All About Neutrality

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All About Neutrality

In reference to this article:

If “attention” is the pivotal point of whether we enthuse or feed the matrix then we are be-ing invited to be looking closely at where we project ourselves. It seems “feeding” the matrix can be either positive or negative. The “feeding” occurs either way. Neutrality proposes a very interesting “antedote”.

Let’s go down the “rabbit hole” of “neutrality”. Giving attention seems to be identified by a “re-action” as in, we either like it or not, wrong it or right it, one is bad, one is good. Thus, we make choices. Either way we feed the matrix. Thus if we are still feeding the matrix by one or the other it is perpetuating its agenda.

When I examine “neutrality” I’ve come across a few insights. First, I Am embracing that I Am spirit walking. When nothing around me calls forth an assessment or value I sense an essence within me. I don’t give it meaning or compare it to any theory that may support me. I simply feel what I Am calling spirit.

Then I ask myself “Am I giving my attention to the matrix when I seek a simple comfort such as warmth”? The answer I receive from myself is if it is a re-action then the answer is yes. If it is an action it is spirit within this physical form that recognizes the body requires warmth. In the instance of re-action the message would be more of I Am cold and thus reach for warmth. I would be identifying the polarity to reach a resolve. However, in action, I simply hear the need of the body and serve it warmth. Same would be true of hunger, thirst and rest.

Neutrality or rather spirit embraces the humon suit as having needs not because of lack or scarcity but simply because it is the nature of the physical organism. Comfort has an affinity with body and vice versa. Spirit has affinity with invisible energies, source or creation and vice versa. When one is comfortably residing with spirit and is in the “neutrality” of each moment it seems we now enter a very spacious experience of the “unknown”. The “neutrality” has cultivated an absence of matrix. Thus, all falls away except sense of spirit and physical organism. In this moment spirit impulses my next moment and on and on from there.

It seems that I cannot have a plan if planning comes out of the substance of the matrix and in fact I Am choosing to no longer feed it, give it my attention. Planning is a mental activity that has been susceptible to control. But then how do we proceed? Spirit will guide the process in the very moment the task or next survival need arises. If we plan we are entering options and concepts and comparing one choice to another rather than be-ing fully present, trusting spirit and allowing the unfoldment of need fulfilled and thus an action taken to assist.

Attention is a projection of self. Examining all that we attend to seems to be a necessary personal calling. I would think that even when we hash and re-hash things in our mind regarding the perplexities of the matrix and seeking solutions to the problems we are still “giving it our attention”. Don’t ya think?

We have much un-feeding to do and it ultimately leads us to this place of “neutrality” where a whole lot of spaciousness appears. That is the place of real challenge – how well can we be in the spacious “un-known”?! How well can we be with our own spirit no longer labeling ourself nor anything for that matter?!

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