I Am In Love With My “Significant Other” Soulfull Self

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I Am In Love With My “Significant Other” Soulfull Self. As I allow the free flow of Creator’s Life Source I gift it to You, the World. When I experience the bigness of this infinite gift that I rightfully inherit I gift the same to you. My Soul desires to share with you what Creator shares with me, the infinite, the absence of limitations, the ability to sit back as often as possible and let go to a greater and more loving will of nature that is beyond the, thus far, created humon. I thrive in this love and I Am devoted to this love.

There are no impediments nor obstructions that I worship or harbor in my Now moments. If I note an obstacle or in-terre-ference I readily acknowledge my own lack of flow of Creator. It is the barometer, the meter of my Soul directing purity of intent and purpose. You or any other can never be my source of difficulty or obstruction unless I allow that perception to persist in my be-ingness. And when I experience this occurrence I can only hold myself liable and responsible for the attachment of such nature. My Soul does not participate nor desire such activity or consequences. Such activity or consequences are a signal to my carnal self that I have been directed to go within, get back on coarse with my soul, let go, breathe, die and live again.

You ask me “Do I Need You or anything?”. I need nothing but my “Significant Other”. You, on the other hand are part of the vast nature in which I experience myself. You are the reminder of all life and Nature Source via Creator. You are as much an adventure and experiment in this carnal suit as I Am. I observe you, I observe how I respond to you, I observe what I do with my responses and no responses. But Do I Need You? I think not. I need my “Significant Other”. Yet I Am infinitely grateful to You and Nature for many, many things. I recognize growth in your presence, mirroring, points of self reflection, mutual adventure and the magnificent mystery of heart fullness, connectedness. But Love is simply the vast essence of eternal life. We share in this aqueous substance. We breathe similarly. “Need” is a temporal and passing experience…a word that Soul has “No Need” to create. The question to ask is “Who Is It That Needs?”. If we are to turn our attention to the almighty Soul Presence it is complete and at perfect peace within its own be-ingness. So the deeper questions I ask to be explored…what is “needing”…what is “needed”?

As life, Creator, flows through me I Am vibrant, alive and life-giving of myself as a genuine result….as a gift given to me and thus gift given to you. I offer you my greatest gift – Presence – un-in-terre-rupted to the best of my ability. If saying “I Need You” is of relevance I Am no one to stand in the way. The topic and result are truly not what matters here to me. What matters to me is that I freely write these words and you freely receive these words. What I need is not you, no personal offense intended. What I need is to express as I Am here now doing…the passionate spirit flying thru my be-ing. I do not need your acceptance nor non-acceptance, not even your understanding. What I need is to be heard, witnessed, received without judgement, loved for just be-ing who I Am and respected for my dire need  of devotion to my “Significant Other” no matter how or what that looks like.

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    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    June 4, 2016 at 9:43 pm

    I hear you….

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    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    June 4, 2016 at 9:44 pm

    you sent this at 11:22 !!!


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