I Do Not Consent – Profile Pic-keting

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Profile Pic-keting3I DO NOT CONSENT

Profile Pic-keting -I Do Not Consent
Everyone has at least one thing in their lives that they can say “I DO NOT CONSENT” whether it be making a car payment, paying taxes, human sex trafficking or fluoride in the water….the list goes on. Yet this is a place where we can UNIFY.
It doesn’t matter whether we agree or don’t agree on what we Do Not Consent To. The point is there is a unified movement that can agree there is something they don’t consent to. Let’s take this unified force and run with it.
I invite you to join this idea – “PROFILE PIC-KETING”. If there is something in your life that you do not consent to add this pic to your FB or any social network profile pic spot. As we choose this action we will become visible to each other on just how many of us are saying ‘I DO NOT CONSENT” to something upon this planet and in our world affairs that simply IS NOT RIGHT.
We can show our own poll of the real voices of this planet.



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