Vision for A Community At Peace

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Comm at Peace

Vision for A Community At Peace

If I were to initiate  A Community At Peace the following is how I envision it.

Presently, I Am holding a piece of land in my mind as a place to start. This property may or may not unfold but none-the-less it gives me a jump off place.

The design and parameters that I Am offering here are with deep contemplation about the obstacles and potential fall-outs that occur often when intending to create community and a property to live and share upon. Because we are ever changing these parameters are, let’s say, for the first 6 months and then a reassessment of their value occurs. How, who and the process that we choose to determine the adjustments is yet to be revealed. However, there is a particular trine of be-ings, myself as one of them, that I Am foreseeing as the elders and counsels who would oversee this responsibility.

I would name this community as one of a spiritual nature with an eclectic approach to practices that focus on self reflection, consciousness studies and virtues of the heart, such as, Appreciation, Forgiveness, Compassion, Humility, Understanding and Courage.

Although we are all equal and of one spirit it will be recognized that each individual is at their own level of awakening. The trine/elders will be the ones who set the precedence and gentle loving parameters of determining the nature and maturity of all those involved. They will be recognized as the Elders with due respect and honor of the love wisdom shared. Right here may stop many from considering this sanctuary and duly so. We have turned away from these kinds of conditions because of disappointment, power issues, mistrust and on and on. But essentially the Elders are necessary parents/guardians who simply have recognized our children have run astray and someone has got to set some parameters to bring order out of the chaos. So if you have issue with this the next part of this visioning may not appeal to you. with that be-ing said let’s go forward.

Solitude/Silence is an absolute essential for this community although not the entire time. The reason for this is our words and noise creation have added to the distraction of self reflection and study. Although this is present for the start of this community it may not always be so. Evolution and demonstration of self responsibility, sensitivity and maturity will reveal the change of this parameter.

So what is meant by Solitude/Silence? Remembering the foundation of this community is self reflection and consciousness studies so the object of meditation is always You. There is plenty of distraction and noise going on in each one of us. In Solitude/Silence you are only with you and therefore become your best study. This will be discussed in community gatherings when we share our insights and understandings of this practice.

As I write this many messages are be-ing prompted forward to share. Just within the past 24 hours I had an entire review open to me. I spend many hours contemplating the condition of the world and each of us as unique sparks of Source. I had some revelations that inspired this writing.

Let me preface this sharing first with some personal sharings.

I cannot tell you how many times I have written the likes of this proposal throughout my entire life. And I have attempted to implement them only to meet failure. I sought out years of solitude to contemplate upon this. I recognized I was not spiritually mature enough nor had I mastered my emotions.

I attended California Institute of Integral Studies and started my dissertation towards a PhD in Intercultural Philosophy and Religion. The theme of my dissertation was the creation of a “Transitional Model” during the knowing of changes to occur on the planet. I had written numerously on this subject and I knew I was be-ing prompted from my inner spirit. However, I was not ready as I recognized there were many snags and triggers within duality that I had not resolved.

It has been a long reflective journey and I trust it will continue. At this time, yes, I Am confident of implementing this vision. Thus, here I Am again ready to immerse myself with this vision.

Returning to the last 24 hrs…many aspects of remembering my many incarnations impulsed a synthesis of sorts that presented a profound understanding of Who I Am. Throughout this lifetime I have been haunted, pleasured, perplexed and frightened by a consistent reminder of what I have referred to myself as a “monk” or “yogi” in a past life. Deep within me I was forever compelled to let go of absolutely everything I own and get my belongings down to a backpack if even that. This idea scared me yet I knew one day I just had to do it so I could understand why it was occurring. Presently, most everything I have owned is let go of with only trinkets to go. Naturally it has opened a tremendous amount of love-wisdom.

In my years of reflection and using much of the Buddhist vocabulary I recognized that I spent quite a lifetime creating a most efficient character or perhaps ego personality that maneuvered throughout the world rather well. Yet the haunting prompts as I mentioned above would always snag me home within the very moments I may have become famous or extremely wealthy from my creations. I have called this my life pattern of “crash and burn”. This occurred enough until I finally walked away and totally dedicated myself to inner reflection. This was a most painful path yet the moments of bliss and clarity were undeniable. However, I was perplexed. The question I kept asking was “How does this serve the greater world?” I was in a spiritual quandary. I knew I could be proficient in what I will now refer to as “Maya/Illusion” yet my spirit within was absolutely knowing that truth and knowledge and noble wisdom were from my quiet practice of meditation, self reflection and contemplation. I had, as many, an innumerable amount of questions that would resolve this co-existence of duality and spirit practice. I ventured out on many attempts to no avail. I remained perplexed. So I decided to go even more deeply into my practice.

As I submerged myself in quietude and re-read numerous times the Sacred Scriptures, Vedas, Upanishads, Buddhist Bible, Imitations of Christ, Kabbalah, etc. I recognized that I was all of the teachings. I knew them deeply in my heart yet the recommendations for practice were not quite suitable for this day and age. There was something missing. Thus I arrived at my own self definition of perhaps I Am a modern day monk. I started to ask what does that mean? That is what sparked the revelation I’ve had in these past 24 hrs.

I’m now going to jump to some very deep knowings. If the words distract you simply feel me on the rest of this explanation as I do sincerely work within the realm of transmissions, we all do but that is where the deep study is necessary.

