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Source Flow Does Know: 

Streaming an internal smile I brought to the land of the lost and found. My resonant abilities have all-ways been in tact. Today we speak more truth as consciousness grows and learns more about itself. I Am merely a sideshow and witness to the planetary evolution upon us. One could reflect forever within the material world and so does choose to do this. Eventually one renounces the material world when all the search has been exhausted. The revelation is so perfectly the viewing and experience of impermanence. From whence does one go after this reckoning? Surely this is an infinite journey and deepening the frequency of trust assures an unfolding destiny only to be felt and not to be squashed in the limited “apparatus of the illusory mind”.

Open viewing, remote seeing, explorations in the quantum field of science – all beautiful and attractive and very risky when seen as the beginning and the end. This too exhausts itself. How often do we exhaust ourselves? Did we arrive here to exhaust ourselves, tap into the infinite dead ends to suffer? I think not yet this is one of the mislead labyrinth paths. We were placed at the starting line right from the get go. It wasn’t the intention for us to succeed in any race. Perhaps it was to recognize we were placed there with blinders and when would we recognize that our sight had been impaired from the beginning?

The vision returns. Several amongst us have glimpses, see clearly and devote an entire lifetime promoting that vision re-occurrence again. The road blocks dwindle in our awareness and attention. Once seen there is no turning back.

So what of this illusory world? It’s a new day, new way, same pointers but different language. Love is abundantly streaming down upon us, through us. Take a moment and feel this, find this somewhere within your holy be-ing. Pause, take a breath for you too do know this sensation. Take a walk into your multidimensional self and experience the other realms and knowings for just a moment. There is absolutely a planetary shift occurring. There is transmissions, we are transmitters and there is reception, we are receivers. What may you receive in this moment…if only for this moment?

Attention! At Ease! Reclaim this expression and make it work for you. Remove the military might of implied orders, strict discipline and external authority. There is none. Reclaim the beauty and pointedness of this expression. Attention. At Ease. Now go deeper, run with it.

Attention and Intention are very likely the mightiest spiritual tools available to us in these times. These are passageways to the infinite power of within, the iTech, the Inner-Net, the knowing that has never been lost. Divine thyself and harvest thine own message and beauty.

What are you giving your attention to? What intention or conditioning of present consciousness are you enthusing? How are you designing your present reality, your heaven on earth?

The teachings have always been simple. It is the responsibility of each one of us to un-cover who we are… why then does it seem so difficult? Why do I suffer at all? These stones can only be turned over by each individual. The difficulty is how we have applied our attention and intention. Follow yourself backwards in time and review the choices and steps that got you to where you are in this very moment. Explore. Ask yourself the hard questions, un-cover your own method of self love, so much so that no matter what startling realizations you have or emotional pain you have unburied you have a discipline of self love that carries you through each and every step of the way. This enthusing of self love leads you on a path of trust, faith and the ability to “see”. In essence you create your own divine path, religion and spiritual elevation.

Create beliefs and truths for yourself, try them out, reap the harvest of genuine knowing and then discard those beliefs and truths. Find new ones. start again. Become your own experiment and spiritual laboratory. Allow your theories and hypothesis of life to be revealed and then go try them out. Run your internal tests and then re-evaluate the knowings gained from your own personalized experiment. Become the designer of your life experience.

When this process is embraced as one’s own experience it can also reveal any beliefs or truths that we hold that are still participating in divisiveness. As this examination is about self the roots of separation start there. We can readily observe that any judgement we hold from the external will surely reflect a judgement, a “not of love” belief that we hold of ourself. Thus the power to heal all things…as we are always within our power to change.

For now, allow, breathe, release and contemplate surrender into one’s own self. Participate in the knowing of Source flowing through you and this unique physical vessel housing that blessed spirit that is you. Namaste

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