“Un-Stuck” Yourself, “Un-Fuck Yourself”

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Unstuck Yourself

The Planetary energies are here to assist us. Embrace this magnificent force and “Let Go”.

What is in your very thoughts at this very moment that continues to “tether” you to an old paradigm? Is there an assessment of life, the world, yourself that is still in the form of a negative judgement? Pause for a moment and ask why and how a thought of judgement only lodged within yourself is serving you?

Let’s take the scenario of the world at large. If we hold that the world is fucked up then we are harboring this thought form within. A fucked up thought form can in no way be fostering a love or existence of peace. This does not mean we don’t recognize that something could be improved, released or upped to a more vibratory nature of peace. It certainly means we are getting real about certain conditions in life that inevitably are calling out for change, positive change and one that is in alignment with peace, equality, justice and virtues of the heart.

I have to ask at this juncture and I have to break down the very substance and quality of our thoughts and wonder when we are going to embrace the power and influence of these thoughts?

There is a “stuckness” in our thinking that is a prevailing enforcement of the “stuckness” of the world. My request is to continually go deeper, ask the questions, search for greater meaning and purpose. Then truly embrace the power that we are and assess very closely the power of that co-creative ability and its inevitable impact on all things.

Of what purpose is it serving any individual to maintain a negative opinion about anything or anyone? If the opinion is negative and one makes their decisions upon having this opinion can we not see the self-imposed limitation? Would it be so horrible to release negative opinions and grant each other the spaciousness of we continually change and transform?

Granted, negative thoughts are still here but would it not serve us all in a grander way to not voice those negative thoughts and responsibly self view their purpose of be-ing held within? What would the world look like if we resolved these issues silently and then as creative and nurturing solutions emerged we expressed those openly? No one would have to pretend they aren’t having negative thoughts or judgements. They simply would keep it to themselves and then ask what and how they want to do to make peace with themselves.

I don’t think commenting on the woes of the world is needed. Everyone is quite aware of suffering and struggle. I think comments on the kernels of gold and evolutionary consciousness of creative solutions is our call of maturity and status during these times. Be clear with me here…I Am not speaking to denial. I Am speaking to responsibility and awareness of how powerful we are and expressing through acts of maturity what is helpful in these now moments.

If we recognize the “divide and conquer” syndrome then ask yourself how not to promote it. If you are a healthy “un-stuck” “un-fucked” be-ing you will not be attached to anything. You will not seek religious affinities in any essence of the word. There will be no case to prove right or wrong. Duality will become something to be entertained by. Your anger, grief, despair will be yours, not spoken but dissolved by your own inner power and truth.

Go further…”Un-Stuck” yourself from perspectives, opinions, plans, past, future and most importantly the external delusional reality-program that has been imposed upon us and then accepted by us as the only way. Get personal and private with your healing and continue to ask how can I serve the greater whole, the brother and sister beside me by sharing your personal process of getting “un-fucked”! Don’t impose our beliefs, opinions and judgements on or with each other. Share the release and the freedom and how you have gained a much larger existence after you turned inward to clean up the internal mess that belongs to no one. Then re-introduce yourself to how you may present the critical issues of the world in a way that leads to healthy and loving critical thinking and magical solutions.

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“Un-Stuck” Yourself, “Un-Fuck” Yourself

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