Living Behind The Veil – No One Ever Said This Was Going To Be Easy

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Living Behind The Veil – No One Ever Said This Was Going To Be Easy

When one vows to dedicate their lives to truth and knows in the depth of themselves a divine relationship is with Source, your I Am, a whole new way of life is presented. It is a divine understanding when you pronounce this dedication that now you are, in fact, prepared and self responsible for every iota of your experience. Your life is enthused by “Living Behind The Veil”.

The ego is forever in check with your choice of self awareness. Questions and answers are no longer existing outside one’s self. The gentle, quiet voice within is your sole (soul) guide. The question now resides more in how well do you trust this voice and how well do you abide by the very nature of the direction offered?!

“Living Behind The Veil” is one of the most spiritual warrior choices that can be made in the face of the trickery and illusion that surrounds us. The built up, man-made ego is destined to die a thousand deaths. Courage couldn’t be more emphasized. Life truly “falls away” as we have known it and the journey of uncertainty and “mysterioso” can only take its place. This endeavor can cause quite the quandaries, however, this is where the deepest teachings arise. Do we dare to go there and do we truly understand the comittment  of a dedicated life of “I Am”?

Having one foot in illusion and one foot in the life of “I Am” is very devastating on a multitude of levels. It becomes an ongoingness of scrambling to survive. Yet, once vowed, and with “I Am” perspective we now have the where-with-all to recognize every feat as a pointer to peace and comfort and benevolent love. This focus, no matter how brilliant, blissful or challenging, becomes the direct route home to thyself over and over again. It’s an unfailing path.

It is true, when it is shared, that there is nothing “out there” that will bring your own salvation. However, “out there” continues to exist as a playing field, a place to explore. All exploration comes back home to your inner reflection. The questions asked now, as a “devotee of thyself” is what truth have you gained by your journey into the “playing field” this time?  The truths are not you have built better self esteem, acquired a new wealth, gained a new relationship, offered another J.O.B…..No! The truths gained are have you been empowered in your view as a “devotee of thyself”, is your self trust deepened, are you able to sustain enough spaciousness from the “playing field” to actually have a giggle and laugh out loud? Do you love yourself more? Do you truly understand what loving yourself more means?

The “playing field” takes on a virtual reality of sorts. It appears as make believe when you, as a “devotee of thyself” recognize the reality of home within and the fabricated reality of outside. There is a distinct difference but it will never be known through the eyes of the outside seeing. Here lies the greatest challenge of all.

The mental analyzing self will never get you there. Accepting a religious or philosophical dogma or ritualistic practice will never get you there. Although it may prepare you to recognize the threshold.

The path of the “devotee of thyself” has only a new frontier of self knowing that reveals this divine life. There is no prescription but the devoted vow you choose and then allow to unfold.

No One Ever Said This Was Going To Be Easy. We are confronting the self created ego over and over again. Going down the rabbit hole is inevitable. There is no one stop attainment. It is ongoing, an evolutionary process. Thus, the devotion is intense and no one determines the value but you.

Surrender to this divine path is usually after we have crashed hard and know our solutions are not out there. Self reflection in its most devoted nature is where things begin to no longer add up and we are ignited to look within for where to go, how to heal and how to experience the benevolence that this existence offers us.

In the meantime, we go out into the “playing field” hoping yet again that pleasure, balance and love will be found. Although these things can be experienced we begin to note the temporariness of them and wonder “Why do they come and go”? The real authenticity to this question is to ask “Why do I come and go”?

“Devotee to thyself” is a full time commitment. One foot in and one foot out simply doesn’t do it.

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