What If A “Macro” Perspective Was Intended To Be Divisive?

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What If A “Macro” Perspective Was Intended To Be Divisive?:

I recently explored this concept and perspective on a recent “Get Lit” Broadcast:

As you may know, if you have been following my writings and you can do so here, https://bluestardeerwomon.wordpress.com/ I totally love to think “out-of-the-box”. I like to challenge beliefs and set ideas that may possibly be daunting our imagination and genius to come forth.

As I explore and share my thoughts with you it is to invite you to turn over these stones with me and simply try on a different hat and see where it takes you. I have no claim nor expected outcome of your journey but I trust thinking in new ways can open very personal and social portals of new visioning.

In light of what is happening in our planetary culture, as in, truths be-ing revealed, deception be-ing made known and everything under scrutiny and re-examination, it occurred to me to examine the accepted yet unchallenged  concept or “belief” that a “macro” perspective serves humonity. In my exploration I Am seriously looking at the undercurrents of such a “mythical stance”. Perhaps, “macro” viewing is another form of social conditioning and entrapment?!

Just as we are re-examining the enslavement via our words and language we are just as invited to re-examine the “mores” “taboos” and “cultural customs” of our times. We have many social patterns that we have accepted without question or exploration. These times have clearly ended. It is no longer an option to assume “we are or will be taken care of”. It doesn’t take much viewing and listening to alternative news to recognize our civil rights are dwindling before our very eyes and that we now are blatantly confronted with a lawless, non-abiding government for the people. From here I proceed.

When I view how we as the varied cultures that we are reach for creative solutions it seems we return to very simple ways of living similar to how indigenous cultures, our ancestors have lived for eons. We come back home so-to-speak or “act locally and think globally”. We revisit our roots of survival and all at once we are home and embracing resources that are readily available and gathered effortlessly. Community becomes important as it stands for what is personal, in our “Now” lives and provides the basic needs of water, food, shelter and fire. This undeniable fact has a deep impact of where we are going and where we are choosing to “inform our future”.

An accepted strategy and emphasis of commerce, religious perspective, new age spirituality, etc. has been to “think bigger” and hold a world view. In essence there is value to this but at the same time I kinda smell a rat…no offense to the rat but the expression works well here.

I come to this “sense” with direct relations to what I have un-covered in my own personal and “spiritual” journey. When I have been discouraged and appalled by life’s inequality and -out-of-balance condition my antedote has been to turn inward and find creative solutions. In this respect I choose to get “small” in a way, reduce my outer focus and go to the voice within. There I find refuge and peace and a calm that enhances my ability to once again turn my vision to the outer world…at least for certain amounts of time throughout my day. This practice alerts me to an inner “way” that seems to serve. As a result I question the validity of the “outer focus” and thus the “macro” perspective.

I have witnessed many a humon’s response to world affairs as an experience of “overwhelm”. We seem to have adopted the “belief” that if we can’t change the entire world we cannot succeed. The consequence of this belief has led us to muster up strength over and over to take on the big jobs, big tasks of conquering the “demons” and changing the world. As many a warrior knows we get exhausted from this approach and often knocked down long enough to lick our wounds and rise again…unless we decide to pause long enough to know this approach doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

An option for us courageous ones who didn’t enter the pit of despair or the false security of complacency and comfort eventually have turned our attention to what we can do in our immediate life and environment. unfortunately, alongside this choice we have kept a keen eye on our very small impact upon a very large world. Something inside continues to gnaw at our efforts and challenge our confidence in whether we truly are making any difference at all. But we pump up none-the-less and forge ahead never really giving ourselves time enough to grieve at what really is in our gut – that maybe this is just a waste of time. This is another reason I Am challenging the “macro” view.

I proceed in this writing with the vast understanding and knowledge that the “powers that were” have quite an impressive control over the people. Research and experiments have been endless in understanding our emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and psychic needs for the sheer purpose of better controlling us. This data is old news at this time. Our every aspect of life has been infiltrated with propaganda, media mind fucking, religious deception and on and on. So why wouldn’t we examine every concept and “mythical” implication that is upon this planet?!  Now I introduce my examination and thoughts about a “macro” perspective. Who created it? Why was it created? And to what purpose does it serve the “powers that were”? Because everything upon this planet is in service to the “powers that were”. It is our call to understand the motivation and manipulation so we can be empowered and truly get clear of how we may proceed. (Note: I use the term “powers that were” to insinuate and intend their diminishing control. Granted we are still feeling the repercussions of their misdeeds but in consciousness and awareness there is a diminishing return.)

