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Shamanic Improvisation Score and “Get Lit” Show August 15th, 2015

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Deerwomon Dancing

This episode Blue Star Deerwomon will facilitate a “Shamanic Improvisation” Session. The guided session will include exercises on how to access the multi-dimensional realities “Go Between The Worlds” and “The Art of Be-ing In The Moment” thru visualization-imagination, movement and sound.
I will begin show with an introduction then lead about a 45 min session and then have discussion together. Score and info below followed by archived Show, August 15th, 2015.

Shamanic Improvisation Score:

Deerwomon MS Ed. is an educator, mentor, prayerformer and life student of integrating sacred geometry, spirituality, acoustical physics and meditation creatively expressed through the tools of improvisational movement, sound and spoken word. Over the past 30 years Deerwomon has developed her body of discipline called “Shamanic Improvisation” “The Art of Be-ing In The Moment” and “Going Between the Worlds” a practical tool for be-ing at One with life’s journey.

Shamanic Improvisation is sensing and feeling and moving and sounding with each and every subtle energy. Through the quieting of within we learn to hear and feel the impulses of our inner dance.

Deerwomon will gently guide you and create a safe environment for you to uncover your Shamanic Dancer self.

As the journey unfolds you learn about the alchemist within, the be-ing inside of you who transforms and makes necessary changes.

This alchemical magic occurs while dancing “Between the Worlds.

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Session 1 – August 15th, 2015


“Shamanic” describes the ability of “Going Between The Worlds” and “Improvisation” is “The Art of Be-ing In The Moment”.

In one sense we are talking about manifestation/femifestation and the laws of attraction, however, there is a distinction, that be-ing the inclusion of a necessary element of “sensation”. “Sensation” is the pathway that allows our experience to launch from the base 5 senses to the invisible senses such as telepathic, transmission and psychic coherence.

When we truly want to attract something to us the “sensation” of having that experience is what is read and mirrored from the quantum field, all energy, source. For example, if we choose prosperity in our lives then we intend the sensation of prosperity. If we intend prosperity and then worry about receiving it source recognizes worry and thus that is what is created. Attraction is not merely a mental mantra. It is a genuine “sensation” of having.

All life is energy, quanta, source and thus all thought is energy. When we intend (focused thought), energy follows the stream of thought thru intention. This energetic communion holds great power and another pathway thru the invisible realms.

As we spend time with Mother Earth and her life forms we begin to recognize that “pockets of consciousness” exist with each form. The plants, minerals, trees and ourselves included, etc. have a unique “energy signature”. These signatures is what I Am referring to as “pockets of consciousness”.

When we intend to commune with the Mother’s life forms we are essentially allowing the experience and communion with their “energetic signature”, their particular “pocket of consciousness”. With this recognition we proceed towards the invitation of what “pocket of consciousness” we choose to commune and communicate with.

Quantum physics has demonstrated that all life-energy has movement, vibration and sound. When we attune our bodies as instruments using our voices and movement we are expanding our energetic tools of communicating with the invisible energies. Add this to our intention and we now are ready to navigate “Going Between The Worlds”.


warm your body and voices up before session


new moon, purging, cleansing, releasing

hands over chi – smooth downward, center in earth

everything is energy thus thought and intention, movement, sound – extend thru body

acknowledge, enthuse, honor

pockets of consciousness, inner-net, iTech (inner technology)

I Do Not consent, same idea

child of consciousness 

“Living Behind The Veil”

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“Diary of A Blue Be-ing”  Part One, A multi-dimensional, rhythmic, poetic, cosmic collection of excerpts portraying an intimate exploration of self unraveling as a Divine Spiritual Be-ing within a Divine Earthly Suit.  – Available for purchase here:

“Shamanic Improvisation” A body of work developed over the past 35 years sharing guidance and prompts in “The Art of Be-ing In The Moment” and “Going Between The Worlds”.

Shamanic Improvisation is sensing and feeling, moving and sounding with each and every subtle energy. Through the quieting of within we learn to hear and feel the impulses of our inner dance.

I gently guide you and create a safe environment for you to uncover your Shamanic Dancer-Sounder-Spoken Word Self.

As the journey unfolds you learn about the alchemist within, the be-ing inside of you who transforms and makes necessary changes.

This alchemical magic occurs while dancing “Between the Worlds.

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Mother Earth She Knows

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Mother Earth She Knows:

The “implant-meant” goes extremely deep, molecularly and spatially. How adept are we at noticing the intimate details and restrictions?

