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I reside in an area where crystals, water and electromagnetics are strong and they speak to me. I consistently call in alignment and awareness of all my relations. The elementals, animals, all earth life are present. I inquire.

I Am conversing telepathically with a nearby area named magnetic springs. I Am reminded that the earth’s magnetism draws the essence and elements of the sun down upon her and into our core be-ing where another sun exists. The manipulation of the polarities by the powers that were have deliberately influenced our attention to go outwards. This is in direct contradiction of how natural law really works.

I asked about the secret societies and hidden knowledge over the eons of existence on this planet. Magnetic shares with me that small clusters of be-ings came together to share the experience of “focus”. They knew the earth and all relations would communicate but they had to be focused to participate in the exchange. Rituals, ceremony and even superstitious acts emerged only because the mind was seeking practices that would enhance the focus. These rituals eventually were written and then later misinterpreted as the actual power of the art of communication. Because there were experiences that randomly occurred around the practices they were associated with the the occurrence of conversation. This was a falsity and later to believe what was hidden as the truth and source of knowledge.

The escapade upon the planet that is looking for all documents and lost or hidden knowledge is just that, the search for ceremonial magic. That is not the covenant that provides the relations in which true knowledge and communication with Source is gained. Thus the call to turn inward where true origins and remembrance of all that is exists.

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Two Books are now ready for purchase.

“Diary of A Blue Be-ing”  Part One, A multi-dimensional, rhythmic, poetic, cosmic collection of excerpts portraying an intimate exploration of self unraveling as a Divine Spiritual Be-ing within a Divine Earthly Suit.  – Available for purchase here:

“Shamanic Improvisation” A body of work developed over the past 35 years sharing guidance and prompts in “The Art of Be-ing In The Moment” and “Going Between The Worlds”.

Shamanic Improvisation is sensing and feeling, moving and sounding with each and every subtle energy. Through the quieting of within we learn to hear and feel the impulses of our inner dance.

I gently guide you and create a safe environment for you to uncover your Shamanic Dancer-Sounder-Spoken Word Self.

As the journey unfolds you learn about the alchemist within, the be-ing inside of you who transforms and makes necessary changes.

This alchemical magic occurs while dancing “Between the Worlds.

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