Ok, here we go. I will share this as a vision. The “Ones” which are any of you have been monks, gurus, nuns, priests, teachers, buddha, christ, mary magdalene, saints, bodhisattvas, brahmins, visionaries, yogis, rabbis, scribes of sacred texts and on and on. During these incarnations many of us lived in monasteries, temples, ashrams, churches and countries that recognized us as such and cared for us in dedication to our chosen spiritual paths. There were teachers/elders/counsel that guided us and pointed us to where  our best self reflections would lead us to enlightenment. We lived in community, we had safe yet modest places to sleep, provided with food, many hours of meditation, prayer, reflection, study and we collectively tended the sanctuary.

Then we incarnated into these times. The fervor of our dedication remained and many of us sought the practices of before along with the teachers and sanctuaries that were our homes. Many of us turned to the many religions and dogmas of today hoping to re-nestle into our devoted paths. We were met with disappointment. We were met with greed, control, deceit, skewing of our sacred texts, pedophilia, power over and just another skin of maya/illusion. The heart break was it had infested all that we remembered to be safe harbor. Thus, we had no place to find community. We were on our own. Some of us lost faith especially the young practitioners, some conformed to what was be-ing offered and some of us tried ferociously to create community. By now the people had been so wounded and separated from spirit that community was also scarred and strewn with maya/illusion. We were now in the midst of lostness. But there were those who had already been enlightened and so deeply did we know this that the search to understand this incredible depth of knowing, love-wisdom, noble knowledge could not be denied. We pursued trying to understand this world and our purpose that would answer to this call. We knew turning away was not an option.

When I drop into my deepest self there is such an expansive compassion for all people, all life. I want so deeply to provide a safe, nurturing environment and bring all my children home. The Mother, Grandmother in me wants to wrap my arms around all of you and say “Come here I will keep you safe and loved”!

The vision continued to unfold into what is now be-ing proposed as A Community At Peace. I see this as our sanctuary for all the enlightened ones. We know who we are yet we are still healing our wounds and re-establishing our great faith and self love. In essence, this is a place of spiritual recovery. We need to address the addictions we acquired while adapting to the world of maya/illusion. We need to forgive ourselves for losing our way. We need to have great compassion for and during our recovery. We need to re-experience deep trust and a restfulness in the arms of spirit. I, and I know there are many, have provided this for us once before. I have a deep impulse to do this again.

Another tidbit of insight. I was looking at my solitary self and thinking…Oh I have remembered how I was one of those enlightened be-ings as mentioned above so I’ll just pick up my cloth and cup and return to that way. Noooooooo, no, no, and more no. I finally hit the wall. And now I share some insights prior and including this 24 hr awareness.

When I sort of jokingly said “Oh I’m a modern day monk” kaboom the gates opened. This is what I want to share. I write and several years ago during my practice I heard…you are writing the continuation of the sacred scripts…the texts up to this point no longer serve where we need to go and what we need to understand. I have meditated upon this ever since. It returned to be spoken about here. stay with me.

In addressing my dilemma of how do I serve the greater world I reflected upon my quandary of a life of solitary practice yet I couldn’t deny I kept going into the world/maya/illusion whenever i thought maybe this will raise awareness and consciousness. An example is “Get Lit” the weekly Broadcast that I do with Rebecca Hahn. I kept examining how does this fit in? Is this participating in maya/illusion? Do I need to let this go? And over and over I got clear signals that this was absolutely inline with my path. I can’t say I totally understood that until now. This is what clarity I heard.

All of you enlightened ones are in the world today not to re-create your past but to be here now with “what is” and knowing all you have un-covered in yourselves. When you ask how may you serve you are already doing that by living amongst the maya/illusion. The quandary was you were already enlightened before you were re-born. When you were delivered to such maya and were influenced to create a workable, survivable character you doubted your enlightenment. You then pursued your path as if you were never enlightened. The impulse to go to solitude is you remembering the way you lived. It has already been part of your past life experience and is here now, part of your be-ingness, to move forward, to unfold even more deeply.

The next part of the quandary is we as enlightened ones from our past went into the world to teach using the scriptures and teachings of that time. We as the “modern day monks” including all the above, saints, nuns, etc. cannot use the old texts. Yes, they were pointers in this lifetime because we recognized them. Now you are writing the new sacred scripts and you are intuitively and knowingly offering pointers and imagination that is appropriate for these times.

Thus, a desire and impulse to create sanctuary/community is to offer a gathering space of enlightened ones to re-group and re-enthuse sacred home, sacred sharing and the sacred teachings in a way that is in sync with today’s consciousness. And thus again “The Modern Day Monk”. Recognize that your cultivation of a maya character was absolutely necessary to walk among the people. You came from a past of enlightenment and returned fully and completely into maya so you could gain the perspective in and amongst the people and alleviate the divisive pain and hurt associated with a religious faction. As you have noted the religious institutions that in the past may very well have nurtured you now would be to your demise to have any affiliation to. The enlightened ones cannot look at those institutions. They know truth is not be-ing shared there. Yet, We The Ones hold the truths in our hearts. We always have and this is what calls forth for “new skins”. In our togetherness as in Community a LightHouse will be created and all the ships at sea, The Ones, will know where home is. We will be keeping the heart-h warm. And with a full circling back “The Transitional Model” does have a place. We are the scribes of a “Transitional Model” of Enlightenment.

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