“Memory Complexes” Pre-Fab Traps

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“Memory Complexes” Pre-Fab Traps

“Memory Complexes” are created from “Separatist” existence. They are pockets of data stored in the pre-fab packages of what is named “past” and “future” all of which are part of an illusionary pattern of linearity. Thus, this is why there is the separatist experience of be-ing able to “time travel” into a “past” or “future”. They are simply “memory complexes” created from pre-fabricated creation.

Be-ing present is a natural cleanse or cleaner of “memory complexes”. Be-ing here NOW absent of regurgitating from a past or future memory complex re-establishes the pure flow of Spirit. The more one can be in this flow the more one is cultivating “exit” from a pre-fab reality such as the identifiable illusion of separatism.

“Memory Complexes” exist in the astral realms and are the contributing forces of induced enslavement design. Once the mind is no longer seeking to rehash or operate from a past or future perspective it returns to a pure state, the pure mind where Spirit flows “un-in-terre-rupted”.

All the mathematics, physics, sciences, astrology, astronomy derives from Source. There is an infinite, organized and perfect calibration that resides all in and of itself. We embody this organic perfection and brilliant organized existence.

Some wizards throughout the times, thinking they could be gods and outsmart Source observed and re-instituted these categories of science, perfection of existence and thus created “separatism”. The “separatism” was a stepped down version of Source, thus The Grand Illusion. As a result everything was pulled apart, de-fragmented and re-assembled according to a stepped down version of Source. Humonity then became indoctrinated and influenced in turning our attention to the “false gods” and the true god within, Spirit, became ignored, dis-acknowledged and nearly forgotten.

However, this cluster of wizards couldn’t keep up with Source’s evolutionary nature which, of course, would eventually  BUST through nature’s creations, that be-ing Earth and Us. The wizards were always only one mere step ahead of the game and they started to “slip up”, falter on outsmarting the one’s who always knew something didn’t line up.

One of the major controlling hooks has been the “Memory Complexes”. We were led to believe that understanding ourselves was not to be had in the present moments. We were led to go fishing for enlightenment in our past and future. We were diverted from what really “Sources” us…this moment.

This moment is our “exit”. The AI (artificial intelligence) has full control over “Memory Complexes” but it doesn’t have any control over this immaculate flow of Spirit in this here and now.

We have the invitation to cleanse and clear ourselves and regain our sovereignty when we stay close to home, Spirit of Now. Whenever we ruminate upon past experiences and lose ourselves in hopefulness of the future we have separated from the fresh and nurturing flow of Spirit in this moment. This is the one step behind that the Wizards cannot encapsulate. Now is the rule changer of the game and the rule that has been most hidden.

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One thought on ““Memory Complexes” Pre-Fab Traps

    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    December 7, 2015 at 11:28 pm

    Yes, this the the true “North Star” we can calibrate ourselves to: “this immaculate flow of Spirit in this here and now”.

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