Dream A New Day

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Every day it’s a New Day. How to begin in those precious waking moments when we leave the ethereal dream world – or do we – and re-enter this illusory world. The dreaminess whether we remember an image, a sensation or a song is truly a tangible experience. It’s tangible when we awaken from our physical sleep and know, without a doubt, we have been experiencing somewhere else, another realm of our vast selves.

The re-enter phase is an invitation to explore, to ask from within, where have I been? It does not necessarily mean you need to report a dream like the consensual reality holds a “dream report”. No, one can revisit the sensation upon your physical awakening. Simply observing your sensations are giving you information. Observing your sensations is also an integral part of who you are. And it is the beginning of your New Day.

If you are asking for experience of your multi-dimensional self and wanting to go more deeply into the knowing of this grand reality that you are then starting with that immediate experience of physical awakening is a good place to begin.

Not only is it a portal to your grander self it is an opportunity to set the parameters of your day. While experiencing those sleepy moments there is an assist in taking just one moment to note it. That fluffy, dreamy-like sensation is a bridge from your waking consciousness to your invisible, sleeping consciousness. Connect the two with a mere moment of acknowledgement and you have given those extraordinary realms a message to merge, re-unite and inform you of more of who you are. That merging now is present with the start of your New Day. Make your own impression upon yourself of how you want to start your day. Inform yourself with intention. Utilize that fluffy, dynamic presence and call forth the invisible parts of yourself into this Now moment. Be grander in your day simply because you acknowledged the more grander you whether you can articulate it or not. It exists none-the-less.

This is a time of recognizing that we are more than we see. We have always heard this message but how do we embrace the self empowerment of this message? Start with the invisible energies that you awaken with and trust in the unknown that somewhere, somehow another part of your vast self is listening and, albeit, bringing your wishes and desires forth. Then have a keen watchfulness throughout your day and be alert to the synchronicities of your intention. They may be subtle just like your dream but they are there for those seeking.

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