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Recently, I listened to a recording with Winston Shrout New Republic Update & History by Winston Shrout – March 29, 2016and so much was moved in me on wanting to share my thoughts and opinions on the subject of “Transitional Times”. In this instance the conversation begins with the institution of “The New Republic” and just how is this going to be communicated to “We The People”.

As many “Event” announcements have occurred throughout the years we have witnessed them coming and going yet not seeing any event to speak of. So yet again another announcement occurs stating May 1st, 2016 is the projected date of The New Republic. I had to back up, once again, and seriously look at this potential occurrence. In my opinion, it is way out of balance and that is what I want to address.

Winston speaks to the potential candidates that would be acting Spokesperson/President in the event of removing the officers no longer serving the People. It was equated to the Nixon removal, Watergate happening and procedure we witnessed in office during that time. This time the Speaker of The House and Interim President would be Paul Ryan.

This entire topic kicked off a lot of concerns for me. I feel there are some necessary prior steps missing here before we jumped to such an announcement. So I was inspired to voice in a creative way what I would propose as a starting solution. I named myself as a President or Speaker of The House and wrote my own version of what I feel is needing to be communicated to “We The People”.

As I searched for who could possibly be a leader in these times I recognized the deep mis-trust that permeates our planet and how challenging it would be to trust just about anyone. As I searched for who could that possibly be I came up with JFK, Gandhi and Martin Luther King. This evolved after a group discussion to JFK, Chief Seattle and Princess Diana who all “Died of Own Causes” albeit the cause for the greater whole

A typical scenario has played out in our times, as in, Nixon be-ing released and then the Speaker of The House took the temporary position. This has some levity to it simply because it is familiar but I’m uncertain Paul recognizes not only the Political Response-Ability but now a necessary Spiritual Response-Ability. We need someone who conveys their heart intention.Thus, I un-covered past leaders that still seem to resonate as trustworthy in the minds and hearts of “We The People”.

After conversation about this topic with my Co-Host Rebecca Hahn and joining guests, Tomas Qubeck and Alia Chandler we decided the 3 characters to be voiced in the upcoming “GET LIT” Live Broadcast on CCN are  JFK, Princess Diana and Chief Seattle. What would their messages be in these times bringing “We The People” up to date on all the Truths that have been hidden from us and the real state of affairs of our Country and Planet and Inter-Galactic Nations?!

It did occur to me that a brilliant idea would be to deliver the due Disclosure via a holographic presentation of these 3 be-ings. The levity and heart-warming association might be just the gentle break of the ice that “We The People” might be able to digest. In this day of technology I sincerely didn’t think this was a far fetched idea.

With all considered I decided I wanted to voice my “I Am” on this situation and present my Presidential Speech to “We The People” in a way I would want to hear it. And Why Not?! I have a Voice, you have a Voice and I think our government/transition into New Republic needs our guidance right now.

So here is my speech and we will include the voices of Princess Diana and Chief Seattle on “GET LIT” titled “I Died of My Own Causes”, episode 55 on Thursday, April 7th, 2016.

I present this speech as if I were JFK and as “I Am”. I have Gandhi on my left and Martin Luther King on my right. Martin Luther King represents Our Dream of We The People and Gandhi represents a Dream of Non-Violence.

As President of this Nation I Am here today speaking to our past, future and present to address the disclosure of all Un-Truths and Deception that has been forced upon “We The People” for eons of time.

I recognize that we have been seriously injured by this deception and dumbed down deliberately into ignorance to co-operate with an enslavement agenda. I too have been deceived and I have confronted these deceptions as your leader and in oath to freedom, justice and equality for We The People.

The path we are now unfolding is going to take every one of us to regain trust in what I have stated before “… ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country…” hold this in your hearts Deer Ones because this time it will work.

We must address the wounds that this deception has created and with all our will begin to cultivate and call forth the virtues of the heart; appreciation, forgiveness, compassion, humility, understanding and courage. Be loving towards your brothers and sisters who are still safely asleep. Those of you who are awake with loving kindness continue to share the knowledge of Truth already acquired.