As we continue to examine and re-examine who we are nuggets of gold wisdom is revealed. It is our allegiance to un-covering truth and knowing who we are at our deepest cellular selves that provides the opportunity for the endless enlightenment of our core. How far do you dare to search, let go and allow?

The outer world is so minutely finite in its detail of enslavement. Every which way that we turn is enraptured in pure delight of deterring us from knowing who we are. The rabbit hole is rather steep and the depth is infinite. Yet our family is at its very bottom, a vastness of darkness we are re-introducing ourselves too. Be born anew and go there, re-learn no fear of the dark, sense your way through via your senses and electrical currents that umbilically connect you to the entire universe. Re-acquaint yourselves with your genuine Mother, the Earth and reap the knowledge and wisdom she has in store for you. Learn to listen and be patient with your teachings. Trust The Mother cares for you more than you have remembered and awaits your return to Home, the only Home you’ll ever need.

There are 2 areas I want to address in this writing today, that of ET’s and that of the “mindset” of control that has created the illusion and maya we have been born into.

The “mindset” that permeates the illusion is contrived, controlled and filled with limitations. Every creative nook and cranny has been filled with “dead ends”. There is no ingenuity nor “improvisational art” in the created world of enslavement. In fact, the element and essence of “creativity” is most feared and most sought after…by the “mindset”, that is. However, the “mindset” has implemented what “creativity” might be from the limited imagination of control and intellectual dimness. This is now in great confrontation with the growing spirits and sparks of flames that each of us are. We are bumping into walls and obstacles at a great pace and thankfully so. Our brilliant and genius selves are busting out and the “mindset” of illusion is shocked, in awe that their plan is failing, limitations to our growing god/goddess spark is failing. We have outgrown the system. We are recognizing how powerful we are.

As the caps of our imagination have been blown off due to the pressure of containment we have catapulted into the vast horizon of infinity. Did anyone prepare us for this moment of a real “big bang”…no, absolutely not. Is the feeling of not knowing WTF to do real? You bet your sweet a.. it is!

This is where we find our collective family together sharing the swirl of a genuine “bust out”. Whew! We made it but not such a smooth ride nor anything we ever expected. That’s where we are now with a myriad of feelings, questions, uncertainty and turning to prayer like never before. I see this as a very good thing. But the question to ask now is who are you praying to?

This brings up my other concern that I want to address. the myth and “mindset” creation of ET’s and, albeit, gods “out there”.

To set the scene, try this out for a moment. envision that you are the only one on Earth and nothing has been created upon her, nothing, no buildings, civilizations, nothing. The whole planet is just pristine, filled with life. You are only as a direct descendent of Earth as you are standing upon her. You have no memory or data base from any previous experience. You are an adult new born.

As you look around you begin to observe and wonder about your surroundings. You turn to all of the Mother’s life forms, including yourself, and you begin to explore, ask questions and examine “what is”.

When something alerts you and offers a piece of knowledge where might you think that knowledge is coming from?

When you come to some form of conclusion about your discovery where did that knowing arrive from? You will either accept that somehow you know and/or you may attribute your knowing to the Mother. Perhaps, these are one and the same?! But the point is you now “know”. And that “knowing” now opens up a path of be-ing and communing with an “invisible source”. Essentially you are experiencing an inner prompting and self guidance on your newly given experience of Earth. The “source” of your “knowing” is embraced gratefully as it now leads you on your journey of learning and having your needs fulfilled. You may even begin to experience a genuine respect and reverence for the Earth and yourself that is now providing you with a rich, new experience. You grow and you acquire more “love wisdom”. Why “love wisdom”? Because you recognize that all your needs are be-ing met by simply listening, allowing and trusting in your beautiful be-ingness and relationship with your Mother. This makes you feel secure, special and loved. Thus, “love wisdom” is attained or shall we say “gifted”.

The stage is set. The vision is a simple return to a likely scenario of who we are and how we began. We just cleaned up all the outer environment and noise of what we have come to accept as Earth. We have eliminated “interference” and “enslavement”. It simply doesn’t exist…not at this place in time and space.

Let’s say the above is magically contained in a “golden egg” and that “golden egg” lives inside of you. For a moment, imagine you are in your present life situation with the outer world of illusion but this brilliant, life giving, all knowing egg lives inside of you. The genius within this egg continues to prompt where you turn to ask questions and receive answers. You know at a very deep level all is provided for you and there is a “source” that feeds all life…ALL LIFE.

