“Holding Universal Court”

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I select my words very carefully as Universal Court is intended for this day. There is a greater Source of Power that seeks deliverance through impeccability of thought, word and deed. Let us all proceed.

We are established by Universal Law to uphold “No Harm”. Let’s examine what this means by using the category upon Earth called “Gossip”.

According to the present planetary use of Wikipedia the definition reads as this “Gossip is idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others; the act of is also known as dishing or tattling.”

In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary I chose the 3rd definition of the word “Rumor” that be-ing “Archaic Talk”. I think this is precisely what I’d like to put on the table of examination.

Ask yourselves in this very moment “Has Gossip, Archaic Talk ever served the upliftment of consciousness upon the planet in any of your experiences”?

Better question…”Does Source, The Benevolent flow of the Universe ever harm anything? This is with understanding storms, earthquakes, etc. is not harm but the Mother Earth self correcting into balance.

Universal Law does “No Harm” why does Man?

Why did the ITNJ (International Tribunal of Natural Justice” create such disappointment among its followers? Because it was not in synchronicity with Universal Law.

What would synchronicity with Universal Law have appeared like? Would it have chosen to align with the Bar Association to represent pure Spirit? No! And why would that be so? Because the populace has witnessed and experienced the Bar Association doing Harm. This is not Universal Law.

In the name of a Universal Court certain attributes need to be acknowledged. The Source of All Life does not judge, discriminate or punish. The Source of All Life gives unconditionally, infinitely  and in a tone of equality.

Ok let’s begin court. Are you able with your full be-ing to say “I Am That I Am”? Yes, I Am That I Am.

Do you understand that this statement means you know within yourself that you are as powerful and spiritual as that which gives you life, Source? I Am That I Am. Do you recognize that the external reality desires self correction and that responsibility lies within you? I Am That I Am. Do you recognize that your full attention to within, to Source itself is what creates consciousness and thus reflects that consciousness within the external reality? I Am That I Am. Do you take full responsibility for your co-created contribution to What Is and What Will Be? I Am That I Am. Universal Court is now in session.

We will address the Universal Law of No Harm. We will work from the premise of “Do onto others as you would have done onto you”.

Does anyone in this court give value to Gossip be-ing done to you? Does anyone in this court give value to their private life be-ing shared in any shape, way or form without your consent?

Take this moment to self reflect upon this and examine where and how you may have contributed to this existence of gossip and how it harms one another and yourself. If you are in true consciousness you’ll agree this is not in synchronicity with Universal Law of No Harm.

The typical, archaic approach to justice has been defined by an external modus operandi. The reason there is no satisfaction from the judiciary court as it stands now is because of the absence and acknowledgement of Universal Law, the true parameters of justice and equality for all.

Therefore establishing a case within those parameters is still establishing a case based upon truth defined from those parameters, thus, the external fabrication of materiality. So one has to ask what is truth but more importantly upon what values and virtues is truth be-ing determined?

Universal Law has yet to shine upon the planet because we are still unveiling all that has stood in the way of it. We have been entrained to justify by external language, theory and contrived understanding of fact. This logic disappears in light of true universal law. But one must have trust and faith in what exists upon its disappearance. This will not occur while we continue to operate from fear. Fear leads us endlessly back to seeking answers from that which oppresses spirit. Thus, to simply examine, explore and experience what is truly meant by “No Harm” could lead the way to genuine truth and justice.

One only need to examine their personal life choices to recognize when and where the act of harm still exists in one’s very own thought, word and deed. The message here is each time you go within go again more deeply until you truly know something. Then return again and go more deeply than before. The moment you pop your head out to compare or acquire something from the external you have departed from where real truth truly abides. More often than not it is fear that makes you lose focus and lack of faith in the unknown that reinvents the doubt. You will do this over and over again until this inner, one pointedness of focus is what you know your very life depends upon. The fluctuation of going between these 2 options is what keeps the pain and struggle fed and continues confusion.

Gossip violates the very essence of what we are collectively saying “I Do Not Consent” to, that be-ing, the violation of privacy. Let’s hold court today and examine how may we educate, raise the vibratory nature of consciousness and find a route of justice, equality via the co-creation and acknowledgement of “Universal Court”.

This will be the topic discussed on “GET LIT” episode 49 Live this Thursday, February 24th, 2016. The Archive Video of Show will be added to this article once it is published.

Participants have been invited to “Hold Court” and examine the above content. You are welcome to join the conversation via Chat Room or Call In to show. Info and Live Broadcast is at:



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One thought on ““Holding Universal Court”

    “Get Lit” All Shows « blue star said:
    April 8, 2016 at 9:43 pm

    […] February 27th, 2016  GET LIT episode 49 “Holding Universal Court” What does “Universal Court” look like when divine law is the protocol to address any case? If the external world of judiciary proceedings do not fill the bill of truth, justice and equality why are we still using external language, analysis and problem solving tools to solve it? Do we have the discipline to ask and answer from within? Do we really know the commitment this takes? Let’s explore together. Put your issue on the table and we’ll go from there. Recommended Article by Blue Star to read prior or after show: https://bluestardeerwomon.wordpress.c……. […]


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