted to live in the moment and recognize how precious our time is here.

Often when we are with people and loved ones going towards death there is such a peacefulness shared, a unique quietude and respect for creating an environment of love. Everyone seems to forgive and forget the struggles and seeks to remember the good times. Those last moments become very precious.

So with that be-ing stated imagine how our world would transform if we did embrace the end times as reality. And maybe all these visions of the “New Earth” and a future of peace and love isn’t here in this reality. Maybe it is where we are going after death.

I have allowed myself to just sit with this perspective as I review so many visions, beliefs and hopes of our past. We are just entering the embrace of our multi-dimensional selves and for all we know we have already created, projected our New Earth but it isn’t here.

On another note we are now exploring the concept of astrals and the non-consensual harvesting that may be occurring in the death transition. With that knowledge wouldn’t you think we’d want to be as aware as possible on how to die consciously so as not to be harvested, returned to the loop? And imagine if we embraced this idea and we actually took it to heart. There is no telling what would happen to our species.

While holding this idea of Purpose Be-ing A Collective Conscious Shared Death Experience you may want to then turn around and reevaluate your life choices in this very moment. In this reevaluation we are not making choices of denial, giving up or despair. Quite the contrary. We are revealing our priorities and purposeful living. I would say we would evaluate how much love-consciousness we are nurturing and participating in.

This is the more challenging part of this perspective. I’m suggesting that you reserve judgement and just try this suit on for a moment. Understand I Am not offering a way out or escape from responsibility. But I do know this next sharing could create a reaction, one that says oh no, no, no we can’t just do nothing. That is totally not where I Am going with this.

If you try on this idea for a moment there is a genuine kernel of relief that can occur. That’s the significant pointer of this exploration.

We have repeatedly put much effort in changing the world. His-story has only shown it repeats itself. Now we understand why the dynamic of the loop exists. This is in fact what we have been seeking remedy for. Many heroes, whistle blowers, prominent leaders have come and gone before us. They raised hope if only for a momentary time in life. The people get a temporary experience of progress only to return to ordinary reality and watch yet another civil right be denied. The next wave of generation comes in just as empowered as the one before. They see the evil, they get creative and they pretty much experience the same results. All who have noted this either go into anger, despair, watch more TV or they turn inward and ask WTF is going on? I trust the readers of this article are the ones asking WTF is going on?!

I’m one of those askers and I’m a long time watcher. I have stopped be-ing fooled by the carrot held in front of my face but that I never get to eat. I have experienced all the negative side of this, the anger, despair and distractions of choice. Eventually after the dire enforcement of surrender I went within, the only place I experienced any hope and life that could thrive. But be-ing humon I was surrounded by a planet and family that I knew had a purpose much greater that what we have ended up with. So in one of my WTF Am I, are we, going to do I demanded of my imagination to go beyond and present some new creative solution. This is when I entertained the question What If We Came Here To Have A Conscious Collective Death, Our Soulful Shared Purpose?

I allowed myself to begin to imagine how this might unfold. I readily went to the whistle blowers, way showers, pioneers and those turning the stones of corruption and knowledge over. How would this change?

What if our whistle blowers, reporters, investigative journalists, etc started to report their findings with a different intention? Say we embraced globally A Conscious Collective Death Purpose and thus the intention of reporting would now take on the tone of keeping people informed of how close we are getting to our death, best ways to survive and remain comfortable and continue to promote those activities that are life giving. The message would be a reminder to enjoy our precious lives and the beauty of the Mother for as long as we are here.

This above all else could remove the urgency of waking people up and having to witness any expected outcome. The tension of resistance to this overwhelming war force would be let go of and we would now be turning our attention to the people the way we could be turning our attention to the people already experiencing their collective death via the obvious genocide tactics. Yemen? Ring a bell?

The Earth is still a magical and thriving force of love and consciousness. When we put distractions aside she is still there nurturing us and providing beauty and sustenance. We still have time to enjoy and savor the essence and knowledge acquisition of this planet. What if, we turned our attention to life giving purpose and in a real BIG WAY ACCEPTED DEATH more fully, inevitable and possibly a collective design?!

We sometimes refer to this era as similar if not a duplicate of Atlantis. If we go back and ask ourselves what more could we have done could the answer be a A Conscious Collective Death?

Is it possible that our efforts to take on an overwhelming force of the cabal and the dracos is just more distraction?  Is it possible if we turn our attention to life sustaining intention and focus we might just amp up a glorious transition?

