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Anticipation has gradually faded to the background. It does not diminish hope and vision however it creates and nurtures more of an environment of the here and now.

Multi-dimensionality is where we communicate, co-operate and commune with the fabrics of reality. A magnetic-tician knows this as home. The records, all data, telepathic communication and application of gnosis finds its way home in only this moment.

Linear thinking is a particular mental program and it serves to a certain extent. That extent is when we are able to observe from a point of neutrality and truly understand what it is. Our choices and direction then expand with this acquired gnosis.

It is essential to understand the existence of duality in the same way. Linear time is just one facet. The multitude of layers within the matrix of linearity is an art requiring experiential experience and deeper inner knowing as we go.

We only arrive at points of thriving choices after we have created enough spaciousness, neutrality to observe and recognize that external reality is not who we are. It is a difficult journey in the throws of intentional enslavement and mind manipulation.

I have come to a place in creating a new hypothesis. This hypothesis is that the entire “mental apparatus” has been trashed. It is occurring to my inner soul that not only has the mind been programmed but the carrier of the mind was also a manipulated device to serve that very purpose.

Of late my attention has been in observing the intelligence of the physical body. In my exploration I Am recognizing that this body intelligence is way more brilliant than the “mental apparatus” could ever wish to achieve. As a result, I Am deliberately putting this mind thang to the side to test out the sacred waters with its absence. So far it seems to be a more suitable environment while I sort out the continuing koans of life.

If we go on the premise of our DNA be-ing experimented with and manipulated it would only seem that the idea of an entire implant of a “mental apparatus” would be likely. An implant of this nature would seem a necessary act so that there is a transitor/receiver for the programmed energetics. It’s a device of central streaming so-to-speak.

As I experiment with my own hypothesis of putting what seems to be this device aside I Am only turned towards the intelligence of my bio-organism, the body. She hasn’t been nearly acknowledged for the brilliance that is truly here within her. No, if anything, she is the one that has been dumbed down and ignored. Yet, this body is the “central portal” for the spiritual brilliance we seek to remember. It is not the brain mind.

Now the brain does house many necessary acts of neurological functioning for the body. But imagine for one moment there is an isolated and designated area within this wonderful organism, such as an implant, that allows the majority of body functions to continue but also has a finely designed trail into her core to be controlled. In mechanical, technological thinking this should be very doable. Why Not?

All we need to do is observe the science and technology presently in front of us and this kind of intelligence would be a “no brainer”…no pun intended.

However, simultaneously we are highly designed spiritual/soulful be-ings. There is a unique spark within each of us that just doesn’t quit. This unique spark seems to be the entire reasoning for any purpose of an implant. This spark contains all our intelligence and knowing. However, the popular consensual belief is that if we were to truly nurture and immerse with this spark we tower over any interference of nonsensical programming. Popular belief is that this is what the enslavement program at its very basic core is all about. Yes, as dumbed down humons we are very good slaves and serve the obvious power hungry cabal. But deep below they know, we know, that we are a brilliant, brilliant design that is remembering. Remembering is their greatest fear.

It is not easy to peel this goobliagok away and continue to seek from within because the very nature of the “mental apparatus” is to block that very posture. Yet each of us has random experiences and “ah ha” moments enough so to sense there is absolutely more to life than we live and then we die. There is a search for meaning.

This perpetual flame never goes out. Thus the journey of self reflection and deeper awareness of who we are.

“Focus” has been an ongoing stream of contemplation throughout my lifetime. I knew early on that with very serious focus anything could occur. Well, what is the manipulated environment that we have? One that is full of distractions and challenges our very focus every moment of our day and nights. Even after we remove ourselves from the external distractions we then need to face the internalized distractions before we can feel somewhat clear. Yes the process has been multi-layered, well designed and seriously implemented.

But something is changing on the planet and in all kinds of ways people are waking up. They may not necessarily be ready to digest the likes of this writing but they are asking all the questions that can lead them to this very conversation. Knowing who we are is not rocket science. It’s focus, trust, self love and divine choices. There is a path of peeling all the debri away. The choice is all-ways the individual and requires a very responsible act of self empowerment.

No easy way through here. No short cuts, pills or body transplants. It is spirit. Spirit is you and you have the power to change the entire planet.

In my experimentation with focus via meditation, call it what you will, it takes a keen, observing inner eye to sort out spirit from trash. We become our own virus detector. We sift thru piles of foreign data to delete and clean the inner generator. We ask infinite amount of questions and we listen to the gentle, loving voice from within who is truly ourselves. In the end I begin to see that the “mental apparatus”, its actual housing, is becoming more and more identifiable. I can see where the electrical impulses are coming from that versus the electrical impulses that are coming from this intelligent body. It’s as though I can see the robotics versus the organic genesis that we are. It does appear at times like I’m observing 2 very separate be-ings…and why would that not be so?

So here’s is where I Am going. Once we observe the robotic presence via the “mental apparatus” we then become our own controllers. The physical body intelligence using the brain as it is designed to do can usurp control over this implant. This is precisely why the implanters are so afraid of us knowing who we are because we are so much greater than they can imagine.

There are many reasons and capabilities about us that have attracted a clan of thefts. And it is sad as well  because the thief’s want something that we have. They see our ability to be expansive, evolve, perform magic, travel and connect multi-dimensionally not because of science or great theories but because we are simply and greatly divine spiritual be-ings. When they couldn’t harvest our inner spark, divine genetics, they decided to manipulate us enough so to enslave our be-ings to produce for them. Like robots they programmed us to produce whatever they needed from us like good slaves.

The sad truth for them is we are evolving and surpassing their knowledge. The “mental apparatus” has become obsolete and it is crashing. Essentially they have lost control of their own program and we are watching a very gruesome meltdown of not us but them.

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