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My Inter-Galactic Self as an Inter-Galactic Ambassador and observer of right mindful diplomacy, if I may use an old and healing term, sees each of us as Inter-Galactic Nations seeking Co-alescence with each other…Co-alesence be-ing the key word.

A view that seems to be holding up in my individuated world of consciousness is to recognize my Sovereign Self as an individuated World. My Co-Existence upon planet Earth is to witness and then negotiate a path of least resistance and “diplomacy” of peaceful existence with all Nations, that be-ing each of You…if in the numbers of Presence. Numbers be-ing the infinite perfect system of “Source Un-In-Terre-Rupted” and the allowance of Presence to flow it’s perfect understanding of Coalescence.

This position has great response-ability of self and an infinite vastness of Self Power…if we choose to exercise this “Free Will”. My conclusions come from an unending examination, self reflection and insights all gained by my own doing and participation in life, in this present Soul Suit. I have arrived at a place only in these moments of recognizing how inner-focus is a demanding and highly rewarding sport but we go it alone. After going it alone we inevitably return to each other. There lies the impetus to co-create a Coalescence and something even greater than our individuated Worlds.

Discernment cannot be esteemed high enough during these reflective times. Education continues to be a Source of Empowerment. Truth can only be gained by each Individuated Consciousness. That is each of us. That is where the deep, alone experience is a necessity yet we have been distracted from our very Core, our very own Coalescense of Self.

I have turned my attention to the steep vulnerability that each of us exhibits. Our vulnerability has invited an infinite bombardment of impressions and suggestibility. This is the playing field that has created a concept and experience we call confusion. This is the same playing field that propaganda has gained so much power. You can observe this in your own private self reflections and external relations, behavior, choices and predicaments of what you call your personal life. It is stinkingly everywhere. We have mostly experienced the down side of it. But I Am Imagineering the up side of it – the chosen impressions and suggestibility upon myself. It creates a rather different World, albeit, My Own!

This understanding is what led me to the Self Empowerment of my own World and then the Coalescence of You, Other Worlds, that want to play together, share a playing field but only under certain conditions – my conditions. Observing and interacting with you about My conditions and Your Conditions is where I Am an Inter-Galactic Ambassador. I seek Coalescence with any Worlds/You that are seeking me. This is where the fun starts and continues. If you care to play read further.

Let’s start by reviewing a little bit of the past, the illusion of linearity that does not serve. Use the visualization of a tiny atom and assign the illusion of the “World we no longer choose” to it. (You know the one I speak of – corruption, inequality, greed, etc….aaaah boringggg!). As you assign that World to the atom let your imagination see how tiny and obscure it is. Now see yourself and everyone else as their own atom/World and Voila! We are now a huge amount of atoms of equality representing our individuated atoms of consciousnessss…so be it our personal World.

Put the parts of the whole sad story behind you and into one atom and then place it spaciously apart from what you are choosing. Now we are on even playing field, a tone of equality. Clean your own self up and start co-creating yourself. Pick and choose your own World. Recognize you are the Ambassador of your World. Begin to explore who you are as a World. What principles and guidelines suit you? What and how does your heart feel within it? Once you un-cover your own ground rules – play by them. Allow the law of attraction to bring to you and you to whatever it is you have chosen within your World and choose in another World. Practice “I Do Consent” and “I Do Not Consent”. Get Empowered BUT be response-able. If you want to Coaless with like minded Worlds you have to demonstrate who and what you are choosing. If you are a shady character choosing love watch out for the law of attraction. If you are a taker and not a giver then what do you think will come to you? Get Clean and you’ll invite clean. Be honest and honesty will seek you out. Drop the fear and fear won’t call on you. This is where you get to be the practitioner of impressing and suggesting upon yourself. Here is the opportunity to mold who you are, want to be, imagine yourself to be and heartfully know who you be. Create some good, ripe propaganda for YOU. Since we are so impressionable then why not impress yourself?!

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