I present this not in despair – quite the contrary. I just wanted to experiment with putting this hat on for awhile and see how my perspective changes. I decided to share it with you.

I Am in a place of observing my own responses to this idea. Acceptance has deepened as a result of at least giving it a try. I invite you to just see how your view of the world, your life may change if our destiny was just that A Conscious Collective Death As A Soul Purpose. This writing is in no way intended to create fear porn, despair or gloom. I’m genuinely asking questions out of the box as I, just like you, Am seeking creative solutions to a world that is not improving. It is getting worse. So might it be time to start preparing for our shared transition? Is it possible the programming of this planet was simply to keep the carrot in front of our faces always out of reach just so we would keep trying to fix the world? If we stopped trying to fix the world wouldn’t we be more inclined to enjoy, savor what we have? And if we started to savor this grand planet might our hearts have a better chance of uplift ment?

When one is preparing to die the peacefulness is gained from the letting go. Everything in the external reality no longer is desired or needed. The present moments are all that count, one breath at a time.

We make sure our loved ones are comfortable. We rearrange our schedules, things that were absolutely important are put aside, we don’t worry about whether we’ll go to work or not, we are likely not to have a computer or cell phone on in the room of the one departing and life comes to a pause, a very self reflective pause for everyone involved.

Death, one of the greatest fears upon the planet may be one of the greatest gifts of be-ing here.


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12 thoughts on “What If A Conscious Collective Death Was Humonity’s Soul Purpose?!

    New Earth Paradigm said:
    June 7, 2015 at 7:12 am

    Very interesting times we live in and are being witness to. I personally do not believe we are going to blow ourselves up (again.) However, I have been a promoter of “looking at (mocking up) “worst case scenarios” for many years now as a way of acknowledging them as one option of what COULD happen. Usually, this takes that option off the table or relegates it to a very low priority, in my experience.

    I remember reading in my Pleiadian literature that many on this planet have come to die a peaceful death — to understand that they are never alone. That many will “get” the lesson they have come to learn through the deathing transition and that millions may transition this way and then “sit on the etheric bleachers” and further understand the meaning of human life — also to root for the ones still on the ground. The Pleiadians further discussed the presence of Death Walkers and their role at this time to “assist people in the crossing over” and at times “walking with them as they transition.” This part spoke to me very strongly and I felt within myself at the time that I have this capacity within me to make these crossings back and forth across the veil in the role of assisting another with their passage.

    Thank you for speaking your heart regarding the vision and its interpretation that you see and feel in your BEing. While I do not completely agree with your understanding, I do value and support each person to look withing at their own worst case scenario, biggest fear or largest perceived obstacle — look it in the face and question it’s validity — so that our Collective may be released from this grip of FEAR that has held us in a spell — quite literally — for eons, repeating destructive cycles ad infinitum — or perhaps ad nauseum, is more is applicable in this case. Blessings and kudos to you Deer Sistar, Alia

    Liked by 1 person

      Jenny said:
      June 7, 2015 at 9:21 am

      Thank you, dear lady. I can see you went DEEP to come up with this :-). The earth ablaze: she will be shedding this part of her that we all see and love. It is her outer ego, like ours. She wants to move on, like we do. She doesn’t want us focusing on her outer body anymore, because she is going deeper and more-forward further than the ‘outer appearance’. Not many postings re Earth touch my heart any longer, because she is moving on and people still want to adore that part of her that she is moving on from. And when someone wants to move on with her, it gives her great joy. This is not the end of you, me or anyone else who wants to complete the Journey: it is a mighty transition to an incredible state of being that no-one has envisaged or experienced to date. It is merely the end of an experience of both sides of duality, and the present-bodies we engaged to know all this. I thank you, if I have understood you correctly, for this beautiful post. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

        New Earth Paradigm said:
        June 19, 2015 at 6:46 am

        Hi Jenny — thank you for your awesome comment! I missed it somehow when it came but am appreciating it NOW. So many things of this dimension we will be “moving on from.” If I did not know that I am going HOME, I might be sad. Bittersweet days these are! They make me grateful for every moment we have left in 3D — especially the food. lol The wonders that await us will quickly swallow up any regrets about “leaving” the old paradigm behind. But for now, I am grateful for this level of beauty, knowing that my foot is on the threshold of wonders that I had forgotten in order to BE here. Wonders that are creeping into the edges of my memory as a multi-dimensional being. Blessings to you as we travel onward, upward and outward and INWARD, Alia


