After the “I Do Not Consent” Declaration Imagine Your Own Creation Myth

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After the “I Do Not Consent” Declaration Imagine Your Own Creation Myth, Prepare For Transition here on earth and perhaps every realm thereafter:

I was up in the wee hours with a bright full moon and nature all around me. Recently I had received the pointer to “condition consciousness”. I decided to meditate upon this concept determined to experience the knowing within of how to embrace this very intriguing idea. The portals made themselves known and the Creation of a New Myth revealed itself.

Of late, as seen in some prior writings and ones yet unpublished, I have been going more deeply into the understanding of Death. It has unfolded within me that perhaps I/We came here specifically to die, that is, to die consciously. This subject came up for me as I was researching within myself what is it I can do to facilitate my own death experience, transition into yet another realm and a realm of my highest dream. I had been made aware that this reality of deception may go much further than we know, as in, the portal of death to new life. As I started to explore I returned my attention to ancient scriptures to note any kernels of truth buried between the skewed lines that would incite my memory of these realms.

I had been holding the intention for some time now that I wanted to remember my origins and note where we were detoured and distracted to follow a path of forgetfullness. Everything in me knew to allow conscious understanding of how to apply clean, clear free will. I needed to understand where either I just awakened to this reality of free will or where I began to experience the veil. Be-earth was a good place to start when we entered this world so purely but abruptly faced a reality that challenged our very essence.

As I started to call in info and data regarding this quest I turned my attention to people of origins, aborigines, ancestors alongside the truths I could un-cover via ancient texts. I readily came to the concept of myth and knew that creation myths emerged out of civilizations giving meaning to life on this planet. Myth also provided direction and some sense of morals and spiritual principles. Then it occurred to me that I intended to create my own myth as a way to define how I would like to transition from this realm or any realm for that matter into the next. I needed a myth that I could consciously carry through a conscious death.

This awareness and creation of my own myth revealed that I was, in a way, creating heaven on earth in this here and now. And by this very creation I altered my reality and knowing that this may very well be an experience of conscious dying.

All my past exploration of death started to make more sense. The entire material world just completely fell away and then I was in a void. It was this void that reminded me of pre-be-earth, pre-manifestation. Then I was able to imagine what and where did I want to be be-earthed into. In essence I was revisiting the be-earth transition to understand the death transition, the place between the worlds maybe even bardo as we know it?!

From here I have given more thought to creating my own myth knowing many a culture spawn from a shared creation myth. We have, as a species, made many attempts at understanding life on earth and who we are and as a result creation myths have emerged. What follows is then shared affinities to how we live life as an individual and a community. This often includes an understanding of morals, principles and on and on.

I think it is safe to say that most people are not content with the myth of the material world. Many a voice has expressed new and innovative ways to live more harmoniously together, perhaps, more like our ancestors and indigenous relations. These lines of thoughts incite me in exploring how to create my own myth. If, in fact, a creation myth shapes a community and maybe the entire world it would certainly be in our interest to re-examine how to be-earth a new one.

The intention of this exploration has its roots in me wanting to have a more empowered choice in where I go upon physical death and the death in this here and now of exiting the material world. If indeed we are co-creators of our reality and there is an extensive amount of physical and subtle pointers that multiple dimensional realities exist it would seem identifying our myth would potently find its way into form or creation. And if enough of us were sharing a similar myth, such as the one of a New Earth, then I would venture to guess these affinities would lead us to each other.

These are contemplations I Am having with me and now sharing with you. I continually seek life out of the box and intend that my ingenuity and brilliance is continually lit from “Source Un-in-terre-rupted”.

In light of all that we know from all that we have experienced and self reflected upon what creation myth would you choose to live by in this moment and the next?

I associate my experience of “voidness” with the awaiting in Source until I have a clear intention of what new myth I want to be re-born into if I choose a re-born at all.

But more importantly while I Am here now I sense this new myth creation may be synonymous with “heaven on earth”. Once exiting the material world and then residing in the “void” I ponder all the consciousness and quantum field available to me knowing I do affect the fabric of reality so how might that be be-earthed?!

May we start this storyline together with an opening sentence like this….We resided in Source fully aware of our individuated consciousness….an urge to enter form and reflect this consciousness prompted our journey into entering a form, a bio-organic suit….as the prompt moved towards form creation a spark of light got lit and we were now gifted the experience of conception….we happily travelled with mysterious help fully aware of ourself getting ready to now exist in yet another new reality….(your turn….continue the myth creation….) What story would you love to exist in and originated from? What new myth could we create now while still on this glorious planet of magic and love and perhaps “heaven on earth”? I trust we know way more than we are giving ourselves space to remember!

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