Spirit Sees The Great illusion

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Spirit Sees The Great illusion

Spirit Sees The Great illusion for exactly what it is…Nada! Bravo Great Spirit!

In the meantime, Spirit awaits our inward attention with much patience and knowing that eventually we’ll “show up”. After asking enough questions, dying in enough battles, crying our brains out we do end up in the arms of Spirit…even if we have to repeat this for some length of time….no worries. The “exit” is there whenever we are ready….thank goodness!

In the face of controversy and yet another falling out with friends, groups and beliefs that we really wanted to hold on to the inevitable happens…we go on. Some of us reflect upon these crossroads and gain insight or at worst another group, friends, beliefs to hold on to for yet another sequence of repetitive events. It’s the watching of things coming and going that finally tips us off to the the fact that maybe we need to ask different or deeper questions about our self and life in general.

At some point, hopefully, we hit rock bottom and just “know” there is something more to life than be born, experience strife and temporary pleasure and then die…surely?!

The “carrot” is now in place. The search begins and the many “rabbit holes” start to emerge. But, Oh Wait, this is JUST the beginning. Dang! Why does it have to be so hard?

That was the pre-fab of our shared never-ending fairytale and the beginning of how to “exit”.

A good study of “duality” is certainly a must on this journey. And exploring what authentic emotional and spiritual maturity may be is a topic of study ALL the way. Mentoring yourself is your only teacher. Designing your “discipline” of action is the most responsible curriculum. This is a path of “Self Study” and you design the program all the way. You wanted to be “free” right?! Then exercise freedom in your course choices. You will always be the subject of study, every iota of your be-ing is asking for personal research, evaluation, discrimination, discernment and without self love you can forget about the whole plan. You’ll go no-where without self love. Talk about a huge class load! You guessed it…the study is actually infinitely long but no worries…as the carrot is infinite existence. At some point along the way that does usually provide comfort but it may take awhile. Don’t be discouraged though because the way through is “you” no matter how many times you try and think that you have failed you will always return here, back to “you”. So have a go at it as many times as you like. You decide the independent course work, schedule, attention, etc. You’re the “One” and You’re “The Only One”. But hey, this education is “free”!

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