Trumpty Dumpty

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trumpty dumpty

Trumpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall

He Had To create it

To have a great fall

All the native people

Heard the Humpty call

They immediately breathed

To simmer apall

There was no desire

To prevent the fall

People gathered and listened

For another call

Transparency flushed

The world to see

All the bobo’s and burns

That prevented the free

But something was changed

And the people did know

it was time to step up

And allow the glow

They gathered and pondered

Upon new things

Time to change the channel

And with this new brings

A world of completion

Of what’s no longer to be

With eyes wide open

Together we see

That silence and forethought

Can open the eyes

and the heart’s power

Never a surprise

In these moments of quietude

We look to each other

Upon impulse and action

Turn towards the mother

Give comfort and nourishment

Wherever you can

Uplift a soul

As part of the plan

Nourish the bonding

And feel the strength

Be empowered in knowing

We go the length

This moment is precious

Follow your heart

Be clear on your action

Right from the start

Humpty may fall or Humpty may stay

This is no indication

Of our new day

Illusion illusion

we come and go

Your purpose in life

Is for you to know

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