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I generally pause for awhile after ingesting information that my head says maybe and I await my heart zone to make some final conclusions. I recognize by now that letting things simmer and allowing more intel to arrive is of significant purpose and alignment with how knowledge, love wisdom shows up in us.

I taste upon all kinds of news and videos and venture into scary and uplifting points of views, serious and nonserious investigations and have my moments of WTF and then proceed to rest, ingest and surmise what is to be surmised.

It’s a no brainer to recognize the distress and stress and fear and glory in these present times. We are observing corruption crumble and chaos as a result. We, as humons, are inevitably changing as that is our creator given nature.

I have to say at this juncture in life it is ridiculous to throw away all the theories and intel that is coming to the table simply because you have a belief that you are sticking to no matter what. This simply isn’t working anymore. It’s time to get truthful with self and allow those scary thoughts and intuitions that perhaps there is some truth in what is be-ing portrayed around the world thanks to internet.

By my early teens I was announcing that there has to be more than what we see. There has to be more than we live and die. I knew this deeply but as a teen with conservative parents the over riding premise they wanted to impart to me is get a job and make something of yourself. I attempted that path but to no avail. That deep place within said “I don’t have all the facts”. There is something more and I knew the more was held in secrecy. All I had to do was follow the dots of humon behavior which became my studied field. It was obvious to me that humons had difficulty be-ing truthful, transparent and truths were withheld and white lies were acceptable. The resonance of this hidden way daunted the very fabric of my knowings. It made me doubt and second guess myself for way too long. However, bits and pieces of info did find their way to me and at an early stage I started to connect the joyful and mostly painful dots of our existence. Now these dots are blossoming big and thus the joys and the not-joys are magnificently larger. And our hearts have matched the challenge all the way.

We are be-ing presented with outstanding journalism, research, theory and inventions that seem to arrive out of nowhere?! The administration of our government is blatantly corrupt as is every organization they are connected to. We use to accept the ineptness of our administration because small tidbits of hope and benefits were tossed our way. These tidbits have dwindled to such an extent that we now are waking up to the scandal. Propaganda techniques are failing and slowly but surely humons are beginning to take responsibility and do their homework. The guise and fake veil of turning away and denying the facts simply isn’t holding up.

Now we, the people, are expressing the deep fear of our own knowings beginning to surface. We are getting the real picture and cleansing the denial and sleepiness that allowed this corruption to get as far as it has gotten. This has become a grueling age of freak out and no flight as there is nowhere to run to.

We ask “What can we do?” At this stage of existence I in-courage each and everyone of us to do your homework. It’s time for everyone to go down the rabbit holes of what you most fear and deny. If it is pedophilia then go there. If it’s UFO’s then go there. Don’t be afraid to crack the nut and go where there are labels of conspiracy theories. It’s time to recognize that, of course, if there is a group that doesn’t want you to know truths then that’s exactly what you’ll be swayed not to look at. Go there. See through the lies and influences that judge a scenario for you. You be the judge. Watch yourself and observe your attitudes, judgements, fear as that will become your guides and teachers. Trust your own process. Be empowered by your own courage to at least begin to peek.

Yes, we can be daunted by what we find. We can be daunted when the very church we have been attending turns out to be filled with pedaphiles. We can be daunted when our administration is in cahoots with Russia. We can be daunted when a bunch of mobsters are usurping our health care monies. Be daunted then be empowered. Learn. Educate. Communicate. Pray to your own higher self.

There is a very long story, history, that has been hidden about our beloved humon race. Find the trail, observe the detours and ask why over and over and over. There is a genuine and not so pleasant story that we are entitled to know. Go down every rabbit hole and begin to connect the dots. The dots are there if you no longer judge and stamp a trail with “that isn’t true”. No! Play a different approach. Take the nastiest trail and assume, first, it is true and then watch how your heart responds. Intuitively you may be surprised that a nasty truth does indeed spark a heart nerve that you just don’t want to believe. Trust yourself and heal the fear, release the belief and experience the empowerment of knowing even if it is a nasty fact. We have denied our shadows for way too long. It’s time to face the shadows that we all have been inculturated to suppress.

As the wild rains and winds surround me these days I listen. The planet speaks and she is preparing us for the storms of truth. Listen closely, observe how the Mother Earth provides signs and chips away at what we thought was stable. Stable is only within. Go there!

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