Another New Day

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Another New Day, Another New View, I Am that I Am. This expression can never be under estimated. A kernel of truth will continue to be revealed for all of eternity. It’s a matter of when you decide to accept this and have the core-age to live freely. But fret not as you have an infinite lifetime of knowing and be-ing. In the meantime examining the multitude of realities that exist including every one of the ones you create are the numerous surprises and adventures of your chosen lifetimes.

This supposed reality we were born into is worthy and required that one do very deep research. Eventually we gain our sovereignty and begin to co-create our existence, albeit, moment by moment. The koan of life does have several conclusive plateaus and upon the arrival of each one we recalibrate and again resume the reach. Ultimately we attain trust in who we are and what we know and aptly surf the crest of the wave forever. It’s doable but there are the array of illusionary challenges.

Illusion is adopted impressions and suggestions from pre-existent realities. Enslavement is a full out adoption of someone else’s reality. Longevity in these conditions create a believable acceptance that nothing else exists but it does. The slight recognition that something else exists instills fear as the enslavement reality has fear built into it. The perpetual loop of the mundane is all very well scripted. It is a labyrinth of mere thought-creations. The mind has been well bedazzled and convinced that the world in which it lives is tiny, predictable and with no exit. This is outrageously a falsity. The questioning of this falsity is built into the other-created realty. All the multi-layers of questing to challenge this reality has a multitude of snags to keep one in perfect doubt and conformity. That is the essence of the program.

So this supposedly overwhelming reality created by a mere atom of consciousness is permeable, identifiable and can be selected or not. This arrival of self truth sets you free and your new day begins. It does not come without crashes, burns, highs and lows because that too is built into the loop. It is when you step outside of the loop and regain your sovereignty that you begin to not only recognize but begin to co-create your own. This is a huge moment and it comes with an elaborate array of dissolutions but it can be done, has been done and will continue to be an infinite option. Blessings to Source for that!

The contriveness of this enslavement reality ultimately slaps you in the face. Your fierce determination to have a life of your dreams propels the relentless effort to find it. The organism of our nature truly never gives up although it appears that way. The conformity model is so rich, bedazzling, embedded and deeply suggested upon us that we sincerely think it is “I” that is not adequate enough to walk away. When in fact it is the eradication of “inadequate” that becomes the necessary removal as obstacle that allows the walking away. Every iota of the fabric of this tiny atom representing enslavement needs thorough examination…and not by the examination guidelines that it has created…but by the examination guidelines you create. An adoption of your own methods is an absolute must! You are the one navigating your own vessel. You create the tools, assessments, determinations and map of how you are going to self navigate out of this tiny, tiny atom of a reality that was imposed upon you. Every iota of conformity needs a good clean sweep of Kali destroying it.

The extent of proposed damage upon each humon is countless. If you are overwhelmed with the misleading turns of this reality it is truly understandable. We have been dished out the beliefs of highs and lows, when to be elated and when to be depressed and then a whole psychology of therapeutic intervention is offered to find solutions. The “ways out” are also part of the fabric of this deep web. The question we are prompted to ask is “what is true?”. We actually know this answer, each one of us but trusting this is so is a hurdle to be gotten over.

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