    Susan said:
    June 7, 2015 at 11:52 am

    I applaud the courage and honesty , willingness to challenge and let go of old beliefs, and the strength it took to stand alone in posting this insight. I face death on a personal level daily due to a health condition ( heart disease …have already died once while having a quadruple by-pass surgery few years ago ) My physical body alerts me with pain and shortness of breath and my intuitive knowing make me very aware that death could occur at any moment, any day, not 5 years, ten years from now, but TODAY. Death is a constant companion and a teacher ( a crabby, challenging, bi-polar one ) The heart attack and surgery took me by surprise, I was not prepared for it and did not even know it happened until days afterward , but the whole experience and recovery altered my view of life/death. I will not have heart surgery again. I am choosing to face death of the body head on. In contrast, my sister has been battling cancer for almost as long , she has had every surgery, every chemo available and her doctors have said “no more’ so she has sought out experimental Pharma “research” trials to participate in. She is hailed as a hero in her fight for life. I Am silent about my path, not even sharing with my husband . It would be too much of a distraction to deal with everyone else’s thoughts/ feelings/judgments. This is mine. Polar opposite ideals playing out in this personal drama…every belief system about life/death raises it head to be looked at…….. I am reminded of a prophesy (bible) that says that the last enemy ,death, will be no more. I used to think that this meant that there would not be death anymore on the earth, at some point. Some new earth timeline, some correction, more evolved human beings able to traverse dimensions , consciously shifting awareness to skip death…At this moment, I feel that it is more that it would be more of ceasing to view death as an enemy that would end. I look upon this organic earth and see that all life culminates in death. Every human, animal, plant lives and dies in a natural cycle. Even this body is sustained by death, the food I eat, the bacteria my body kills to stave off infection….This organic life/death cycle IS. Yet we fight it and say it must be something more. something different. To totally accept death as a part of life ( with no qualifiers , no exceptions ) ….is very difficult to fathom….goes against all programming…..the judgments come in…the questions…. Don’t you value life ? Are you depressed? mentally ill? need medication? have entities attached ? being mind-controlled ? do you love? do you care at all? Even those who promote the organic earth timeline do not look at death as organic. Notice the silence when you ask what does this new organic timeline mean for humankind? What will it look like ? How will it be different? No one hazards a guess….Could it be the unwillingness to look at death that brings us to a blank wall ?

    Liked by 1 person

      bluestardeerwomon responded:
      June 10, 2015 at 6:33 pm

      Deer Susan, I looked all over for your post and finally I found it again here. I’m just getting more familiar with comments at wordpress as only lately are responses coming in. so I went all over my FB posts trying to find this again and alas today I found you…hahaha
      I so love your honesty and real life reflections. I understand so deeply the choice not to share some of your deeper understandings knowing it truly has a potent affect on those who are listening. Then it becomes our new engagement with what “other” is experiencing. This has been so in my sharing of this writing. And I have accepted full responsibility. But it is responses like yours that has enriched my experience and enthused my courage.
      you stated “At this moment, I feel that it is more that it would be more of ceasing to view death as an enemy that would end.” I agree. And I think it was just part of the program/fear porn that divorced us from the true embrace of death. Not only did we embrace it with fear but it also denied our exploration of multi-dimensional be-ingness. The present day ET disclosures are opening that portal right up…if nothing else, that it is now a possibility and our imaginations can go there. This knowledge allows us to be empowered in our immortality and death as no big fear thang!
      And your words “…Even those who promote the organic earth timeline do not look at death as organic. Notice the silence when you ask what does this new organic timeline mean for humankind? What will it look like ? How will it be different? No one hazards a guess….Could it be the unwillingness to look at death that brings us to a blank wall ?…” That is really the kernal of my article. We tend to think we embrace death but I sense we are “thinking” it not quite experiencing it.And if we align with earth timeline then we align with the cycles. But again, the program of enslavement is fierce and going down the rabbit hole of death has many persuasions to not look that way.
      Blessings and Grateful!


    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    June 7, 2015 at 12:41 pm

    Deer One,

    Thank you so much for this article. It gives wonderful insight into your path and where you are at present in your upliftment.
    The following passages in your article spoke to me clearly now as I am able to see them in the whole context of your understanding:

    “The message would be a reminder to enjoy our precious lives and the beauty of the Mother for as long as we are here.
    This above all else could remove the urgency of waking people up and having to witness any expected outcome.”

