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“I sit in the Now” inviting and acknowledging Soul Presence. I observe the energetics and perception of what we have named “chaos”. I recognize there is a dance with these molecules of infused intelligence, especially when there is the absence of resistance. I allow the flow and watch the dark dance with the light and fade into each other returning gracefully to Source.

As I observe and utilize existing language with all its limitations and controlled adventures of our imagination I insert the practice of asking “how or what would Creator respond to the inquiries that I have?” I Am reminded that Creator is absent of limitations, opinions, judgements, expectations and on and on. Creator is a provider of Sourcing, Existence, Life and Thriving Potential. Then came Humon, a whole different sub-creation, a child of Creator, free to play, create as one wills. Thus, the world in which we were born, the world we review and make choices and the world we envision and desire to change, re-mold, co-create and exist as closely with Creator as infinitely possible. Then I ask “how and what is Creator desiring via our free will choices?” This initiates the Soul Search of Self.

As I ask for my “Significant Other” my Soul Presence to be Present I experience my aliveness on  multi-dimensional realms. I find a “Seat of Power” in my center and I reside in a peacefulness. There I begin my co-verse-sation with Creator. I begin by viewing any number of situations or perceptions I may be having and recognize there are a multitude of formulas I have acquired in the world of Humon throughout this entire lifetime. Most of these formulas are extinct IMHO. Thus, I Am prompted to sit in my “Seat of Power” and ask for the Creator view. This view I experience as fluffy, amorphous, dreamy, relaxed, empty and full at the same time. As I return to the viewing of the Humon situations I simply hear “There Is No Problem, Nothing Lost Here and All Is What It Is…”.

I Am prompted in my re-examinations to cultivate completely that this “Skin Suit, Physical Bio-Organism” is “It”! All of me, physical, emotions, spirit, mind and soul are absolutely this here and now moment. There is nowhere to go or be or do but be here right now and know I Am Complete. This acceptance of be-ing complete has quite an extra-ordinary and profound result. It puts the brakes on the reaching-grasping aspect that Humon life seemed to offer upon entrance. There is a stepping away that puts on a new pair of lenses and starkly begins to examine WTF is going on here in this reality we were born into?! This starkness not only sparks but feeds the flame of asking “Who Am I” probably for the continued duration of this incarnation if not further incarnations in the thereafter. Here is where a genuine “Soul Search, Soul Retrieval” may introduce itself as a very close-to-the-heart option. This journey inevitably goes “In” and in some sense this experience may be identified as “Reversing The Energies”. We could translate this as “Turning Ourselves Inside Out”. Where we perceive from changes co-ordinates. Perhaps our “Significant Other” Soul Presence has filled the “Seat of Power” and is now directing a rather different journey, the one that yearns from deep within, the one that calls us Home?!

I present merely a perspective that may or may not resonate with you and all is ok with that. We bumble around for words, frequencies, resonances and in the end we are all free agents. Explore, adventure, divine, question, create and destroy until your heart’s content and then if you choose go home…”click your heels 3 times” is not far from the truth!

But let’s return to Creator perspective…when the focus and embrace is that you are truly complete…and there is nowhere to go…and the mind has quieted and is no longer searching “out there”, “out there” be-ing a very key word…we are as close to Creator as Creator is to itself. We simply reside in the “as is”. Once we have un-covered this clean slate, blank canvas, zero point, neutral zone we get to have “Do Overs” with everything! We can either pick and choose from the very tiny crumbs of truth dispersed all over the earth or we can sit back and observe as Creator does or we can imagineer a new existence totally from Soul Presence. It’s really rather special when we truly fall in love with our “Significant Other” Soul Presence and inherit our own “Seat of Power”!

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