Spirit Is Guiding This Body

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Spirit Is Guiding This Body

Spirit is what I give attention to. It has called me all my life. I exist with Spirit as my navigator. This life is only in the Now.

I have experienced an old world that no longer exists. If at any moment I identify what is of the old Spirit reminds me it is Not. As long as my attention stays with Spirit I can only arrive at new moments. If I drift into old ways it is only because I lost sight and attention to the Now. It is of no matter or significance that old ways still “appear”. What matters is that what “appears” is Now only enthused and lived from Spirt.

As I give over completely to my own self, Spirit as navigator, I Am shown a new world of my own Spirit affinities. Spirit only asks that I stay close to within and trust the great unfolding mystery. Spirit will never steer me wrong as wrong does not exist. If I venture into the old world, old ways in even an instance I have lost my way again to an old world.

The old world does not exist when living in the Now, driven by Spirit. Appearances may seem familiar but they are Not. The content and substance of the Now is the most innovative moment of your life. Nothing can compare to the genius of Now nor the creative existence of Now. All glorious thoughts, emergence and brilliance is at its peak performance when in the Now. No new idea or premeditated solution can top the Now. A premeditated solution is outdated the moment of its pursued creation. Not only is it outdated but it enters an old world of be-ing vulnerable to encapsulation and linear entrapment.

Do Not feed the old ways by divorcing yourself in any given moment from the here and Now. Trust your Spirit within and allow your new world to emerge and provide and offer a thriving existence. One of my favorite sayings throughout most of my existence has been and still is “When All Life Is Improvisational I’ll Know I Have Arrived”!

When prosperity and a laughing moment occur remind yourself this is of Spirit through the new world, the new moment. No credibility of continuing in your new world is ever again attributed to the old world. You receive an old world paycheck or so it “appears” that way. It is not of the old world. It is of Spirit in this Now recognizing your affinities and needs of this Now. It is not the old ways bending to your present moment. It is Spirit providing for you with whatever is needed to do this very act.

This is the recognition of “illusions”. Although our gifts and thriving be-ingness “appears” to come out of what seems familiar it is Not. When we acknowledge that Spirit is what truly lies behind each unfolding moment then Spirit is what is within each occurrence. The “appearance” may be recognizable but the interior substance is of Spirit and Not of old world. Contemplate this for a moment.

Get behind your own self and observe what you attribute to what you see and experience. Give attention to your own Spirit living on the land, accept that occurrences “may” appear familiar but give Spirit your full acknowledgement for what is and Not to an archaic old world way of be-ing. In other words, yes, existence within this dualistic environment may be where we are still interacting and as a result we have discarded all items. However, it is not the old items that need to be discarded it is the intent that those items are filled with. Most items of old world are filled with intent of dualistic nature. Now re-see each and every item as filled with intent of Spirit, your Spirit and your affinities of Spirit. Thus making this present existence understandable and prosperous according to your terms, your Spirit existence.

The paycheck, the new car, the basket of organic fruit, even the food stamp voucher are No longer a result of accepting an old system that provided it. It is No longer identified in that way yet it appears as though it is of the old. The attention and recognition goes to your very Spirit knowing and providing for what you need. We have exhibited this gratefulness in sparse and random moments. For example, we receive one of the above and we pause for a moment and declare thanks to what? Something out there or the system somehow fulfilled your desire. No!

Cultivate that something “in here” recognized your need and fulfilled it. Your Spirit has affinities that unfold from the mysterioso, un-known, source and  thus what we need does arrive. Thank Spirit!  But the new idea is we still recognize the earthly creations coming to us but of new interior substance, beauty and connectedness to our Spirit journey. Stay close to Spirt and trust in all your needs be-ing taken care of. Let go of pre-planning and recognize all that comes from that cognitive gyration is already archaic by the time it arrives in manifestation. The Now is untouchable, invincible, genius and authentic when we allow Spirit to navigate.

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