How To Change Consciousness and Why Change It?

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How To Change Consciousness and Why Change It?

After today’s “Get Lit” broadcast on the theme of Education and Law I wanted to go further with a thought I had offered during the Live Broadcast.

Consciousness is what creates our world. The world doesn’t create our consciousness, We Do.

If consciousness is created by the beliefs that we hold then it seems evident that we would examine our beliefs and choose wisely what we want to believe in so we can in fact shape the world as we choose it.

If a belief is anything that we decide is true then it seems the actual content or facts presented to us are essentially irrelevant. Whatever we decide as individuals is true then it is so. In this regard it really is not relevant if it is based upon fact, research, evidence or anything for that matter. Basically we can and do make it up. Most of the time we make up our beliefs and truths based upon our personal experiences. Again it comes back to this personal place of POWER that we are determining what truths we want to hold.

So with that be-ing said let’s go directly to our heart space. The consensus of the people is a desire for peace, freedom, equality and creative expression. We know in our hearts there are more that resonate with this than not.

So let’s play a consciousness game. If the reality is we are making up our beliefs and truths and we want the consciousness to reflect our heartful spaces then let’s make up new consciousness ideas that reflect that. We don’t need any facts, research or evidence to prove anything because as stated above we make it up anyway.

This immediately removes us from any surrounding scenarios that someone else is making up that doesn’t coincide with our shared heartful consciousness. We just set ourselves free from accepting anyone else’s truths that simply don’t resonate with us. We don’t have to look at the evidence, believe in the evidence or prove it right or wrong. Simply Walk Away and play with those who like to play heartful games.

Why would we do this? Because the masses say we want to change the consciousness on the planet. But the masses also think we have to play by the existing rules created by beliefs and truths we don’t resonate with. We want to play our own game.

Well if consciousness changes simply by adopting a belief or truth and we already know nothing has to be proven then let’s make up a heartful consciousess story that changes the world because we say so.

Here’s some scenario ideas. Let’s start with the Social Networking Platforms. Let’s make  new Headlines that represent our vision of a heartful world. Remember it doesn’t matter whether it is true or not because that is not how consciousness was created to begin with. Someones made up the truths and beliefs of the old world. We went along for the ride. But later we found out that we weren’t given all the rules of the game and suspected that there was cheating going on. In our heartful world there is no cheating because there is no reason to cheat. A heartful world offers equality, abundant resources for everyone and so on.

Scenario: Imagine that we begin to create our own news…present it like a journalist would and even make up the references but the theme is a heartful world. Just imagine for a moment if we flooded the market with New World News that told our story!!!! Talk about a good, honest rally!!!!

Instead of “Breaking News” and because we would be very selective in our New World News language it might be something like this: “Connected Dream Announcement Coming Directly To You Via Source” On Tuesday of this following week everyone is going to receive the new arrival of “Changewear”. That’s right! We finally have completed the new, organic skin wrap suit that one size fits all. Go to your local community gathering spot and the deliveries will be available by 2pm.

Scenario: The recently announced Magrav unit via Keshe Institute is real and energized and now has arrived in every country. Within the next 2-3 weeks international travel will be available to everyone. The terminals are cleared and updated for efficiency. However because of the excitement of this really cool ass thing be aware there may be a little waiting time in the ship terminals. But everyone will be fed and made comfortable until on board. Bon Voyage coming to you soon!

This is really fun. The point is if we flood our viewing spaces long enough with the world we imagine… according to the law of physics and metaphysical-source creation we would shift what we want to believe in to a place of changing consciousness and thus the world. It’s The Law Y’all! This is how it works and we can do this!

I invite submissions posted as soon as possible. We’ll learn from each other and get really good at this.

And thus why I recently posted the Yes Men’s Awesome Hoax and Heartful “Special Edition of The New York Times”:


One thought on “How To Change Consciousness and Why Change It?

    New Earth Paradigm said:
    October 18, 2015 at 7:34 am

    So very true. As I was reading this message, I was thinking of this “Special Edition of the NY Times” that I had just seen on FB. This is the role of our collective consciousness that has heretofore been seeded by the Cabal to be used against us. We can take back our power by unifying our consciousness for the new reality we envision for peace and prosperity for all. The Keshe presentation and releases worldwide are a focal point for us to unite and rally around. We can do this!

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