Impermanence and Exploration of Truth

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This is an excerpt session from unpublished Part 2 of Shamanic Improvisation eBook. It was used in a “Get Lit” Broadcast,episode 42 “Exploration of Truth” on CCN,  Archived video will be loaded at this site 2-3 days after Live Broadcast. Sess.2 Permanence

Session 3 Impermanence

Sitting in stillness, observing breath…awareness is on how the breath is going into your body and then exhaling out…relaxed and natural rhythm of breathing.

As you sense the breath going in and out visualize all the pores in your body are joining the inhale and exhale…not just the nose and mouth.

Melt into the soft and gentleness of breathing and invite its massaging qualities into every space and crevice of your internal body vision.

The observation of the internal and external breath connects you to the closest sense and visualization of Spirit within. As you exhale and know your breath now is outside of you, that you have released it from your body allow it to symbolize the full quantum field of energy…Source. As you inhale recognize that you are bringing Source within. Resonate with that awareness for a moment.

We are changing all the time. We grow and we age. Impermanence is recognizing ourselves in the capacity of light, sound and vibration. We only think we are solid but we are not. Thus, there is a massaging breath, Spirit, vibration that is continually moving and changing within us all the time. The way we know this is through our awareness of bodily sensations.

Follow the sensations and we follow the continual movement and change. Allowing a relaxed attentiveness to this invites a deepening of presence, be-ing here now. Presence in the here and now is not stagnant thus there is nothing to hold on to. It is changeable and impermanent.

Take this imagery of the “Energetic Signature” and expand your breath into movement and vocal sounds, tones of release….aaaaah….shuuuuu…whispery.
Find the wave-like symbol within your body and move as a wave moves. Use the spread of dots as spirit-breaths, breathing them in, breathing them out.

Then dance into a chair and experience yourself in an ordinary but familiar posture. Do the same in a standing position. You are inviting the full body sensation to enter your awareness in more pedestrian-like movements, most like the rest of your day-to-day action. You can pause at each change and simply breathe and deepen your awareness before moving on into next posture.

A good time to utilize this practice is when you are feeling any tension or compressed feelings in the body. This usually occurs when you are straining your mind for a solution that you have strong emotional response about. Identify tension in body then use this exercise as you remember you are impermanence and Spirit-Source is continually moving. Get on the crest of the wave and genuinely look for that sensation within your body.

Session 4 Exploration of Truth

In our world today and it has likely been here for eons but we are now noticing a massive amount of structure is crumbling. Along with this dissolution are all the beliefs that supported it prior to this time of awareness. As a result many are asking “What is real or true anymore” and no answers are be-ing found, at least not in the usual way we found them before.

When we find ourselves in a world of much disclosure and the exposure of duality is heightening how are we to navigate ourselves?

There are so many untruths emerging right now with such a multitude of layers that the past of good guys versus bad guys is absolutely blurring into not be-ing able to discriminate who’s who.

We have come to a place where everything is questionable and although one person may present their facts for supporting their opinion it is becoming quite clear that one’s truth in this day and age is blatantly reflecting what one chooses to believe as truth. That very simply means it’s fair and open game, anyone’s call.

This now opens the gates to Self, Zero baseline. If you are not scrutinizing your beliefs by now to recognize your opinions and views of the world you are missing an essential tool for Zero Baseline, Neutrality. If you are still aligning with this spokesperson and that group message without this awareness you are likely to recognize a familiar loop at some point. Plain and simple the facts of life have fallen short. The Spirit of life is the Portal Way through.

Sess 2 ImpermanenceB

Okay we return to the prior session image only now we are going to add an inner map to navigate ourselves to Truth.

Identify the black circle in the Chi area of your body. Identify your thinking self and visualize a neuro pathway of thinking mind is now seeking communication and interaction with body mind, body sensations and vice versa.

Thinking mind recently watched some news either mainstream or alternative news and has experienced some confusion. Thinking mind also knows it is battling between what it senses is true but also what it wants to believe is true. The truth is be-ing hard to accept as thinking mind will lose some self identity and attachment to what makes the mind feel falsely secure. Thus, the battle of duality.

Thinking mind makes a good choice when it reaches out to body. Bodies generally don’t lie but when they do lie they usually experience an illness or symptom that represents that resistance.

Thinking mind joins with body and begins the practice of aware breathing and relaxation. It reviews the prior exercise with prompts and remembering that Spirit, Source are impermanent. The body and mind begin to relax.

Then thinking mind brings the confusion to the table, to the body and the concern and confusion begin to dissipate. Spirit and source breath are now growing. There is a sense of upliftment and movement within.

Regardless of the content of these 2 news programs the Spirit spaciousness now present within the be-ing is able to observe and revisit what occurred. Chances are thinking mind had a belief, a desire for something to be true but with other facts offered the beliefs would have to change in order to accept the new belief in something needing to be true. In retrospect and observance of the calmed body neither facts seem to be important.

At this juncture the thinking mind is tempted to freak out a little because now a different Source of knowledge and exploration needs to occur. It means entering into unknowing and uncertainty and perhaps more loss of identity. This is usually a very frightening moment. What to do?!

The experience of viewing the news sources clearly indicated that there was something in each one of them that rang as some truth but the duality in their nature ruled out a non-separative solution. Culture on this planet does not support non-separatism. It supports separatism, duality…there is a right and there is a wrong, there is good and there is bad, there is the correct conspiracy and the incorrect conspiracy.

This crux in our world has heightened and it is creating an intense splitting of our own selves, that is, if you only go with the thinking mind.

Back to our “Energetic Signature”. Relax the thinking mind into the body. Take a break, re-Source and relax.

Imagine there is a stream of energy flowing from your mind into your Chi center. Visualize as you are thinking that your thinking is located within the Chi center.  Focus your thinking self there while simultaneously experiencing the sensation of the body everywhere relaxing…breathing.

As you are in this relaxed state you know these sensations of the body are real and thus True. Once you are fairly stabilized in this viewing position you ask yourself what do you want to be true, what belief do you want to have? Give yourself freedom to be a waking lucid dreamer in this moment. You see the dream and as an awake lucid designer you also see what you want to see as Truth.

Keep close connection to your relaxed state. If you start to feel tension stop the lucid designing and return to body.

Make note of the sensations you are having while lucid designing. Make note of the movement, calmness and perhaps upliftment from within. Deepen this sensation by remembering your impermanent self breathing out into the cosmos and back.

This body occupation that is filled with sensations is your own divine navigator of Truth. The body tells no lies.

As you perceive and witness the multitude of perspectives, other people’s opinions, beliefs, facts, etc. turn to this core of yourself and reflect upon the array of choices in the world. If you are pulled out of your calm, your body, your knowing of impermanence there’s a good chance something you are viewing or considering as yet another belief does not resonate with you. does not compute and thus does not reflect your Truth.

The otherside of this is your own attachment to a belief or truth that is no longer serving you as witnessed by your body’s barometer and it may have to be let go of.

In summary, there are 2 obvious aspects to this exploration. One is recognizing that you have a belief and Two you have accepted that belief as your truth.

Turn to the body, get clean, get clear and then go deeper. find the third story, your Spirit Story and experience completeness via your Divine Trine.

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