When wanting to solve a problem we use an approach of “breaking it down” so we can isolate the contributing parts and assess their value. Then we rebuild an improved and new solution. Our attention has been on the “WORLD” problems for quite some time. There is nothing in our world culture that is supporting our “breaking it down” and inciting a re-design. Every direction we turn we have been denied access. In the meantime, the way I see it, the major populace has been abandoned in a sea of confusion with eyes wide open but only upon the “out there” the “macro” condition. I do not see the relevance or advancement under these conditions.

The “powers that were” are moving towards this illusory concept of a NWO (New World Order) essentially a one world global government. This is an outrageous plan and it is deliberately debilitating the value of small, local, sustainable and resourceful living from our immediate environments.

In response there is a concerted effort to start embellishing our local communities. We have questioned how can we provide for ourselves in a sustainable way. We are asking the hard questions.

What and how do we live without imports? Where will fuel come from? What happens to the obnoxious trucking industry that is polluting all nations?  But I digress…back on point.

Is it possible that our attention be-ing turned towards a “macro” view of how do we repair the world is a deliberate and overwhelming tactic? Is it possible that this has been used as a divisive tool to perpetuate our separateness and thus keep us in confusion. Confusion keeps us vulnerable and distracted…a perfect control device.

If we return our focus to our indigenous cultures, our ancestors their success was “LOCAL”. Eventually, yes, we started to venture out, barter and gather from others things we didn’t have in our immediate homeland. But this was a happening before “exploitation”. Let’s just remember the pristine and life giving nature of those days of our “origins”.

When we use the expression “return to the earth” we are returning to those ways of culture and survival of our ancestors and indigenous families. We embrace the remembrance of how to be self sustaining and manageable within our own communities. We are no longer “dependent” on this great, outside view of a world we need to conquer and make ourselves a part of it. However, we do know in spirit that we are connected. We also know the value and reverence of the earth that we thrive upon is absolutely due our respect and care of her. And why? Because she provides.

“Macro” viewing, in my humble opinion (IMHO) is absolutely demanding deep re-examination. I Am not suggesting we eliminate compassion and love for our greater world. I Am suggesting that we abandon the “macro” view and tend to our “micro” business which I feel is synonymous with our “micro inner be-ing”.

Where I go with this is to then re-examine all of our business activities, our aims and focus of how we are thinking in this way and perhaps overextending ourselves. I see this overextension on all levels, spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and psychically. This overextension of continually addressing life thru the lenses of “macro perspectifying” is exhausting, debilitating and lacking genuine efficiency on all levels of our be-ingness. It is also extremely impersonal.

I suggest more consideration for what is personal, here now, right under our noses. I also hold a strong sense that as we remedy our “Now” moment and environment it does ripple through the consciousness of the planet. The “micro” for me represents our inner Source and here is where our imbalance needs attention.

So imagine for a moment how the world would change, how this new creation myth would evolve. In a sense we would reclaim local governance, sovereignty within our communities and perhaps smaller slabs of countries. We would know the greater world exists but we wouldn’t be in anyone’s business unless invited and good relations established. Independence. Interdependence…eventually. For now, all eyes on self and the each other beside you. We’ll return to greater world after we get our own selves in balance.

Return to the concept of “problem solving”. We break it down, reassess and then redesign with improvements. We do the same for our individual selves. Break our own selves down, simplify, eliminate “macro” illusion and distraction and be with what is, right now and get personal. Continue to love the world and all humonity but save the asses that you live beside first and then united we may empower all people.

Thankyou for taking the time to read. Remember I Am not professing any stagnate theory or podium preaching authority. I Am in this just as much as you. If only one sentence helps you to have a new thought, consider another option, bust out of yet another imprisoning belief and box well then congratulate you, yourself. I write because this is what I do.

I write these last words because I hold a truth deer in my heart. I wish for all of us to be able to read one another’s thoughts, truths, listen to one another’s words and experience one another’s sensations without having to hold a judgmental stance, or even having to express an opinion or argumentative response. I want to create a nurturing and supportive environment for everyone to take risks, express themselves and hold a safe and nonjudgmental space for each other. I promote diversity via these understandings. Divisiveness was implanted, still is, as a way to keep us separated. We so need each other in these times, all times. Please take to heart what inspires and breathe and let go of what does not serve you. We are not alone. Explore within yourself what will end this separation and what will unite us again as the gentle, loving people that we are. I love you, Deerly!

Blue Star Deerwomon

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