Two Timelines, Two Minds

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Presence, Divine Source of all things is a given foundation, a point of Origin. All that has been created from Source is what we are witnessing in our external reality and phenomenal world.

There is a linear timeline that we are all familiar with. And there is a Divine timeline we sense from our inner be-ing. I Am is continually confronted with seeking harmony with the well cultivated I Self. The two clearly exist simultaneously. One lives in the linear reality the other lives within Source, Presence.

When we meditate, become silent and allow our imagination to be free and hearts open we inevitably experience vastness, absence of limits and potential elation. On the spiritual journey we have often asked why does this not sustain in our external reality once we leave this divine meditative state? Why upon re-entry into the linear reality, our day to day affairs, do we then dumb down, get diminished and return to the box? Here is where the timelines are co-existing and we, as spiritual be-ings, are seeking a creative resolution or as I like to say “A Crystal Rainbow Bridge Between The Worlds”.

Heaven is already upon Earth and the external reality, the one we are most familiar with, is also here.

Each requires a distinct use of mind. Thus, duality exists. There is a mind choice for the external and there is a mind choice for Source. This koan is forever present until the one mind, the divine mind, the presence of infinite abundance is chosen wholeheartedly and unwaveringly. There lies heaven on earth. Yet the external reality has been more superimposed upon us than Source.

In the course of our long history of superimposed external reality much has transpired. There have been eons of civilizations and eons of technological experimentation. Some of this advancement has been in the hands of benevolence and some has been in the hands of archons and dark shadows. This awareness is now becoming a collective recognition.

According to Divine Law, organic and natural system of all that is, the material reality is a direct result of our consciousness. Thus the emphasis on self responsibility and self reflection refinement is how we clarify and uplift the outer, external reality. However, this potent ability and truth of our inner self is yet to appear in the critical point of mass consciousness. In the meantime, we experience exactly what we hold in our thoughts, words and actions, albeit, mostly fear and negativity.

If we were to revisit the era of Yeshua/Christ we will note he brought and planted a new seed of consciousness. He planted christ consciousness. Today this has entered the collective consciousness to such an extent that pretty much everyone knows what we are referring to when we say christ consciousness.

It’s noteworthy to recognize the viable upliftment of this consciousnessss while simultaneously noting the obvious, slow and changing path of integration along a linear timeline. This recognition is knowledge we have gained about how slowly a change in consciousness then makes its material appearance in the linearity of the material world. There’s no blatant reason to think this may be different. However, the wakefulness that is occurring on the planet is still in the ethereal, telepathic mode. Together we are experiencing upliftment and almost tangibly seeing change but it truly is in our spirit nature. Thus, if we acknowledge the cycle of change in linearity we can begin to adjust to how our wakefulness and expanded consciousness will unfold. Similar to the time of Yeshua/Christ upon Earth there were very few who could truly encompass his message. Yet over time we now have a collective embrace of this message. So why would we expect a turn in the times in a flash of a moment to be here now?! Would it not make more sense to recognize we , the awakened, are now a greater christ consciousness that is yet to enter the material realm?! This may take time. Then where does that leave us? It brings us to the no-expectation point and the deepening of our trust frequency that we are, indeed, planting the seeds of the future. Our consciousness together has expanded to such an extent that the upliftment is a given of what is to come.

Returning to the here and now we have a multitude of personal self growth tasks to perform. We have a major clean up of self and environment. In the meantime, we continue to see the demise of systems that fortunately our collective consciousness no longer supports. This spiritual demolition takes time. The spiritual demolition is already enacted by our shared uplifted consciousness. But as we return to the already gained knowledge of linearity it operates in a very slow, stagnated pace. That’s just the nature of linearity.

So our task is to recognize the material reality of these 2 different mind choices. The mind choice of linearity is known and predictable. The mind choice of Source/Presence is timeless, multi-dimensional and always in process. It has its own divine timing. Trust and patience is necessary during these times while refining our knowing that every thought, word and deed is, in fact, creating our new reality and informing our future.

These shared insights are in no way to be a downer or discourage the air of upliftment. In fact, it is the contrary. In embracing this awareness we are in-couraged to release the linear dynamic and snag of “anticipation”. It’s part of the old paradigm. Anticipation keeps us from the glorious and potent Now that creates our future. Disclosures at this point of the game truly are “null and void”. We don’t need disclosure. We need Presence and Brilliance and reconnectedness of our spiritual power, family and creator selves. There is only this Now moment. How much longer are we not going to be Present to the Here and Now and keep hanging on by a thread that something, someone, somewhere is going to press the magic button and Poof! all is heaven on earth?! Not, IMHO.


One thought on “Two Timelines, Two Minds

    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    April 23, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    A clear message – thank you for putting it into this language! More clarity, more simplicity, more peace, more Presence Power for the spiritual demolition.

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