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“Go Black”!

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“Go Black”!

A recent article by Zen Gardner inspired this shared writing. His article can be found here:

For those of you who are contemplating “light creation” the recognition of our inner source coming into form then this writing will make sense to you.

“Light Creation” in my understanding is basically what derives from inner source, the darkness, the place of inception, the Mother’s Womb. “Light Creation” is all that has materialized, manifested – femi-fested into the illusory reality of form. Form can be thoughts, words, actions, inventions, recipes and on and on.

In this post I Am specifically addressing the “light creation” of our new and revealing consciousness. If we go by the premise that our value and actual “light creations” are be-ing harvested and providing a feeding for archons or whatever desires this feeding then it makes sense to me to be very alert and watchful of my “light creations”.

We have recognized that there is a growing collective truth to not feed what we no longer want to have exist. Example of this is if we no longer desire drama in our lives we no longer feed drama. Another example is if we feel the supposed elections are a falsified hope and misinformed concept that we are electing our candidates for leadership we have chosen to no longer support the poles by voting. Together we could name an unending amount of “I Do Not Consent” positions and abstinence.

Essentially it may be identified as a multitude of levels of “boycotting”.

The question I ask then “Is our announced consciousness and awakenings via youtube and social networking not a form of producing “light creations” available to anyone for consumption?”

If one pays close attention to the mainstream delivery of thought which at it’s baseline is all created by us and then with a twist here, a bit of truth there and added falsity over yonder our representation emerges as the very skewed truths we are confronting. In essence what I Am observing is that our truths are turned back upon ourselves and then we react to the skewed mess created for us. No wonder we’re so confused!

With this awareness I have to pause and reassess my own, our own collective “light creations”.

Our passion and our never-giving-up spirit is very adamantly announcing our newest and most precious truths through FB, Social Networking, YouTube, etc. We are continuing to give our best “light creations” to the entire planet. So I pause here for a moment and I reflect with you.

Over my lifetime on a path of self reflection and consciousness study I have come to embrace the strength, power and protection of knowing and embracing the darkness that would be within a womb…deep, deep blackness, no light…our origins before creation. I have traced my self back to this origin and returned to this existence observing the dynamic and consequences of “light creation”. There seems to be a clue in this unraveling.

The reason I bring this up is although we certainly are growing in awareness and consciousness I’m not so certain we aren’t still giving away our power.

In these times we have grown brilliant in our knowledge of the very devious practices, manipulation, programming, mind control, etc. that exists on the planet and is clearly directed towards us Earthlings. Yet, the material that is used against us is the very essence and material production we offer.

I know this is a steep rabbit hole to go down, for some of us, but stay with me for a moment. Doesn’t it seem most potent if we were to “Go Black” underground” so-to-speak…no longer announce our growing consciousness and truths?! I can’t help to think that we are feeding our best “light creations” ever to those who feed off of our brilliance!

I know the questions we may ask are how will we unite with each other if we simply “Go Black”?! Well, for one, I’m starting to sense the disinformation that we have grown so vast and connected to via the internet has been a lure. Yes, we have deepened our knowing of each other and acquired knowledge but at what cost and for what and whose knowledge?!

We, in fact, have become more vulnerable and even more freely given our best “light creations” away.

I know this is a big jump of an idea but seriously worth considering as we continue to seek creative solutions.

I continuously return to the empath in each of us and the deep ability to truly communicate and know what is going on at all times. It’s one of the few powers we have not exercised on this planet to reclaim it. I suggest an exploration in your private space of meditation to explore “Going Black”. Experiment with an inner journey to the darkness within, the existence before “light creation” and ask the questions of your heart.

If we come from the darkness and we return to the darkness and “light creation” is an exploration, an adventure, and, in fact, impermanent, then we need only face our fears of “Going Black” just long enough to limit the feeding fiasco and allow the balance to return. Then, we emerge as will all Nations within this planet.

Our voices and hearts speak within and as the invisible frequencies, a telepathic field. Nothing can breach our communication, knowing and continued remembering of Earth Knowledge. Our collective consciousness is coming from within regardless of whether you read an article or see a video or experience a performance of awakening. We are evolving regardless of external “light creations”. The difference is we are the “light creators” and we can exercise “Going Black” until our “light creations” are safe and prosperous. Infinite time is on our side. “There is no loss here”! We can unite with the numerous Nations within the Mother who have gone “Black” before us.

Those numerous Nations speak to us all the time. We hear them because we are organic as them. “Going Black” is not a new thing just something we have forgotten.

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