Walking On Thin Air

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Walking On Thin Air

Observer Self, Be Here Now! I truly ask for the presence of observing, view of the greater picture, a scope from the eagle’s perspective.

The weightiness seems as though it is in density form felt throughout my body. That’s usually my first cue to pay attention. I give in to the sensation and simply sit my butt down. I listen.

I identify with this weightiness as a true request to go nowhere, do nothing and observe “what is”. Breathing is all I can note. Density begins to lighten. I’ve started my sojourn “walking on thin air”.

The query begins and then it comes to a quick stop. I’m reminded that this is not the moment for questions. Reside longer in the listening, drop more and “walk on thin air” for a longer duration. I consent.


Awareness is spiritualizing my body. I Am once again reminded that as I self reflect and as I gain more understanding of “I Am” my body needs integration time. Simply sitting quietly I experience re-calibration happening. An inner fire is purifying and releasing all that is no longer needed, that is “not of love”. I acquiesce.


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