Be Nothing Do Nothing

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Be Nothing Do Nothing

Be Nothing Do Nothing. There is no identity here.

When the illusion pervades my be-ingness I readily identify with the grasping, desire, wanting of something “out there”. It’s an experience of trickery but can only be one’s self playing the trick.

I know it is time for surrender, to remember there is a safe harbor within. Each time it seems so recklessly far away yet I know this peace has never gone anywhere…just the little “me” has gone astray.

All that calls for “falling away” is endless when viewing “out there”. Upon returning home within, the “out there” no longer exists. I now become “nothingness” floating freely yet observing I still have residence upon the planet. This brings me peace over and over again. The koan is how to exist within this “nothingess”.

I turn away from the illusion, the self created virtual reality and all that is within and surrounds me lightens up. There is a deep stillness and my knowing breathes the moments so graciously offered. My mind no longer wanders nor asks continual questions of what now, where to go and who to be. I Am in perfect release all unto myself. “Me” falls away and, once again, I have no identity.


One thought on “Be Nothing Do Nothing

    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    October 15, 2015 at 2:20 pm

    Yes, the eternal koan… I like how you speak from that place of ‘nowhere to go’ and yet you express the ‘dis-ease’ of that part of us that is also in the ‘gotta do’ place. And so we dance…

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