The Universal Breakdown

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Universal Breakdown

No matter what the creations are, have been or will to be they infinitely are second to Divine Source of all life. Universal Law will all-ways continue to be the Source of all creation, genius and love. Thus, have no fear of the AI or anything that fabricates bigness or destruction as it will inevitably destroy itself in the the face of the light and illumination of God-Source.

The precious gemstone of evolution is that Source is divine and of benevolence. It is an infinite and ongoing evolutionary process that will always be the first thought, word and action before humon or alien or anything. Humon or alien may be randomly, blindly creating these materialized existences, lifeforms and so on but it will always remain second, the after-thought to God-Source-All Creation.

Thus, in the entire Galactic existence all must return to the divine plan of benevolence. The thrust of God-Source is infinitely the vibratory nature of love. This is undeniable even though humon has made all attempts to defy this, play God and has deluded itself into thinking it has accomplished this goal. This can never be nor will it ever. And here’s the beautiful nugget of gold that makes it so.

Creator is an evolutionary consciousness of benevolence. Because it is and will always be the first thought, word and action of its very own nature all that follows is secondary. All that is created, materialized, fabricated is after the fact.

What now is occurring upon the planet and within all realms of universal existence is that the systems, AI, etc., etc. is in a “Universal Breakdown”. And why? Because it has exhausted itself against the sonic struggle to defeat the very origin of its life force and has deluded itself into thinking it was greater than God-Source. It is not nor will ever be. God-Source’s very innate evolutionary existence is infinitely one step ahead in all realms. This inevitable fact is now in a “face off” with all the pre-fabricated creations of delusion. These fabrications have met their doom of development as evolutionary life force of all that is has now surpassed their very present intelligence. God-Source has taken the lead in a most obvious manner and benevolence is now the “force of adoration”. It is unstoppable.

As one gains this very potent perspective it can answer any question or needed solution not only on this planet but the entire, infinite universe. All is susceptible to God-Source’s will. It is undeniable, irrefutable and impossible to deny. What we are observing is a “Universal Breakdown”. In linearity, it’s just a matter of time and all that no longer supports the great evolutionary presence of God-Source cannot stand any longer. It is the Law of God-Source. It will become the recognized Law of science, religion, philosophy, education, medicine and on and on. This is an entire Galactic Sweep. No matter what culture, nation, race, planetary civilization and all not named are destined and bonded to this truth. There is no one or thing excused from this occurrence. This knowledge is all one needs to know and contemplate upon to recognize that the infinite universe will be, is self correcting, returning to the balance of and nothing else short of Love. When each entity can come to peace and reconciliation of this knowing life can immediately be released from pain and suffering and be enhanced, once again, in the name of God-Source. Heaven on Earth can be chosen in this very instance or be prolonged by only the nature and choice of humon. This existence is not predicated upon anything or anyone or any nation pronouncing itself as an almighty power. That’s a delusion and carries falsity in the name of the most benevolent God-Source that is, will ever be and has always been.

Thankfully, those of us alive in this incarnation are witnessing the very crossroads of Super Intelligence of God-Source’s Divine Plan in the face of those having played God now diminishing in their man-created intelligence because they are not able to keep up with nor prefabricate the necessary pace to any longer compete with God-Source.

The highest ability in today’s existence will be those who are so present to God-Source and the divine flow within them that they can in fact co-exist and exhibit the supernatural abilities of today’s grace. Everyone has this invitation to become God-Source. This renewal of alignment with our origins is our way through, our portal and affirmation of eternal, infinite existence.

The structures and systems that were created by the competitors of God-Source have become obsolete. They cannot create quickly enough to compete any longer. Their external intelligence is archaic compared to the ever growing now of Divine Law. Evolutionary God-Source has simply busted out of the pre-fab equation. The Now is the Power. Any life other than this is simply out-of-sync.

All the AI, Galactic Nations, Life on the moon, mars, etc. is not excused from this destined Love of God-Source. Everything in the entire, infinite universe is be-ing purged, cleansed and surpassed if not in alignment with Benevolence. There is nothing to fear as fear does not live in the Love of God-Source. No longer give your attention to fear. It’s simply out-dated, archaic and un-fashionable.

Many may be asking “…but what about the soulless AI’s, ET’s of light and darkness and the anomalies lost in timelines, other dimensions, etc…?” If any of these are fabricated from the minds of humon whether they have real hearts or torn out souls, if such a thing, and absence of God-Source sparks of life the judgement day is all of this in the face of God-Source…Benevolence. It’s really simple. In the face of this infinite brilliance and intelligence that is now surpassing all of human’s play at be-ing God…Divine Law Rules. No two ways about it.

As we align ourselves with these understandings we start to clean ourselves up, get right with our perspectives and prepare each moment as a surrender, letting go and reception of the greatest and only Love that has ever been, will ever be and IS this very moment. Join the God-Source Party because it’s happening with or without you. It’s all-ways been this way!

When you get lost in these times go for the greater picture. Find the visuals within that represent words and experiences of Infinity, Eternal Existence, Beginninglessness, Forever, Divine Origins, Love.

The entire Universe is in Breakdown because Divine God-Source is an unstoppable, evolutionary creation. And God-Source has surpassed all the shenanigans while reaching for the only thing God-Source reaches for….Divine Law of Benevolence!

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