    “If we stopped trying to fix the world wouldn’t we be more inclined to enjoy, savor what we have? And if we started to savor this grand planet might our hearts have a better chance of uplift ment?”
    “When one is preparing to die the peacefulness is gained from the letting go. Everything in the external reality no longer is desired or needed. The present moments are all that count, one breath at a time.”

    I am sure that many will find access, thanks to your reflections, to thinking outside the box and that is very much on the order of the day right now. Reading your thoughts I am also struck by the similarity in our ‘conclusions’ as to how to live in this present time, although each of us clearly entertains our own independent and unique version of the ultimate ‘big picture’.

    This shows me the validity, and indeed, necessity to open up to another’s understanding especially when it may seem to go contrary to our own. I thank you from my heart for being brave enough to “put out there” what you feel is your truth when you can most likely expect adverse reactions from many.

    Looking forward to our continued joint explorations in consciousness!

    With much love, tomas

    Liked by 1 person

      bluestardeerwomon responded:
      June 10, 2015 at 5:11 pm

      Yes, Tomas, we so need to deepen our active listening for each other recognizing there are similar truths stated in very personal and unique ways. I find when taking risks it inevitably stirs up anything and everything that may be creating stagnation. Yet, taking risks, going out-of-the-box, is not very apparent in our world. I appreciate meeting you there…outside the box.

      Liked by 1 person

    Mascha Roedelof said:
    June 9, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    Thanks Shama for sharing your thoughts and elaborating on them from within. Daring to ask yourself daring questions and sharing those with your readers, with me.

    For me: I have died consciously some years ago already. Not physically, but I visualized my death, explored my physical death on all levels of letting go and detach from all attachments. Also looking at my deep longing to change the world, our living together. I realized that I can ‘save’ myself, but not the world. I can witness from deep within, and share this with others. I did my job from within for the collective.

    What I recognize in your path on a collective level, Shama, is the phase of letting go of an era. Some others have mentioned it here in comments. Some of us have realized themselves but do not feel any connection in the outer world because so few have really realized themselves. So you truly are in a total new area: which feels like dying and in a way it is. Finding yourself again in Zero point. But humanity in a whole is not there already. But again I recognize more are experiencing this inner area/point now. Being in the inner area and then what? What’s next? And nobody knows. That’s the beauty, because all is possible to unfold and co create from this inner space. BUT… you/I/we need our fellow men for this. When you are ‘there’ but the surroundings/humanity is not there is no true communion and because of this there can not be a collective transition. We know by now that no one outside us come to save us, we have to save ourselves. And some have. To go into transition we need our fellow man who have truly! saved (and healed) themselves too. We need to find and connect those who have truly realized themselves and who recognize the new reference point, the Zero point, in themselves and are willing to co-create from there. But up to this day this is not happening, though again I perceive a collective ‘movement’ and this could be a kind of ‘collective death experience’ and I mean a collective ‘falling’ in Zero point.

    Liked by 1 person

      bluestardeerwomon responded:
      June 10, 2015 at 5:02 pm

      Thankyou, Mascha, for your thoughtful reply. I feel it is so magical when we are finding those of us who can even have this conversation. Perhaps, a zero point community is just be-ing be-earthed. I find that those who are exploring and experiencing the multitudinal ways of dying inevitably ask about our greater community. The sharing of this path is empowering and continues to reinforce the going within. With each exploration there is a shuffling of our consciousness and then we return to zero point. It truly is movement and vibration and a beautiful yet undefinable mystery.

      Liked by 1 person

        Mascha Roedelof said:
        June 10, 2015 at 7:38 pm

        Thanks for your response Shama. I feel you are a true authentic seeker and I like and respect that very much. Universe (including Earth) is ‘waiting’ for truly conscious living beings who can and are willing to be midwifes for the Next Generations to restore a ‘normal’ living together on Earth again.

        I do not feel a collective physical death is needed for this. But when ‘we’ refuse to go into transition there will be more and more suffering on Earth which could end up by destroying everything including ourselves. And that is unnecessary but can be the effect of refusing to restore the deepest cause of all suffering: a ‘normal’ living together.

        And maybe a collective physical death is part of the cycle. Individual physical death surely is and to me it feels profound when we die and leave our physical body consciously because all our life experiences will be remembered then: I feel this is the ‘purpose’ of our Souls Journey

        Liked by 1 person

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