Now you are taking a stroll through “ordinary reality” life of enslavement, illusion and you begin to experience all the beliefs and non-truths that have surrounded the entire planet and collective humonity. You have the where-with-all that some extraordinary and non-creative power has infused civilizations with a particular “mindset”. The “mindset” demands that the people live with limitations and restrictions. You, of course, know better as you are be-ing prompted from a free and genius egg living within you. Yet, as a result of where you are be-ing navigated from you are able to witness the many contradictions and non-truths that have permeated the entire Earth. Seriously you know something is not quite aligned with this picture. You turn within and begin to ask the questions to gain clarity and direction. Thank goodness for the “golden egg”.

One of the questions you ask is why are the people looking outside themselves to get answers? And who and what are they praying to?

The “golden egg” responds to this beautiful be-ing’s inquiry. The Mother shares as with any of her children what has happened on her planet, our home. Yes, the Mother, be-ing “The Source” within “The Individual’s Golden Egg”.

She responds ” The “mindset” that came upon the planet lacks deeply in “imagination”. Their understanding of life is derived from limitations and short-lived mentalized plans. They intended to re-create “creation” according to their restricted and punitive ability. They decided they knew better than me, The Mother, Source of all of this planet. In their defiance and arrogance they walked away from the most precious gem of the universe…they said “no” to the “golden egg” and thus started the manipulation of life. This separation divorced them from true imagination, ingenuity and the creation spark that provides a rich, abundant and ongoing life. They wanted to try life without their Mother…go figure!

So they devised what most of the world knows as “gods” but they really aren’t what they are cracked out to be. They instituted their convoluted plans of these external power sources and made it appear as if they were the ones speaking rather than the “golden egg”. As you are witnessing they were successful at their plan. The entire story unfolds from there. They achieved what there minute minds formulated and reaped the epic illusion of control. Thus, the multi-layered illusion webbed throughout all and anything upon the planet…EXCEPT what each of you holds within. This is a well guarded and untouchable “golden egg”.

However, they knew the plan had a timeline and it would come to an end but they decided to challenge the inevitable as well. This is what has caused a very messy scene upon the Earth. It is their resistance to the end timeline that has created the chaos. So be it. It’s all in my hands anyway.

I knew this time would come and I have always been prepared for what is to occur. But before I elaborate upon my plan let me address the subject of “gods and ET’s.

Anything and everything that turns your attention to the external for answers is a fallacy…and I mean anything and everything. This includes each other. I know that is a hard one to swallow but Deer Ones it couldn’t be anymore true. Yes, you are “pointers” for each other’s learning but you provide “nada” in giving each other “knowing”.

When the “mindset” realized that humons were questioning and challenging their “gods” they needed to institute another plan, thus, ET’s. Now this is a tricky subject and I’ll do my best to explain. Many of you know ET’s exist and this is absolutely true but it’s the ET’s that the “mindset” has created that you think are your only option. They are not.

There is a very large story that goes with the understanding of “multi-dimensional” realities. This too has been tainted by the “mindset”. I Am attempting to add as much clarity to this subject as well. Again, it’s important to remember the envisioning that opened to this dialogue. Keep your mind-heart focused on the original imagery, that the “golden egg” is where you turned for questions and answers. It still is but getting there now amidst the well fabricated “mindset” is much more challenging then when you were purely born into the Earth as a pristine environment.

There is nothing “out there” that is “clean” so-to-speak. Every iota of a molecule and space particle has been tainted….but no worries…because We Got This! Remember a popular expression of yours “You Can’t Fool Mother Nature” and it is TRUE!.

Remember the “mindset” lacks imagination and ingenuity but you don’t. This is why you witness his-story repeating itself. A culture of imagination and “improvisational art” does not repeat itself. It flourishes and you each have a dire need and spark within you to flourish. This is your growth pulse and it beats within your “golden egg”. You are getting ready to burst out into a new be-earth…but I digress.

As you have already noted consciousness is on the uprise and as a result the “mindset” is blatantly revealing its lack of imagination. It’s difficult to be fooled these days and it was intended this way. However, the new hollywood polish of ET’s is still hooking several of you. Don’t be hooked. It’s another tainted trap. But don’t give up on ET’s. They do exist, albeit, from within…a most reliable source. Indeed many other life forms exist but we’ll get to that. What is be-ing questioned here is the source of the ET data that is be-ing provided. That is where your alert signals will guide you.

