“Scrambling For Clues” A Transformation

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(Excerpt Session, unpublished, from Part 2 of  Book “Shamanic Improvisation”)

Session presented during Live “Get Lit” Broadcast episode 44

As I observe the state of affairs I would assess life in this very moment as “Scrambling for Clues”. We are presently confronted with a crumbling system purely because of corrupt individuals within it’s organizational framework. Virtues of transparency, honesty, responsibility and Spirit acknowledgement has reached an all time low. Perhaps this has occurred for much longer than one’s present  lifetime but it is now that we are recognizing the flaws and obstructions. As a result many have to ask “What is true and not true”. Yet the dissolution is not complete and thus the answers are still to be revealed, albeit, through our very individual “cell’ves”. In the sheer desire to want to know we are witnessing what I call
“Scrambling for Clues”. We now apply a journey of Transformation to this condition.

The “Energetic Signature” of this session displays a center by the black dot. The root looking stems going up towards the top left is our personal reach for Spirit direction, knowledge and love wisdom.

Immediately around the heart center we see the heart-math, the inevitable request to be connected, have heart coherence with what appears to be our family, community here on Earth.

The 4 pointed star image around our heart is the acceptance that we are multi-faceted and multi-dimensional be-ings of the Universe. We reside in a body that is malleable and susceptible to sound, light and vibration.

The bottom left represents our many lifetimes as incarnate be-ings and simultaneously our very divine rite of access to all knowledge and data from our past, present and future in this very here and now.

Gaze upon this “Energetic Signature” and identify the positioning in your body beginning with lining up the heart area to your heart area. Breathe…

Observe within your internal sensations of breathing in and out. Note any experience of heart area sensations. Allow your inner observation to expand into your entire body. You are now assisting yourself in using inner visualization to scout out your breath going throughout your entire body. Return to center, your heart.

If, indeed, our be-ingness is “Scrambling for Clues” then we are going to ground and center and re-navigate these energies to serve us. Thus, a transformational movement guided and directed by our own consent.

Heart is our ground, our center. Breath keeps us in our body, our vehicle filled with Spirit and life force.

Visualize the root looking images going out and up towards left top. As you hold this image within your mind’s eye visualize the pathway from heart to sky back to heart and repeat cycle in a gentle, slow moving gesture. Relax into this inner flow until you experience the softness and self love warming you.

Add this intention: I Am open to receiving knowledge, data and love wisdom that provides heartful clues for these times. When you experience the in breath returning to your heart area conclude with I Am open to receiving these gifts.

Go to the 4 pointed imagery on right side of heart. This is our outreach for heart coherence, with that which is of benevolence and serves our Spirit nature.

Use Same Intention: I Am open to receiving knowledge, data and love wisdom that provides heartful clues for these times. When you experience the in breath returning to your heart area conclude with I Am open to receiving these gifts.

And now we say same thing for all our incarnations, bottom left imagery.

We are no longer “Scrambling for Clues” we are self directing our research and openess for our gifts, for grace bestowed upon us. We’ve taken initiative of aligning our will with will of our own Spirit Celf.

This is a tour of developing iTech (inner technology).

Now we expand this experience and integration by adding sounds, vibration via movement.

Heart sounds…offer aaaahhhhh’s, oooohhhh’s, ohmmmm’s until you are inspired with your own variation of sounds. Hold visuals within as you sound. Empower this entire communication by your sounds and now adding movement.

Any movement that is prompted through your body creates vibration. When we sound and move we are expanding our molecular intentions all throughout our be-ingness, around us, in our environment, the world and the universe. Our energies are intermingled with all that is – quantum physics – energy.

This is where the portal opens to experience the sensation of


Get Lit with yourself, feel the vitality and circulation within your body create lightness, upliftment and new breaths of nowness.

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One thought on ““Scrambling For Clues” A Transformation

    T ra said:
    January 23, 2016 at 5:15 pm

    Thank you blue star! What an empowering sharing! Love the cell-ves! We are all so grateful for your insights!

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