Dolphins – Lucid Designers

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lucid desgners

Dolphins – Lucid Designers

I dreamed there were 3 or 4 of us humon be-ings traveling in a black limousine. The man and woman with me were very beautiful and handsome, of course, according to my perception. I was able to see inside the man’s mind and so could the woman beside me and we were assisting him in finding a particular woman that he held in his internal imagery. However, I was aware that he had twisted intentions for why he wanted to find this woman. He was holding not-so-good visuals of what he was going to do once he found her. I noticed that the woman with us could easily be the same target yet he in no way was identifying her as such.

Later we were in this open area and as we walked into this field each of us took a lot of space and positioned ourselves at each of the 4 directions. Although I didn’t sense a 3rd person beside myself there was an invisible entity who was joining us. Perhaps this was the one the man was holding in his mind.

As I observed us taking space I thought to myself this is a good thing. But just as I thought aaaah we can enjoy this spaciousness the woman and man started shouting over to each other and pretty obviously broke a silence that was just about to be very comforting.

Along with us was a familiar dog from my waking state and although she was clearly identified with me she was making her rounds to the other individuals. She’d sit or lay down by each one of us, stay a short while and then go on to the next. she appeared to be making her rounds so everyone was equally attended.

Then I intuitively realized that the man had a definite picture in his head. He was totally focused on this one women he was searching for and had created a rather elaborate story of how he was to proceed with his nasty and unfolding story. All the while I could see that if he let go of this inner story he and the woman I was with was actually a perfect match but the match was of a healthier translation not what the man was holding in his head.

I tell this dream because as I was reflecting upon it in my waking state I was examining the quality of the man’s inner picture and story. This is when the dolphins came into my experience.

Dolphins have always been recognized as high spiritual be-ings. They demonstrate a unique ability to resonate via sound and movement. They also communicate by producing an image within their intelligence and then project it out into the quantum air waves or energy field. I started to examine this dream with this perspective in mind.

It occurred to me that chances are most humons are operating from their own, individualized story within their minds. And life is an acting out of what is “pictured” there within. In this dream me and the other woman present were accompanying or assisting this man to find his inner “picture” with hopes of external interaction. It wasn’t affecting us either way that his intentions were not so good. It was more poignant to recognize that we simply knew it was his image, his “picture” that was be-ing acted out.

I took the jump to the dolphins. I recognized pretty promptly that here is an amazing be-ing on our planet that creates “pictures”. I recognized that this is a perspective worth pondering about. If, in fact, we completely owned this inner world of “picture making” and that it may be one of the most significant tools of co-creation wouldn’t we want to pay it more consideration?! I decided, indeed I do.

In this time of great “Reverse of the Energies” as in, turning within for answers it is helpful to have some pointers on how to do this. I sense this inner “picture making” is worthy of our attention.

More recently, I have been sharing via my writings and “Get Lit” Broadcast that centering our attention on inner body via our Chi center assists in a clean translation of what is true or not true to our spiritual nature. The focus is on recognizing we are impermanent, ever changing, infinite and actually made up of light, sound and vibration. This reflection enthuses the very bridge to dolphins. They operate through a wavey-like movement, project sounds and vibrations and actually formulate their energy through “pictures”. They are also known to create bubbles as a communication tool.

iTech (Inner Technology) is pointing to our inner selves, abilities and telepathic talents. “Pictures” may very well serve us in having a recognizable form so-to-speak that we can actually visualize and put into action.

Take for a moment your present situation, surroundings, people, projects, etc. Use the very imagery that is present and visualize it in your mind. As you visualize your present story and scenario look inside to your body sensations. While holding the imagery of your story prompt yourself to see the imagery but also adding the sensation of choice in your body. In other words, say you assess that your present story is a bit dim energetically. Incite the sensations and perhaps imagery change to up the energetic vibration. I like to think of this as a “lucid dreamer” in waking life or “lucid designer”.

The purpose of this consideration is to have an internal embrace of yourself as a co-creator of your every moment via the identification of your “lucid designer” inhabited within. Change the “picture”, the story via a body sensation and you have changed the external  “picture”, reality.

Behaving as a dolphin may look like this for a humon. Suppose it is time for you to attend to some external event that requires a certain amount of responsibility from you. You are starting to drag your feet about the event and wishing you didn’t have to rise up to the occasion. But you are committed to show up.

Step back within yourself for a moment and review the “picture” you are presently holding about this event. Sit and experience the sensations in your body while viewing the scene internally. Initiate changing the picture, however, you may presently see it to what you would prefer. Allow the sensations in your body to prompt and play a significant role in this “lucid designing”. As you sense the “picture” changing chances are your energetic and emotional relationship to it changes as well. Most often everything around you shifts energetically yet you did not re-arrange your life in the external, You did not manipulate the situation as in canceling, etc. You used “lucid designer” and created a new “picture” and thus have changed the energetic field, a co-creation of your reality.

I return to my dream. What was most poignant in my dream was recognizing how internal our life design is. I would identify this as “diversity”. The man who was holding not-so-good an internal story is most likely the ones in the world that are most wounded and simply have a not-so-good program plugged into themselves. And if you think about it we don’t have a heck of a lot good program models. Thank goodness we are our own co-creators because we have the ability and power to change stories.

My point mostly be-ing that we are really living a life within ourselves, all about ourselves and designing as we go. Essentially, “Out There” is not the primary focus. It is the result of our interior focus. Why does it look so grim “out there”. We are in serious clean-up mode of self and reclamation of our dolphin abilities. We haven’t yet recognized how well we create our realities nor the power nor the responsibility but we are exhibiting this more and more as we unfold into our given, spirit nature.

And just one more note on diversity…when we enhance our strength and self empowerment of be-ing the “lucid designers” that we are more and more diversity will emerge. We will celebrate our differences and diversity and recognize that when these attributes appear more and more in our world we will see physical proof of our uniqueness and rising up. Everyone has their own picture show going on. There will be some of us that share some pictures and that may very well be what forms a dolphin pod…they become “pod-ners” – partners – in life and participate in a school that shares intelligence via light, sound and vibration while learning infinitely.

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2 thoughts on “Dolphins – Lucid Designers

    T ra said:
    January 10, 2016 at 3:28 am

    I love it….podner! ! ! lucid Designing! Yes!

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    T ra said:
    January 10, 2016 at 3:35 am

    Brilliantly honest with an inner wave genesis. Thank you Blu Star!

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