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Source Me

Par for the course, I awaken yet again into a world of noise. I call out for silence so I may once again renew my presence in your love.

As I observe the surrounding material world and all the creations once from spirit, I recognize, at first, the dullness of its sounds. Only upon the silence of my own self do I begin to recognize, remember that this creation, first and foremost, arrived from a spark of divine into what now is observed as a material item, event or circumstance.

All life shows me that it is to be read and experienced to the likes of our past sacred scriptures, ancient texts and purified records. The words are meaningless. The transmission is what I hold as valuable. The words are after the divine spark inspired the marks upon paper or digits through computers. The origin of inspiration is what Source ignited. It is this essence, this energetic transmission we so seek in our reading of the words.

As I look around me and observe the many items of creation I see that they too are in similar relations. The artifacts, crafts of art, paintings, devices, etc. are null and void in their material stance and placement in the world. Yet the original spark of divine preceded their very existence.

When I place my gaze upon any one of these artifacts my mind wants to assess, apply value and compare. This is of the material world, the mental mind that is driven by ego. But in truth if there is no sense or reception of transmission there is no continuing engagement with Source, the original spark that brought forth the creation.

After a while as one begins to recognize that what is of upmost value is the experience of creation and not what has been created. There is a diminishing desire to see it in the material view. The external artifacts reveal their greater impermanence and only the mind makes up the story or attachment to that item. However, when one’s gaze upon such things sparks the divine within and yet another new revelation is gained then there Source is experienced once again.

So do I look upon the art with comments of beauty, detail and image? Or do I comment on the divine experience that this artifact has uncovered in me? Here lies the difference in experiencing a material world either through the mind with its many assessments or the heart that is reflecting the original spark, albeit, a transmission, an energetic exchange with Nowness.

As I have nurtured and cultivated Source alive and well and present within me the material world has collapsed in all the realms from which it was created. The artifacts, recognizable conversations, organizations, systems of madness, foods, perfumes and even earth herself fall away. Upon the slightest shift of consciousness and experiencing of divine spark within all of these stated items is revealed to have the potential to offer the delight and love wisdom of Source. It is this very switch of consciousness that allows heaven upon earth. It is the very non-switch of this experience, remaining in mind-mental viewing that fuels the world of pain and suffering.

Take some moments of self reflection and observe from which perspective are you living in this very moment. Is the mind running the program of “over thought” observing, reviewing, chewing on thought and in the grand finali determination of an end result, the conclusion to your inner madness? There is a distinct difference here. It’s as distinct as knowing about Source and actually experiencing and be-ing in the love of Source.

I view this particular writing as my interpretation of any sacred scripture yet I write for these times, these modern days of activity. I Am offering yet another translation and description of what I believe is the very essence and kernels of truth in our ancient records. Of course, I speak to those segments of the records that were not skewed and those segments of the records that could not be hidden to any one of us who knew from which perspective to receive.

There is a distinct difference between a mind filled with esoteric, spiritual concepts and the actual experience of Source Be Known. This has always been the pointer and the one that is said to be the path of least travelled.

What might that path travelled look like in this day and age? Items, artifacts, works of art, great presentations, technology, brilliant ideas…they all remain the same. Creation is creation but once completed it is an added item to the material realm. These added items have seduced our “mental apparatus” to accept and apply value to them. So much so that we have forgotten the value generated from within, the recognition of the original spark to an outer material system, albeit, one of slavery, pain and suffering.

However, there are a fortunate few that divinely experience these items from their inner knowing. The item reveals itself as a “pointer” and thus we have “ah ha’s” and “epiphanies” moments of God/Goddess experiences. This can occur via a work of art or the viewing of a technological advancement. The trap is only the perspective from which you have relations with this item. Thus, the popular understanding that source is everywhere. This knowing is from within. This is not a knowing from without. Knowings from without become a collection of mental concepts, values that we have applied to the item. This is why beauty can be revealed one day from a certain item and be gone the next. This is why pain and suffering may occur one day within a relationship and be gone the next. Because the eternal flame is only consistent when viewing from the perspective of Source, from within.

In my understanding of seeking truths from sacred texts the message to go within is steady. There are no short cuts, no one can do it for you and yes it is a free will choice. Nothing within our pre-destined culture of dis-information is nurturing the path of divine sparking…Nothing! Therefore, if the spark is not lit within you to know more, understand who you are and why life is the way it is then there is no exit. The message has been there for eons. Either find the divine spark within, learn to live from that lit source or continue in the maze of confusion and duality. The message has all-ways been that simple.

There are many of us who have awakened to this path return to Source. No one ever said it was easy yet no one is endorsing that this is the greater way. The structures and organizations that promote a journey of self realization have their own convoludedness and material attachments that blur the path as much as the skewed scriptures we have been offered. Essentially, we are now on our own. It is time for each and everyone of us to do your own research.

When the world falls out because the material perspective simply doesn’t fulfill where will we turn? Our lives can turn upside down and for good reason. Withdrawal from the material realms is a broad shattering of a mis-guided in-culturation. There are no rescue stations set up for those who decide to get clean. Every conceivable fear will emerge for yet another courageous act of “do not consent”.

This writing is for those who have chosen the path of divine spark of Source. It’s an offering of thought and study for identifying the turns and bumps that do occur along the way. I in no way am offering a design as this is an individual self-imposed program. Yet there are similarities and truths that can be shared as we go more deeply into Source. Namely, the episodes of withdrawal from a material world.

This writing started with an experience that I was having this very morning. It was a very familiar experience that has re-occurred most of my life. The difference is that my deeper cultivation of Source has prompted developing and changing perspectives.

I often refer to my daily experiences of life in the material world as “Falling Away”. The  “falling away” is that things that had meaning to me before no longer do. This has been a tough passageway for me. The tendency is to be self critical and sometimes even fearful that I might be bordering depression, apathy or a death wish. It took me many years to reconcile that this, indeed, was not true. Upon acceptance of my experience I was able to go deeper.

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