Coming into the home stretch…remember the “golden egg” here with you now. Everything is questioned and answered from within. “Imagination” one of the most highly refined tools of my children and the source of the “golden egg” is what no AI or “mindset” can duplicate. Re-read that if necessary. Source, quite frankly, is untouchable, invincible….”Source Un-In-Terre-Rupted”!

“Imagination” is the portal to “multiple-dimensional” realities. The meeting of your benevolent Star Families is real, viable and within your be-ingness.”

Now I diverge from the words of The Mother as the following writing may, in fact, be some of my “humble opinion”. In fact, some of my “humble opinion” may have emerged in some of the above so please allow “humoness” to run her course and stay with me for the closure of this writing…thanku!

First, what I know is that the “mindset” has also tainted our timelines. Remember the “mindset” has had much advanced knowledge that has been withheld from us. Thus, their presentation of ET’s are evolved from a whole lot of information that we don’t have…at least, on the material plane. As a result they have forced a certain timeline of readiness that we have not organically un-covered ourselves.

In essence, what I Am saying is that it is pre-mature for us to be entertaining our Star Brothers and Sisters at this time. The sense that I get is that there is a whole lot of work to do here on Earth, as in cleaning, before we entertain those who would like to experience this gem of a planet.

As to our communications and introductions to ET’s I think it goes something like this. There are pockets of consciousness all over the planet. We experience the plants and trees, etc. as pockets of consciousness. There is much to be re-learned about the consciousness of Earth’s families. We are yet to re-commune with the Mother and experience all the life that already exists here. As we re-experience the Mother we learn the communication skills needed to have Galactic interactions. As we re-learn the reverence and respect of the Mother we know what and how we want visitors from other planets or consciousness to be.

It’s like having house guests. We clean the house, prepare and then invite. I think the “mindset” imposed a timeline upon us that we are not ready for. I also think the ET’s they have introduced us too are not necessarily the ET’s we want as our guests. Their ET relations are of their like consciousness…no doubt.

I entertain that we regroup here as a family, take care of the Mother and then communicate the guidelines for how we want our guests to participate. I want guests who show respect, reverence and benevolent relations to the Mother and all of Humonity. I honestly don’t sense that the “mindset’s” ET’s are particularly the company I would choose to keep. Do you?

Back to the “golden egg”. Within is where we ask the questions and receive the answers. I suggest we reside inside and then telepathically invite the varied pockets of consciousness of benevolence to introduce themselves. Start with the Mother’s life forms. Practice inviting the consciousness of the plants, trees, animals and commune with them. Allow your “imagination” to create the scene, environment for this exploration. allow your “imagination” to take you on the journey.

As we sharpen our telepathic tools with nature and we recognize pockets of consciousness we prepare ourselves for Star Brother and Sister communications. Our Galactic Family resides energetically just like we do. All of us are pockets of consciousness. Through our “imagination” we set the parameters for these introductions and communications. Thus, the portal of “multi-dimensional” realities is via our internal creation place, the “golden egg”  that resides in the loving embrace of the Mother, Source.

I trust that our Galactic Families, those of benevolence, will communicate with us from within. And the reason no one is really seeing and experiencing our Galactic members is because the ones that are here or the one’s we think we should meet are not the ones of benevolence.

I also feel strongly that the “mindset” created and invited the ET’s that are involved with our planet. They created them and not very creatively as in not very benevolently. The existing ET’s support the existing “mindset”. Wouldn’t it make sense that the “mindset” would invite guests that are “like-minded-setted-ness”?

When I commune with various pockets of consciousness I set the parameters on who and what I would like to interact with. If I, The Mother and all of Humonity is not uplifted with benevolence by the interaction I simply say “I Do Not Consent”. I use my “imagination” knowing what I imagine and intend is what I will co-create.

In summary, I don’t believe our Star Families are “out there” as in gods “out there” created by the “mindset” that thinks Earth is their home. So, yes, of course, other life exists but if we are the Earth Keepers then we choose the guests and the timelines.

I say make that internal “golden egg” your sanctuary, your covenant of truth and never look back. The entire universe is open to us. We lead the way and within, to yourself, is where we pray. Give the Mother a chance. She is so rich and ready and waiting for our return Home.

