I Swirl With “What Is”

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I awaken to the energetics of this day and I re-calibrate to my dreaming self…a dream within a dream within a dream. Presence is Present and I Am grateful. The vast existence of life-giving frequencies flow beneath my skin and in every vista I lay my eyes and attention upon. The co-creator in me seeks the daily re-alignment with “what is” with “I Am” and I drift out of confusion into my own essence and purpose.

There can be no denying the times are changing as I Am within this Soul Suit. Resistance no longer is a “just get by” option. Resistance is real and it turns upon one’s self. Resistance is a sign to “let go” yet again. Resistance prevents the necessary shells from cracking. I say “let them crack”. And the cracks are be-ing revealed in all directions. Things that worked in the past no longer are sustained. Trash is everywhere, garbage of an outdated program, an old operating system that crashes when no updates are any longer offered. I now must design my own program. I Am the one embracing 1’s and 0’s. I have become a programmer, albeit, of my own self. Now I Am in these moments with my own imagination and my own inner calling. Theories and cliches of past run through my mind asking for deeper meaning. How do I release limits I Am barely recognizing. I must turn to Source and make requests of things I do not know. I must trust in the “greater than me” existence. I must embrace the mystery of myself and all existence to fathom a greater, broader, infinite life.

Many turns have occurred along this path as I have devoted my attention to “creative resolutions” and “magical mystery tours”. I have been my own laboratory and koan for this entire incarnation. As a result I have become an expert at puzzles and strategies. The more recently found piece to this puzzle we call life is nothing I need is “out there”. The search is inward. The externals are merely marks and impressions we have created individually and as a collective. The unawareness of these creations is what formulated a definition of “chaos”. Resistance mixed with external doings has created faltering in what is physicalized-materialized and is in opposition with what we continue to feel as truth impulsing differently from deep within. The dichotomy has been a very good ploy of distraction. Yet we are seeing this, perhaps, for the first time in a very long era of not seeing. All is well with everything. And our world changes with each iota of our newly found knowing. Blessings for newness!

The uniqueness of each be-ing is becoming more obvious. The deconstruction of conformed collectivity is diminishing. The construct seems to have been fabricated, synthetically formulated to deter us from going within – the amazing Source of infinite life. No wonder confusion is on the uprise and empowerment alongside it – for those who recognize this accomplishment. For accomplishment it is – true freedom appears to be an accomplishment now that later will be recognized as a Given, a rite of be-ingness, something we have all-ways been, will be – forever. This thought is not an achievement of the mind. This thought is a Knowing – something deep within, embraced with conviction, then released and then simply part of who we are. There is a field of existence that does not even consider this progression because it is known as a Given. It is not even considered unless one stands in the spaciousness of observing and recognizing that this is a phenomena that may occur but not necessarily attach to humon. There is an existence of observing this occurrence but not be-ing this occurrence. Again, this is a knowing, not a minute, limit thought contained in a limited linear reality.

The quest during these times, as I see it, is stretching our imagination so we are operating at our highest potential in co-creating the reality we choose to live in. It invites a serious examination of “what no longer serves” your thriving existence and a deep desire to change. The power of the mind cannot be underestimated. The recognition of “suggestibility” demands a thorough investigation. Every iota of our moments and life within this fabricated existence has been a bombardment of suggestion and imposition. We have been overpoweringly imposed upon. Recognize all the impositions in your life at every level, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and start elimination.

Own your mind, re-program yourself. Invent your own operating system, inner software and have complete awareness and control over your updates. Refresh and cleanse your system often, reject the viruses and collection of personal data that you “did not consent to”. Then via your own brilliance and imagination allow the inner design of flow, a smooth operating system to be revealed. Does this sound magical? Yes! Is it an invisible task? Absolutely? Do you need to re-examine faith, trust and heartful virtues? Absolutely! Take a walk into the long forgotten “darkness”, the Mother’s womb, the Source of light creation and own it as your life depends upon it. Don’t just adopt associations in the world that you have not done an in-depth study of on your own. This is stepping up to your true power and only you can make that choice. The world is filled with infinite realities and choices. This fabricated planet of enslavement is just one dream of infinite possibilities. The impostors are returned to their own private world by simply saying No to their impositions.

Don’t be fooled by the tools of the impostors either. The therapeutic designs and cures and antidotes are all intelligently designed to catch you at every niche of recovery. Think differently, imagineer your way through. Self Reflect as often as possible. Examine the multitude of levels of deception and Walk Away. There are enough of us on this planet who know this. Pick wisely. Listen Acutely. Know you are not crazy. Know you are Free, Sovereign and Eternal.

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One thought on “I Swirl With “What Is”

    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    June 15, 2016 at 12:11 am

    Yes, time to “get clear” and no longer buy into the myriad stories. “Examine the multitude of levels of deception and Walk Away.” We are free.

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