“Universal Law”

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“Universal Law”

As we recognize that Source has a perfection of order we recognize a “Universal Law” exists. As we recognize that our Spirit is of Source then we recognize we too are of “Universal Law”.

As we give more and more attention to Spirit within we begin to have a very special, intuitive knowing that there is an inner barometer that indicates when we are and are not in alignment with Source Spirit. This barometer is in perfect alignment with Source as we are “that”. Thus, there is a perfection and order that is always present to us if we choose to give it our attention.

In our every day affairs the prominent message and pointer is to be present in our Spirit selves and trust our gut, intuitive knowings. Yet the quandary is still present of how do we resolve our Spirit saying one thing and the outer world of separatism says another. This quandary is the indicator that something is out of balance, not in alignment with Source, Universal Law.

Spirit is who we are and the only navigator of truth. Follow Spirit and truth is revealed.

How does alignment with Universal Law bring justice to our existence? If Universal Law is in perfection then the numbers always add up. If we are in alignment with Universal Source then we all add up. Common Sense of “neutral mind”.

The experience of “confusion” on any level, in any instance, is a sure sign that something, someone, or event or self perception is not in alignment with Spirit. Confusion is an ailment of Spirit separated from mind. Mind never remedies confusion. Spirit remedies mind. Coming home to spirit and allowing the organic truth to to emerge is the antedote to confusion.

In some sense each of us is a Universal Court, our own judiciary system and, of course, I Am making reference to an honest Court. A problem, conflict, separatism emerges. It is brought to the court of the self. Self-Spirit sits in its clean, clear and aligned nature and truth is brought forth. Truth is then set upon the table of inner justice. Universal Law hears the just and true stream via Spirit and then applies action via mirroring, Spirit “femi-festing” visible creation through physical form upon earth.

All the questions we repeatedly ask of how are we going to survive in an unjust system keeps us engaged in an unjust system. Asking questionns of how do we engage in a Universal System that is just and fair frees us to align with Spirit. Explore within and cultivate a deepening connection with Spirit and Source and observe how Universal Law is present and operating in your existence.

Free your mind of seeking solutions of justice in an unjust reality. Seek solutions from the perfection of Source from which you are from. Trust there is a way, a portal, a perfect system, a power and your needs can be met. Release the addictions and entrapment of your own minds that jones for fixes from a system that does not fix you. Ask for new perspectives, perceptions of viewing yourself, your Spirit within. Discard beliefs that do not support you. “Break it down” before you are broken.

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2 thoughts on ““Universal Law”

    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    December 8, 2015 at 2:09 am

    Your statement: “Confusion is an ailment of Spirit separated from mind. Mind never remedies confusion. Spirit remedies mind. Coming home to spirit and allowing the organic truth to to emerge is the antedote to confusion.” makes it clear that it is actually the agitation of the mind that makes it impossible to see anything clearly. The only things that we “think” we see clearly are actually also patterns of “agitation” in what we see as the phenomenal world, and only those patterns that match those of our mind do we accept (or feel that they are ‘true’). Only when we recognize this dynamic and THE MIND ITSELF gives up, having realized that it is merely ‘wallowing’ in its own mess and can never be clear by continuing to thrash about, searching for solutions to the confusion – only then does the mind cease its incessant activity, subsides into its Source (Silence) and Clear Light reigns supreme…

    Liked by 1 person

    bluestardeerwomon responded:
    December 8, 2015 at 7:28 pm

    Well Said, appreciate you elaborating!

    Liked by 1 person

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