The Bestowing Is The Seeing

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As one asks from within the bestowing of gifts and grace are to be received there. Often we seek and ask and then look for its appearance “out there”. “Out there” is merely a reflection of what we already know has been bestowed upon us. In a way what is manifested, physicalized is after the fact.

When we turn our attention inward where source flows un-in-terre-rupted and we ask for what we need it is given immediately. In order to recognize the reception one only needs to be quieted. This is what helps one to understand why be-ing grateful of already having is absolute truth…because it is given the moment of asking.

We have been led astray to believe our answers only are validated when they occur in the physicalize manner or matter. This is not so. Again, what appears in the external is simply a mirror of what you already have but only the stillness within can reveal the original reception. Thus, the bestowing is the seeing…as it is the receiving. The external will always reflect and mirror what we already know we have but it is never what we asked for. It is simply a synchronicity of what we already know we have. Our expectation and seeking from the external is what creates confusion. We have already missed the reception by the time we cease to look within where the authentic gift is given and revealed.


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