This is a very potent time on our planet and we have an extensive amount of information to share. This information rightfully belongs to all people.

I was assassinated as you know because I had un-covered the Truth about extraterrestrials. I was prepared and moving forward in disclosing this information as well as abolishing the Federal Reserve and re-instituting new currency. There are many who have been murdered in the name of Sovereignty, Freedom for All and Equality. Some are known and some are unknown…pause for a moment..as we acknowledge their great efforts.

The Planetary energies are potent and swift in these times and necessary for our changes. Remain calm and centered as we go through these “Transitional Times”.

Once the New Republic is restored there will inevitably be much confusion upon the planet. Many people now are in bewilderment and understandably so. Be patient, loving and kind with each other as no one will be left out. This is a major reconstruction to our systems and infrastructure and more importantly and sensitively to our mind, bodies and spirits.

What to expect…the Mainstream Media will be returned to the people and the reports and information sharing will regain Truth Telling and genuine journalistic reporting of the facts. Educational Programs will be offered in a step by step telling of all the story and mis-story that has led to the deceptive world we have now left behind. Humonity will for the first time ever learn who they are, where they have come from and for what purpose they are here. Simultaneously websites will be available with an extensive amount of documents, documentaries and disclosure of documents that have never been released to the public. For those who like to learn in these ways we ask that you then inform all around you who are ready to be guided in understanding this great puzzle we are now putting together as a united people. Again, a reminder, be patient, forgiving and kind while the sleepy ones open their eyes and ask to see.

In a sense, it will be the psychological challenges that will confront us first. Be mindful of where everyone may be in this transition. All the benevolent needs of food, good water, shelter and health  will be addressed immediately world wide. Next will be securing communications, transportation and re-ordering of government procedures. Most importantly have no fear, stay calm and above all be patient.

I will not deny that there are still some gremlins of sorts still crawling around so don’t be suede to think they are indicators of danger or concern. Love the gremlins too as they either die off or join us in benevolence.

As you can imagine not every aspect of these changes can be addressed at the level of this office. This is where each of you are critical in how swiftly we can clean up the planet, heal our wounds and begin to assist in any ways you see needed.

Again “… ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country…” hold this in your hearts Deer Ones because this time it will work.

We chose to have the Speaker of the House to take the seat of the President that has been removed so the people would witness some familiarity with government procedure. Familiarity will be what the people seek but change is what will be received. Developing trust will take time but a trustworthy government will prevail.

There is and always has been a “Divine Law”. This is to be acknowledged, respected and revered as it always was intended to be. Many of our indigenous relations have fought hard to retain this truth. Today that truth is revealed and honored.

Alright, now we come to the topic of Extraterrestrials. This is probably the most mind blowing concept that needs to be told.

Our planet has secretly been in relations with outer world civilizations for a very long time. Some of our advanced technology has derived from these relations. Today I Am disclosing just the mention of this occurrence for We The People to adjust and allow this truth to unfold into your be-ingness and consciousness. This truth is going to require an extensive amount of available education to everyone…no more secrets. Please be prepared to be shown websites and media programs that will begin to tell your real history of this planet. My very best in-couragement is to become a student of life and educate yourself as best you can and share what you learn with each other.

Our planet, as you know, is in great need of attention, healing and re-design. At moments things that you have become accustomed to will no longer be there. However, be assured, things of great upliftment will be there to replace it. This is a most notable time and we need every one of you to participate, be patient and trust all will be rightfully served and equally cared for.

My heart goes out to each one of you and I, We, this New Republic, take oath to serve Source, “We The People” Our Country and Our World the way we were intended to serve.

What do you do now? Relax, digest the information and as you are ready begin at this website where all info will be delivered: We The People.Gov. (fictitious)

Blessings upon all of Us As We Proceed To Create A Civilization of Peace, Freedom and Justice for All. Aho

May this conversation go far and wide and specifically drop into the consciousness of who will be in the seat of the President upon this change-over. For now, it would seem to be Paul Ryan. If so, may you be endowed with the words and consciousness of We The People who our government rightfully represents. Aho!

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