Discrimination and Concept Relative To “Neutrality”

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Discrimination and Concept Relative To “Neutrality”

I read in the Buddhist Bible by Goddard a teaching on the topic of “Discrimination”. My interpretation of this is when we identify anything outside or inside ourselves as a concept and we attach ourselves to it. Then it is in the category of “Discrimination”. The teaching goes on to explain that whatever we experience via the 5 senses is an illusion. That what we are inviting into our experience is the “natural mind” that does not “Discriminate” and therefore remains in a “neutral zone”. Therefore the practice becomes one of continual death to conceptualizing, perceiving and responding as if the “illusion” is permanent. The true freedom from birth, death, illusion is the ability to exist knowing it is an “illusion”.

This idea/teaching has entered the mainstream of acquired “information” and not necessarily “knowledge wisdom”. In this writing I Am after the “knowledge wisdom”.

As the teachings unfold the message is this has nothing to do with self denial, escape or suppression. There is a genuine nugget of truth and portal to be released of suffering and struggle. However, it is an ongoing practice and self cultivation of the “neutral mind” that is behind everything, that sees through the illusion and basically makes contact with our immortal selves.

I Am exploring what this may look like in our every day activities of participating in what is referred to as “illusion”. When I was introduced to the concept of “Discrimination” I translated it as be-ing an alert moment that we were re-entering the illusion I had to pause and go more deeply into this understanding. So I watched myself more closely to see just where “Discrimination” begins and ends.

Further, there is reference to philosophizing, theorizing, elaborating on ideas, etc. as an absorption in “Discrimination”. This means to me that our very nature to understand and then conceptualize our understandings within the illusion is actually not a beneficial art. In fact, it appears to be a distraction from the very nature of “neutral zone” that is be-ing inferred. This is not to say that we cannot engage in both and hold a “neutral zone” but one must ask why even do so? It seems at some point this is asking to no longer emerge if, in fact, we are seeking the nourishment of truth and freedom from struggle and suffering.

I’ve had similar awarenesses over the years and at those times I simply thought this is imposterous as how would I function in this world, albeit, illusion? I tried to live in both worlds but the tug to survive and address struggle and suffering would unceasingly reveal its ugly head. I sensed all along this was not going to be both. I had to choose. For years I reflected on my each approaching moment of this choice. Each step of the way the illusion faded and I experienced more isolation and not fitting in. Thus, this became the next exploration of my existence of not fitting in and going into more deeply the questions such as “Who Am I” and “Why Am I Even Here”?

After many years of releasing whatever was creating fear or resistance to this path I had to make peace with solitude, the great alone and simply not fitting in, as in, no longer participating in the illusion…to the best of my ability at each moment.

Most aware people have come to similar conclusions. As a result we have created the ideas of living off the land, exiting the grid, becoming self sustainable and basically avoiding the matrix to the best of our ability. In the course of this choice we have met with needing money and resources, etc. that demanded we either re-enter the matrix or do without. The “doing without” is a painful process. Thus, we turn to teachings such as the above so we can be relieved of the pain and struggle. But this is no ordinary feat nor easy. It’s a deep letting go and surrender to what is and what happens when we no longer conceptualize nor discriminate the next moment. We just “be”. Easier said than done.

This brings us to the ever repeating conclusion that in order to be released of pain and struggle we need to “let go”. Not very many of us have arrived at the depth of “let go” that is needed to exist peacefully. And when we come together with all good intention it is this depth or lack of depth that reveals itself in our coming together. The internalized pain, suffering, matrix is still be-ing spit out. No wonder our visions of elsewhere, new ways and new lives isn’t quite working just yet. We just aren’t clean enough, as a group, to embrace and live this.

This conclusion catapults us back to the illusions we still hold or are still enslaved by. These teachings suggest a whole new way of life that is not conceivable because it was intended that way “non-conceivable”. And there we are, here we are still attempting to “conceive” of this new life. We can’t. Thus the word “Discrimination”.

As we sit in meditation, self reflection there are acute moments of when a thought is beginning to emerge. The practice of “Discrimination” suggests “hold right there” don’t allow the thought to emerge. When we allow emergence of the thought we have entered “Discrimination”. Of course, if you allow the thought you do have the option of observing yourself doing it while maintaining “neutral zone”. The teachings suggest that this occurs while still in studies of it. Eventually one would no longer choose the arrival of it. One would choose to reside in the “neutral zone” and now experience life that has no relativity to the haunting illusion or matrix that has full control over our every existent moment….at least, the ones we give it.

Perhaps our shared vision of new life is more focused upon rehabilitation, spitting out the venom and getting clean like a good ayhuasca journey?! I tend to steer clear of even conceptualizing remedies because it only can come from the old, archaic reality we have been entrained in. There aren’t very many of us who envision anything of a new vision that doesn’t hold some thread or memory of the old. That’s why everything seems to appear as if we have a moment of “That’s It” and no sooner do we take a breath and that fades away too. The answers will never be revealed from what is dissolving. And the dissolving needs to be complete before the new can be revealed. IMHO there is much more “crash and die” to happen before we arise as our authentic selves. Conscious Dying as is suggested in these teachings seems a good and perhaps very private, solo choice for these “transitioning times”. This takes great courage and no one is going to travel this path with you. You are absolutely on your own until you know differently and “on your own” is no longer in your vocabulary nor do you “Conceptualize or Discriminate” as the thought, quite frankly, never emerges…by choice.

And,yes, I Am asking the same question of myself “Why Am I even writing this expression of “Discrimination and Conceptualization”?! When do I sincerely and fully “exit” so-to-speak?!

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