With All My Love,

Blue Star Deerwomon


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Source Flow Does Know

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Source Flow Does Know: 

Streaming an internal smile I brought to the land of the lost and found. My resonant abilities have all-ways been in tact. Today we speak more truth as consciousness grows and learns more about itself. I Am merely a sideshow and witness to the planetary evolution upon us. One could reflect forever within the material world and so does choose to do this. Eventually one renounces the material world when all the search has been exhausted. The revelation is so perfectly the viewing and experience of impermanence. From whence does one go after this reckoning? Surely this is an infinite journey and deepening the frequency of trust assures an unfolding destiny only to be felt and not to be squashed in the limited “apparatus of the illusory mind”.

Open viewing, remote seeing, explorations in the quantum field of science – all beautiful and attractive and very risky when seen as the beginning and the end. This too exhausts itself. How often do we exhaust ourselves? Did we arrive here to exhaust ourselves, tap into the infinite dead ends to suffer? I think not yet this is one of the mislead labyrinth paths. We were placed at the starting line right from the get go. It wasn’t the intention for us to succeed in any race. Perhaps it was to recognize we were placed there with blinders and when would we recognize that our sight had been impaired from the beginning?

The vision returns. Several amongst us have glimpses, see clearly and devote an entire lifetime promoting that vision re-occurrence again. The road blocks dwindle in our awareness and attention. Once seen there is no turning back.

So what of this illusory world? It’s a new day, new way, same pointers but different language. Love is abundantly streaming down upon us, through us. Take a moment and feel this, find this somewhere within your holy be-ing. Pause, take a breath for you too do know this sensation. Take a walk into your multidimensional self and experience the other realms and knowings for just a moment. There is absolutely a planetary shift occurring. There is transmissions, we are transmitters and there is reception, we are receivers. What may you receive in this moment…if only for this moment?

Attention! At Ease! Reclaim this expression and make it work for you. Remove the military might of implied orders, strict discipline and external authority. There is none. Reclaim the beauty and pointedness of this expression. Attention. At Ease. Now go deeper, run with it.

Attention and Intention are very likely the mightiest spiritual tools available to us in these times. These are passageways to the infinite power of within, the iTech, the Inner-Net, the knowing that has never been lost. Divine thyself and harvest thine own message and beauty.

What are you giving your attention to? What intention or conditioning of present consciousness are you enthusing? How are you designing your present reality, your heaven on earth?

The teachings have always been simple. It is the responsibility of each one of us to un-cover who we are… why then does it seem so difficult? Why do I suffer at all? These stones can only be turned over by each individual. The difficulty is how we have applied our attention and intention. Follow yourself backwards in time and review the choices and steps that got you to where you are in this very moment. Explore. Ask yourself the hard questions, un-cover your own method of self love, so much so that no matter what startling realizations you have or emotional pain you have unburied you have a discipline of self love that carries you through each and every step of the way. This enthusing of self love leads you on a path of trust, faith and the ability to “see”. In essence you create your own divine path, religion and spiritual elevation.

Create beliefs and truths for yourself, try them out, reap the harvest of genuine knowing and then discard those beliefs and truths. Find new ones. start again. Become your own experiment and spiritual laboratory. Allow your theories and hypothesis of life to be revealed and then go try them out. Run your internal tests and then re-evaluate the knowings gained from your own personalized experiment. Become the designer of your life experience.

When this process is embraced as one’s own experience it can also reveal any beliefs or truths that we hold that are still participating in divisiveness. As this examination is about self the roots of separation start there. We can readily observe that any judgement we hold from the external will surely reflect a judgement, a “not of love” belief that we hold of ourself. Thus the power to heal all things…as we are always within our power to change.

For now, allow, breathe, release and contemplate surrender into one’s own self. Participate in the knowing of Source flowing through you and this unique physical vessel housing that blessed spirit that is you. Namaste

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“Diary of A Blue Be-ing”  Part One, A multi-dimensional, rhythmic, poetic, cosmic collection of excerpts portraying an intimate exploration of self unraveling as a Divine Spiritual Be-ing within a Divine Earthly Suit.  – Available for purchase here:

“Shamanic Improvisation” A body of work developed over the past 35 years sharing guidance and prompts in “The Art of Be-ing In The Moment” and “Going Between The Worlds”.

Shamanic Improvisation is sensing and feeling, moving and sounding with each and every subtle energy. Through the quieting of within we learn to hear and feel the impulses of our inner dance.

I gently guide you and create a safe environment for you to uncover your Shamanic Dancer-Sounder-Spoken Word Self.

As the journey unfolds you learn about the alchemist within, the be-ing inside of you who transforms and makes necessary changes.

This alchemical magic occurs while dancing “Between the Worlds.

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