Lose Your Programmed Mind

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I often have the experience of what I call “Falling Away”. This experience is when yet another occurrence in life just doesn’t add up. As I examine the essence and contents of it not adding up I un-cover yet another thought form or program that I need to release. This process over the years has been un-ending and the release only deepens.

The fabric of the illusory reality that I Do Not Consent to is so multi-layered that the self reflection process seems un-ending in itself. The only relief is when I turn off my mind – no simple task – as the mind so desperately wants to make sense out of a life that is riddled with corruption. Yet the mind only has the tools of this illusory reality to explore the release. Thus another loop is revealed and one goes down this path until mere exhaustion, surrender is the outcome. This is when a nugget of intuitive, inner insight is offered. All in just a flash of a moment the chaos and confusion and compression is gone. Illumination prevails and ah ha moments arrive. Now I Am in my own reality but, bottom line, it is truly a lonely and alone place. Here is where the real inner work begins and at times can appear to be borderline in-sane. Here is a very poignant crossroad. How daring are you? How much letting go can your mind allow? What coordinate or center of self do you name as the one to stand by? Now the existential questioning becomes necessary to your life and understanding. Can we sustain the suspended co-creation of our reality in the midst of intense bombardment of an illusory reality we do not Consent to?!

Each of us speaks and writes from personal data collection, introspection and either clear, clean output or programmed propaganda. Beliefs only occur by consensual adoption although the brainwashing that surrounds us has many truly convinced that their beliefs are truths and thus become convictions of life’s definition. A truth, IMO, only is a truth in the moment it is known. The fluidity of this is yet to be embraced by the species that yearns for a new earth, a new reality, albeit, one created by own self.

“Falling Away” becomes a way of life as we transition, heal, recover from the impositions of a reality we Do Not Consent to. The unknown, the experience of an amorphous self reflection scares most of us…only because of programming and truths denied. We have not been bred or cultivated in truth. In a sense we have all been forcefully captured in a cult of brainwashing, propaganda and Do It My Way whomever “My” may be. “My” is now out of the hat with disclosure and going down the rabbit holes. It takes bravery to go see what is behind the curtain and how the heck we got to this enslaved planet.

Sometimes the necessary self-slaying of this formulated identity seems the only honest way to go. Ultimately the questions we begin with are how to seriously unplug from the matrix. It is no easy task and “minimizing minimalism” is an understatement. Yet I see an entire group of our species ultimately seeking a quiet place to strip down, crash and burn and find out who the heck we are, why are we here, what is the purpose – you know, all those existential questions!!!

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