The Transmission Is In The Spaces

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The Transmission Is In The Spaces…the resonance of the words, the vibrations of your thoughts and what you do with your own fabrication of concepts. It used to be “follow the money” yet the genuine portal is “follow the vibration”. Pause here now and “suit yourself up” with an internal co-creation of vibratory navigation. Identify your sensors, get familiar with molecular-atomic existence and recognize yourself as THAT. Feel your way through, allow internal imagery to assist and as you experience the nature of your frequency then proceed towards co-creation.

The Universe has been recognized as “aqueous substance” a watery, fluid and ever flowing Source. We are that at our base nature. Therefore it would make sense that we have a current that is in alignment with the greater current…Source. Finding and aligning with this significant mystery points us towards our own created portals in which we can enter, leave, pause at the opening or if still snagged in the matrix can respond programatically and reject a genuine truth looking us straight into the eyes of our be-ingness. Do we leap and begin self-creation or do we stagger in the program of disbelief or belief that negates the possibility of exit and entry?!

When one tires and retires from the multiple levels of programming-imposed propaganda on every level of our be-ing such as mental, emotional, physiological, spiritual right down to our atomic make-up we inevitably seek MORE. The inner examination has an “exhaust point” and it is readily identified by the mirage of “looping”. The responses to this looping are more than likely programmed, first, by external influence and then by one’s own adoption of the suggestion upon one’s self. Here the enchroachment becomes one’s internal injury and the external imposter is no longer needed. The program has now accomplished it’s purpose, albeit, by our consent to believe and own the quandary as our own.

Rejection of what you recognize as not in sync with your nature is the starting point. Merely because you intuitively know something is out of balance is the beginning of identifying an exit and a creation of a portal to where YOU want to BE.

The Transmission is in the spaces means it’s a call to sharpen your intuitive self, acquaint yourself with what you cannot see and cannot apply meaning to and take a leap of faith that something is truly present within the darkness and non-formed reality that surrounds you. Creation generally arrives from darkness so why wouldn’t one choose it to co-create something new?!

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