Changed Perception By Choice

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Spectacular movements, changes in a flurry are the moments of today. We are fast paced while dragging a crying voice saying “Wait for me, slow down or you’ll break our roots”! That would be Gaia screaming out to us, all our ancestors and Earth Community. How could we?! How could we for one moment think we can divorce ourselves from the very nature that gives life?!

Pause and listen to this ancestral voice. Standing Rock is harboring this voice in this very instance. A cry is all over the world saying “Excuse me but poisoning our water is not a global concern and action”?! Whoa! We are very distant from our origins. The scary parts are starting to reveal their spooky heads…as in the talking heads who somehow slipped into government seats. Jeeeeze, we sure weren’t prepared for that. Or were we even suppose to be?!

These days I continue to look for the analogies of humon and plant intelligence. Once we realize that we are truly connected and we, as humons, are not a dominant race we can begin to be enthused and in-couraged and embraced by our rich ancestry with all life. This is a “key” to answering the whole big question. The question of purpose, life, existence, connectedness and unpredictability. The Eco System, our Earth Community, is not predictable yet it is enriching and mutually serving of all that we need. Yet, as we already know, a run-away monkey mind has totally challenged our rememberance, our stillness and our allegience to who we truly are and our relations to each other. This appears sad on the planet right now but, what if, it is truly all in the mix…which it already is. That all these divergences and challenges, unpredictably so, are simply the unique flow of this existence on earth?!  And as we turn our attention to the dynamic existence of plant intelligence, ourselves included, we readily begin to recognize ourselves in the oneness of these self organizing be-ings.

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